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Derrick Rose Shoes

Latest adidas D Rose Reviews

A Look at Upcoming adidas D Rose 10 Year Colorways

We have a look at three brand-new upcoming colorways of the adidas D Rose 10 Year as new images have emerged online. Each colorway of the D Rose 10 Year looks to tell a story. With the Simeon High School edition pointing to Rose and his early playing days while these new colorways look to pay tribute to his time

adidas D Rose 11 Shoes

adidas D Rose 11 Brenda

adidas D Rose 11

Derrick Rose’s career, with all its twists and turns, has brought him to the release of his 11th signature shoe, the adidas D Rose 11. This “soon to be released in the USA” shoe is already available overseas and Chris was lucky enough to be able to purchase a pair. Now you get his unfiltered thoughts on the latest entry

adidas D Rose 10 Shoes

The adidas D Rose 10 was much better than the previous model.

If you’re a D Rose fan and wanted to keep your collection going, these will likely make you happy. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then there are many other 2019 models to provide that for you.

Derrick Rose Debuts the adidas D Rose 10

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose has debuted what seems to be his latest signature model, the adidas D Rose 10, during a pregame warmup against the Orlando Magic.

adidas D Rose 9 Shoes

The one thing the D Rose series has always had is traction, followed by support and fit. The Rose 9 misses on those fronts.

If you don’t rely on quickness and stability to get to the basket, the Rose 9 should work for you, but it is definitely a lackluster model of the D Rose line. 

adidas d rose 9 performance review duke4005

adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review | Duke4005

Derrick Rose has been my favorite player since entering the league in 2008. His ability to slash, rise, play defense, and lead a team reminded me of a young Duke (in my mind). Then came the injuries, the trades, the jumping around the league, and finally, the D Rose 9. Through it all, adidas had at least given him shoes that

adidas D Rose 8 Shoes

The adidas D Rose 8 is a very solid shoe, only slightly worse than the D Rose 6 or 7. 

Traction is the main gripe with the Rose 8. On the bright side, everything from the midsole up worked really well.


adidas d rose 8 performance review

adidas D Rose 8 Performance Review | Duke4005

Since Day 1, the Rose line has been known for performance (well, except maybe the 2 — that traction…), especially last year with the Rose 7. That shoe, wow — best traction, maybe ever, full-length Boost, available with a Primeknit upper, and supportive without being restrictive. How does adidas improve on that for the D Rose 8?

adidas D Rose 7 Shoes

The adidas D Rose 7 has some features that were simply amazing. Traction, cushion, and support to be specific. If these are your main concerns as a guard then you may want to consider trying this shoe out.


adidas D Rose 6 Shoes

The D Rose 6 was a monster on court. Any position will enjoy this shoe, as it is an extremely versatile model. 

If you’re serious about wanting to wear the best possible shoe available while on court, then you’ll want to try the D Rose 6.

adidas D Rose 5 Shoes

The D Rose 5 features a bunch of excellent features but just didn’t put them together well.

The premium traction, cushion, and materials are great but are not comfortable together. It may just be a poor personal experience, but that was our conclusion. 

adidas D Rose 4 Shoes

The adidas D Rose 4 was on the top ten list of 2013. They were an excellent on court performer.

The premier feature of the D Rose 4 is the traction, which grips the court like crazy. Add the traction to the great cushion and fit and the D Rose 4 is just a great shoe. 

adidas D Rose 773 Shoes

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