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Pickleball Gifts 2024: A Complete Guide

best pickleball gifts

We’ve compiled a complete list of the best pickleball gifts for 2023. If you need gifts for someone who loves pickleball, you’re in the right place. This list suggests plenty of options that you can buy for the upcoming holidays or a forthcoming birthday.

We’ve rigorously tested all the items on the list and know they perform well. Our team includes several pickleball players, and we know what’s important to the pickleball player in your life. If you have any follow-up questions about the products on the list, ask us in the comments, on Twitter, or on Instagram

We’ve also created an extensive list of pickleball shoes and pickleball paddles not featured on this page. With that said, let’s unveil our list of the best pickleball gifts for 2023-24.

Last updated 01.09.2024

Best Pickleball Paddle

Vatic Pro Prism Flash Pickleball Paddle

  • Affordable elite pickleball paddle.
  • Highest quality TORAY T700 raw Carbon Fiber.
  • Great maneuverability while maintaining durability and a nimble feel.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $100 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Shoes

Skechers Viper Court

Skechers Viper Court Pro Pickleball Shoe

  • A bar-setter when it comes to pickleball shoes.
  • Below-average weight.
  • Excellent durability no matter the surface.
  • Plenty of bang for your buck.
  • Read full review
Buy at Total Pickleball

Price: $109 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Insoles

Move Insoles

Move Insoles

  • Dual-Foams for long-lasting comfort
  • Supportive X-Frame helps with stability on compound movements or exercises
  • Low friction top layer
  • Available in a Pro version with added cushion and support
  • Watch our detailed performance review
Buy at Move

Price: $40 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Launcher

Franklin ProShot Automatic Pickleball Launcher

  • Automatic launching: launches pickleballs every 8-9 seconds.
  • Highly portable. Can be powered with (4) D batteries, or by the attached A/C power adapter.
  • Sturdy but lightweight design.
  • Designed to hold up to 15 pickleballs at once.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $110 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleballs

Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball

Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball

  • Affordable, elite model.
  • Official size and weight (26 gram weight; 74mm diameter)
  • Balanced flight pattern thanks to its 40 precisely, machine-drilled, holes.
  • One-piece construction which boosts durability.
  • USAPA approved for outdoor tournament pickleball play and the official ball of the US Open Pickleball Championships.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $34.99 (for 12 at the time of publication)

Onix Durafast 40 Outdoor Pickleball

Onix Durafast 40 Outdoor Pickleball

  • Official outdoor pickleballs.
  • Rotationally molded built-in 1-piece with 40 holes for consistent flight and bounce.
  • The first ball designed and built for pickleball by the company that invented the game.
  • One of the most durable options out there.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $22.50 (for 6 at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Socks

OS1ST Pickleball Socks

  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable.
  • Made with bamboo polyester, Lycra Spandex, and Micro-Nylon.
  • 360-degree blister protection
  • Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Made to provide lasting support for up to six months.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $14 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Compression Wrap

SPRYNG 2.0 Active Compression Wrap

  • Portable active compression in nearly any environment, wearability with shorts or over pants.
  • Affordability in comparison to other active compression units.
  • Multiple compression levels and types.
  • Wireless with 2.5 hours of continuous usage.
  • Effectiveness with just 15 minutes of usage.
  • Read full review
Buy at Spryng

Price: $299 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Grip Tape

Tourna Pickleball Grip Tape

  • Gold standard for sweat absorption.
  • Grip becomes tackier when humid.
  • 10 Grips on a Roll + finishing tape.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $17.50 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Weight Tape

PCKL Lead Weight Tape

  • Allows you to customize the weight of your paddle.
  • Improve the balance and stability to increase your “sweet-spot” and balance your paddle precisely to your liking.
  • Approved for tournament play.
  • 10 pre-cut adhesive weighted stirps.
Buy at Amazon

Price: $18 (at time of publication)

Best Pickleball Recovery Tool

Hyperice Normatec 3

  • Air compression massage for fatigued legs and feet
  • Compression treatment encourages blood flow to damaged muscles, increases circulation, and reduces soreness
  • Recover in style while watching TV or reading
  • Expensive but worth it for the massage and recovery benefits
Buy at Dick's Sporting Goods

Price: $699 $799 (at time of publication)

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