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Jordan Basketball Shoes

Here you will find all of our Jordan Brand reviews, everything from retro Jordans to Jordan’s training shoes to their more modern performance models. You can also check out our list with our top Jordan Brand shoe picks

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Air Jordan 5 Green Bean

Air Jordan 5 Green Bean 2022 Review

The Air Jordan 5 Green Bean was originally a 2006 release. It’s coming back for 2022 and getting a lot of attention and hype along the way. While Chris is surprised they’re back, the reception from the general public means Jordan Brand made the right call. People tend to get behind all reflective shoes and the Jordan 5 Green Bean
Air Jordan 3 Dark Mocha

Air Jordan 3 Dark Mocha Review

The Air Jordan 3 Dark Mocha looks similar to a release from four years ago. However, the brand switched things up enough for us to get a new feel and appreciation for the sneaker. We’re sure that people will have differing opinions on the pink hits on the shoe, so don’t be shy and let us know your thoughts in
Air Jordan 2 Union

Air Jordan 2 Union Grey Fog Review

The Air Jordan 2 Union Grey Fog looks to make the Jordan 2 silhouette cool again and build on the success of the Off-White x Air Jordan 2 Low. However, the Air Jordan 2 Union is different from the Air Jordan 2 Off-White because of the material switch-up. The AJ 2 Union reminds us of another release that went straight
Air Jordan 9 Chile Red

Air Jordan 9 Chile Red Review

The Air Jordan 9 Chile Red will look eerily familiar to those who have been around long enough, and it’s not you – it’s the brand. To be honest, there isn’t much to break down as far as the shoe is concerned. This release, however, begs the question of whether or not Jordan Brand should take a break from putting
Air Jordan 11 Low 72-10

Air Jordan 11 Low 72-10 Review

The Air Jordan 11 Low 72-10 is a clean colorway with good enough materials to will leave people happy with their purchase. Which is a great thing since the same can be said about its higher cut counterpart. We have little to nothing to complain about with this release. The brand even implemented one of Chris’s ideas on the sneaker.
Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet

Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet Review

The Air Jordan 11 Low Pure Violet is primarily for female sneakerheads that want to look fresh. Or for the men, too, if they happen to make your size. This review features a familiar face we all love, doing a solo video review for the first time. As for the shoe, it’s fantastic to see that women get their fair

Jordan Basketball Shoes

Jordan Why Not .5

Jordan Why Not .5 Performance Review

The Jordan Why Not .5 is Russell Westbrook‘s newest signature shoe and it’s what we’ve come to expect. The line has been a bit disappointing the past few times out. Not with performance, but with the lack of new technology or design language. You can check out the Why Zero0.4 review here and the Why Not Zer0.3 review here. We
Jordan Zoom Separate

Jordan Zoom Separate Review: Luka Doncic’s Go-To Shoe

The Jordan Zoom Separate is Luka Doncic’s non-signature signature shoe for the 2021-2022 season. The shoe packs some interesting performance features, but, will it turn out to be a performance stand out on-court? Read on to find out.
Jordan One Take 3 - Russell Westbrook

Jordan One Take 3 Review

The Jordan One Take 3 is the latest silhouette to release for the new Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Russell Westbrook. Following up on the Jordan One Take 2 from early this year, Jalique shares his thoughts on the latest Jordan Brand performance basketball shoe.
Jordan 6-17-23

Jordan 6-17-23 Carmine Review

The Jordan 6-17-23 is definitely unique and its own up of tea. It blends two classics, one more recognizable than the other, that makes for a weird-looking, but more comfortable, shoe. This release just proves that Jordan Brand can essentially protro any of the retros they put out, yet they choose not to. We continue to have our fingers crossed
Jordan Q Flight

Jordan Q Flight Review

The Jordan Q Flight is another one of those shoes that have been forgotten, but were real bad boys back in the day. Crazy to think it’s been 10 years. These offer some of the best technology available in 2011. They really went under the radar because of the big brother flagship shoe’s release. It’s one of those things that

Jordan Brand History


It’s crazy to think that the Jordan Brand almost didn’t happen. Can you imagine Michel Jordan rocking Adidas? If had been up to MJ at the time, that’s what would have happened.

When the GOAT was entering the league and fielding sponsorship offers, Nike was pretty low on his list. At the time, Nike was a struggling running shoe brand on the mend, concentrated on reinventing itself as a company for sports superstars. 

Jordan really wanted to sign with Adidas, but the German sneaker brand wasn’t able to put together an offer as the company was undergoing a leadership shift at the time. 

Converse also tried to bring MJ on board. Mike had rocked Converse in college playing for UNC (University of North Carolina) and was already familiar with the brand and what it brought to the table. But Converse already had several NBA superstars signed and Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the faces of the brand. Converse made an offer, but apparently Michel wasn’t impressed and felt he would be just another basketball player on their already stellar roster of sponsored athletes. 

Still, Michel wasn’t sure about signing with Nike. Even after Nike offered MJ $500,000 a year for five years, Jordan took the offer to Adidas and to see if the brand could get “anywhere close” to the offer. But Adidas turned him down. Hindsight is 20/20, but it’s still crazy to think Adidas passed on Mike.   

Nike became Jordan’s best option by default and it ended up being a match made in heaven. Nike wanted to build an entire “brand inside the brand” around Jordan and his superhuman ability to dunk.

The Air Jordan I was released in April of 1985 and they were an instant hit. By May, Nike had sold $70 million worth of the shoes. INSANE. By the end of the year, Air Jordan had made Nike more than $100 million. Phil Knight, Nike’s co-founder, summed up the success of the Air Jordan 1’s as “the perfect combination of quality product, marketing, and athlete endorsement.”