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adidas D Rose 3 Performance Review


The video is uploading but for those of you who continue to visit nightwing2303.com and support the site, you get all the details first.

I’ll upload the updated Top Ten of ’12 list tomorrow for those of you who will ask. The Rose 3 is tied with the LeBron X, Hyperdunk 2012 & LeBron 9 P.S. Elite so I use my personal opinion to place those sneakers… Rose 3 is going to be ranked #2. Only reason the LeBron X is at #1 is because of the amount of tech put into the sneaker but I personally – as a Guard – prefer the Rose 3 above almost any other shoe this year… including the Soldier VI.

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Traction – Full length herringbone is in place and it starts out a bit rough. The rubber is a bit slick and lateral movements aren’t as covered as your heel to toe movements. Luckily, once the rubber is broken in you wont have any complaints & everything works beautifully.

Clean courts are phenomenal – as you’d expect – and dusty courts are a breeze as well. I have been playing on one of the worst kept floors I’ve ever played on with the current league I’m running in and the Rose 3 can hold its own for the most part but slipping is an issue… Something that has been a reaching theme no matter what my footwear choice has been… The floor needs to be refinished. All things considered… These offer some if the best traction currently available at the moment.


Cushion – Full length compression molded EVA, something that you should be used to with adidas products at this point in time. From heel to toe the cushion is consistent – something I happen to love. Heel strikes are taken care of with each stride as the foam is able to absorb and distribute the weight evenly throughout while the forefoot offers a more minimalist feel providing you with the protection needed yet never once sacrificing court feel. For Guards, this is an ideal setup as you’re protected but free to play your style without being hindered. Add the PU insole and you have a well balanced transition protected with adequate cushion.

In direct comparison to the Rose 2.5 I’d say they are better overall. More comparable to the Crazy Light 2 but slightly more dense, adding stability.


Material – This really depends on the colorway you choose. With the initial Home & Away models there are synthetic nubucks and leathers used… The Chicago Fire model uses a different synthetic altogether and we can assume the same will be for the upcoming models as well.

The only real difference between the materials will be their longevity, however, as a synthetic, you can rest assure that it’ll hold up for at least a full season of playing time.

Personally, I loved the Away pair with its premium synthetic leather for on-court action. With its minimal break-in period and soft feel, its the closest thing to leather on a pair of performance shoes that doesn’t include the term “Retro” on the box label.


Fit – With a true to size fit and re-engineered SprintFrame in place, the adidas Rose 3 will be able to accommodate many more foot shapes than any of its predecessors including the Crazy Light series.

On top of that, the materials are constructed in a way to where it wraps itself around your foot perfectly giving the wearer a feeling of owning a sneaker custom made specifically for them.

Lock-down from heel to toe is apparent and welcomed. No slipping whatsoever once fully laced making these one of the best fitting shoes from adidas without any pain or hot spots.


Ventilation – The SprintWeb has also been re-engineered on the Rose 3 which is something I also love. adidas has been able to implement a functional performance feature without making it look like a performance feature. Its not as well ventilated as the Rose 2.5 but it beats the snot out of the Crazy Light 2.

I personally don’t find ventilation to be an issue unless the fit is sloppy – which is not the case here – so if a slight step back in ventilation is enough for you to pass on purchasing then you are undeserving of the Rose 3’s beastly on-court performance and premium look/ feel.


Support – adidas’ SprintFrame is in place providing most of your support. The materials and fit play a roll as well as they all work in perfect harmony.


Overall – Awesome traction, consistent cushion, premium materials, accommodating fit, above average ventilation & great support… why is anyone complaining about a price increase?

I could understand if the shoe was a total fail or missed the mark on enhancements but adidas didn’t miss a beat. Sure, these enhancements are small and can be overlooked but they are there and they work.

Bottom line, if you drop $160 or more on a shoe that you NEVER wear on-court – and you all have… don’t lie – then $160 for a high end performance shoe shouldn’t be an issue. It would have been nice to see the increase implemented gradually and these will go on sale at some point in time but as of now, they are an ideal choice for a speedy Guard who wishes to have a complete packaged sneaker.



First Impression
Performance Teaser Pt. 1
Performance Teaser Pt. 2

  1. Saw a kid on my fall league team wearing these. I have to admit, one of the best shoes out as far as looks go. Apparently performance is just as good.

  2. Nice. Can’t wait for my limited chicago fires! I bought these for balling and for style. Made the right choice.

  3. Great review. Thanks for taking the time. I’ve been wearing the crazy light 2’s as my bball shoe of choice this season but thinking of making the jump these. Recommended?

    Also, I’m confused as to the material difference between home and away. Are they indeed the same material? I like the grey ones a bit more but hoping any material difference wouldn’t alter the review of the shoe.

    Thanks again.

    1. Home CW is Synthetic Nu-Buck, and the Away CW is a Synthetic Leather.

      P.s. The ‘Chicago Fire’ CW is a Heavy Duty Material also used on the Chicago Firemen’s Jacket.

      1. I read it before i asked.. and you said you like this one better but I just want to know more information of why you like this better from you, clearly.. i’m sorry if that bothering you.

