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10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2024. Expert-tested and Reviewed.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Basketball shoes for wide feet are hard to come by. The number of performance basketball shoes that aren’t suitable for wide-footers out there is impressive. There’s nothing worse than ordering a pair of sneakers, waiting patiently for them to arrive, then trying them on and finding out they don’t fit.

With the surge of online shopping and the slow death of malls, wide footers might not get the chance, or just flat out don’t have the time to try sneakers in-store. Which makes it hard to avoid buying cool-looking foot vices.

We have you covered here at WearTesters. We test hundreds of sneakers each year to determine the best overall basketball shoes for the year, but also the best shoes for different on-court needs. So, here are the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Check it out.

Last updated 06.17.2024

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2024 Overall

Best Basketball Shoe for Wide Feet 2024

Way of Wade 10

Again, Way of Wade shoes in general are great for wide-footers because of their wider last. The Way of Wade 10 is lightweight and offers great cushion, provided by a dual-density foam setup: Cloud Foam and Pebax. It feels like Zoom Air took steroids and was put under your feet. Simply put, this is one heck of a shoe to play in. If you’re a fan of DWade or want to try non-mainstream shoes, this sneaker is for you. The upper is light and breathable, and they fit true to size. A bit pricey but worth it. Read full review.

Price: $199- $240

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade 10

Nike GT Jump 2

It’s nice to see the changes Nike made in this shoe. They have taken everything great in the first model and tweaked it to make the GT Jump 2 that much better as a performance basketball shoe. As a bonus for our wide-footed readers, they are a great choice for this foot type. The last they are built on is accommodating and the amazing forefoot cushioning makes for a silky smooth ride on court. Read the full review.

Total Score

Way of Wade Son of Flash

The Way of Wade Son of Flash was an easy pick as the best outdoor basketball shoe of the year, as it is one of the few shoes on the market today built specifically for outdoor use, and it is an excellent performance model on top of that.

With the Way of Wade Son of Flash, you get aggressive and resilient traction, very nice and reactive cushioning, and a well-built layered upper that is built to do battle outdoors for hours on end. See the full review. Price: $135

Total Outdoor Score
Buy Way of Wade Son of Flash

Way of Wade 808 3

The Way of Wade 808 3 promises to be one of the best guard shoes for the third straight year. You’re getting a great, low profile, speedy cushioning setup, top-tier traction, and support features, and a versatile shoe that will work equally well indoors and outdoors, all for the very reasonable price of $119. Our recommendation is to go with the “normal” version instead of the Ultra version. Read the full review. Price: $119

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade 808 3

Nike GT Hustle 2

The Nike GT Hustle 2 is the successor to, and an enormous improvement on the Nike GT Run. The very low-profile cushioning system, the minimal support features, and the traction could make the Nike GT Hustle 2 one of the best guard shoes of the year, but it might not be enough for bigger players with a more power-based playing style. The GT Hustle is a top-notch performance model, maybe just not for everyone. Read the full review. Price: $170

Total Score

Puma Stewie 2

The Puma Stewie 2 is Bianna Stewarts’ second signature, and simply put it is just a great all-around performance model. This top-notch guards shoe boasts excellent indoor traction, a very well-balanced and bouncy cushioning system, and a very secure and natural feeling low-top build. It won’t be a great outdoor option, unfortunately, but as long as you keep them indoors, you will get a very similar on-court experience to the Puma Clyde All-Pro, which is an all-time great. KEEP IN MIND that in the US the Stewie 2 comes in women’s sizes, so if you want the correct men’s size you will need to go 1.5 sizes up (ie: 12M = 13.5W). Read the full review. Price: $125

Total Score
Buy Puma Stewie 2
adidas dame 8 extply REVIEW

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY

The Dame 8 EXTPLY is a solid hoop shoe. There is nothing groundbreaking or flashy about it, but it’s a very well-rounded performance model that’s built tough. The fact that they can handle playing on the blacktop with no issues as well as the level of containment and support they provide make it a very versatile basketball shoe. Read the full review. Price: $130

Total Score
Buy adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY

Under Armour FUTR X ELITE

The Under Armour FUTR X ELITE is a weird basketball shoe, not in a bad way, but there really isn’t another performance basketball shoe out there quite like the FUTR X. Traction is top-notch, cushioning is responsive and speedy, support and containment are awesome, the one sticking point is the fit. You might love it, you might hate it, but one thing is for certain, it is one of the widest and most forgiving toe boxes ever. Read the full review. Price: $150

Total Score
Buy Under Armour FUTR X ELITE

Curry 10

The Curry 10 is Stephen Curry‘s third signature sneaker under his own brand, and it’s even better than the second one which was already an excellent performance basketball shoe. The Curry 10 lands the number one spot on our list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet and also has a slot on our list of the Best Basketball Shoes overall, but it also makes this one, too.

The key here for wide-footers is the last. It has considerable width and will accommodate most if not all, foot shapes and sizes. On top of that, you get Under Armour’s Flow technology which offers the smoothest rides out there. Read the full review. Price: $160

Total Score
Buy Curry 10

Best Budget Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2024

Nike lebron witness 8 performance review

Nike LeBron Witness 8

The Nike LeBron Witness 8 is a big improvement on the Witness 7. It’s a much more low-to-the-ground, responsive, and secure feeling shoe on court thanks to the improved containment and the switch in the cushioning system. As far as budget shoes go it’s one of the more solid options, but also one of the more expensive ones. Read full review. Price $110.

Total Score

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2024

Way of Wade 808 3

The Way of Wade 808 3 makes another appearance on this list and the fact of the matter is that this model this model excels both indoors and outdoors and it just happens to be a good option for wide footers. What else could you ask for? Read the full review. Price: $119

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade 808 3
  1. I do not understand how the Zoom Freaks are not in the list. I have also tried on the Lebron 19s in store and they are NOT Wide foot friendly at all. I am normally a size 12 2E and I tried a 12 on in the 19s and they do not fit, I had to try on a 13 and the width was good with a finger-width length at the end. However the Giannis Zoom Freak 3s and 4s fit my feet well in size 12. This list is questionable.

  2. We have wide footers that test shoes. Every foot is different (especially regarding where the foot gets wide) which explains why you may sometimes differ from the testers’ opinion.

    As for the Freak 4, it will likely get added to the list once we finish the performance review. We don’t put shoes on these lists until performance reviews are complete and we are confident in our findings.

  3. Hello there, I’ve watched the video review about 361° Zen 3. I think the shoe is very interesting. But I can’t find any Zen 3 in my country. Instead there are lots of Zen 4 in the stores. Since I can’t find the review about zen 4 either from weartester, I’m wondering how the Zen 4 compared to Zen 3?. Hope you guys can answer my question, thank you.

  4. Hey, I’ve read and watched a lot of your reviews. I’m very interested in 361° Zen 3 since it’s a wide feet outdoor shoe. The problem is I can’t find any Zen 3 in my country, instead there are a lot of Zen 4 around. I am wondering how the Zen 4 compared to Zen 3. Is there gonna be a review about Zen 4? Thank you guys.

    1. The Zen 3 is older and will soon be removed from the list. We haven’t tried the Zen 4 yet but are hoping to soon.

  5. i really appricate this, most of trainer don;t know the important of shoes during the match and training session. Im also face some difficulties due to wide feet, but a pair of shoes change my game,and confidence as well.

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