      2. Hi, would these sneakers be good to use on an outdoor court? I’m gonna be using this on mostly outdoor courts and i’m looking for a guard shoe that has a durable sole, unlike the kobe 8’s.

    1. Nightwing is being nice. It says right in the SECOND paragraph.

      “as a Guard – prefer the Rose 3 above almost any other shoe this year… including the Soldier VI”

      Cmon son.

  4. Not a huge fan of the look that the past Rose shoes have had but these do look quite clean. I might have to look into them when they go on sale later. Right now, the Soldier 6 and Micro G Torch are still the rotation choice. Thanks for the work Nightwing. Much appreciated.

  5. When you say then run true to size do you mean length and width ? The rose 2.0 had that super long toe toe that ran about 1 size too long? Keep up the great reviews !

  6. Bought the away pair but the colour is slightly different. Instead of the red streaks at the bottom, mine were wolf grey.

    Really premium feel and it fits well and won’t hurt unlike the narrow-ness of the Crazy Light 2.

  7. Traction, in comparison now to the CP3 “6” , where would would you put the CP or its still the only 10 to date

  8. Hey Nightwing, first of all, I think you are the best sneaker reviewer out there and I follow your site daily, so thanks for being awesome!

    I was wondering if the Rose 3.0’s added weight in comparison to the 2.5’s (11.7 oz) was noticeable and/or decreased your speed or vertical at all. That is my one concern with these shoes and I’d appreciate if you answered it briefly. Thanks!

    1. I still don’t understand why people have to worry about some oz in a pair of shoes will make them slower? It’s not just about the weight, it’s about the structure of the shoes and the most important thing is how you run and jump.

    2. Rose 3 is 12.6 oz(size 9) based on his review but I think you shouldn’t worry with a little added weight(unless the difference of the last model is 2 oz or more) cause it’s about your foot’s strength and performance

  9. If you can nightwing2303, can you please do a review on the jordan blazin? or will it play just like last year’s Jordan Q flight?

  10. Another dope review Nightwing. Will you be doing a review on the 2012 Hyperfuses? I wonder how the Rose 3s stack up against the Hyperfuses.

    1. bro, I tried on a hyperfuse 2012, they’re wayyyy dowwnnn or idk against the rose 3 .. but I don’t see the rose 3 going up against the hyperdunk 2012, i’m playing on both, not to be biased, but the hyperdunk 2012 really really puts down the rose 3 ( except for outsole durability when playing outdoors)

      1. After comparing the rose 3 and hd2012’s scores, i feel im pretty accurate in their placement and personal preference. Traction and cushion is greater in the rose. Fit is better and can accommodate a wider variety of foot shapes in the rose as well. Materials are better in the HD and will last longer.

        So… Rose 3 is > … Lol.

        But this goes to show that everyone has a personal preference and fav.

        1. Hey nightwing, awesome review. I went to my local footlocker store to get one but undecided on which CW to get….may be both when they come down in price.

          I do agree regarding the personal preference. After trying the rose 3 it felt that hd2012’s is more suited for my game. But still gonna get one cause they do look awesome.

        2. It might just be my individual experience with the shoe, but the shoe didn’t quite perform the way I had imagined it would. Now Derrick Rose is my favourite NBA superstar, and I own multiple models of his shoes so I’m not trying to insult Adidas in anyway. I’ve had the Rose 3s in the away colourways since its release. I’ve played in them for about a month and a half, and since that time the traction never seemed to have broken in. I still slip a bit on lateral movements. The heel traction is good, but the forefoot traction is terrible. Even when i jab-step I slip. The other thing I want to address is the fit. It is true, they have widened the base of the shoe, which does rationally lead to accommodation of many foot shapes and sizes, but the forefoot seems to be a tad tight. The shoe still gives me pain around the balls of my feet. Though this problem might be due to the fact that I might have unusually wide feet. Overall, I still prefer the Rose 2.5s over all of Rose’s other models

  11. Thanks for another great review. How do these stack up to the Wade 2s? I really love those shoes and these sound like they would play similarly.

    1. Rose3 Has greater Fit, greater ankle Support, Is Lighter, Has better ventilation, durablity, cushion, and grip.

      Hopefully that answers your question.

      1. Does the rose 3 have more room and comfort in the mid foot cause the adi rose 2.5 were tight and hurt my mid foot so are the rose 3 better room in the mid foot or are they the same??

    2. Have the Wade 2 EV and it personally doesn’t work for me. It’s a little heavier and court feel and responsiveness isn’t that great. The thing it has going for it is the traction and cushion. This is my opinion coming from wearing the 2008 hyper dunks.

  12. i agree with everything, but as far as the fit goes it is not really that good. if you have wide feet, you can actually forget these. Even if you go a size up, all it’s gonna do is give you more space in the front but the width stays the same, meaning that part of your foot will actually be without a surface and therefor it afffects the support to.

    sorry for my poor english, greetings form germany

    1. Did you wait til they broke in…..?

      Cause right out of the box, I did experience some tightness w/ the width. But after a couple hours (total) of break in time, the shoe conformed to my foot perfectly (I have wide feet). The shoe feels great.

      1. Do u play in them or just wear them around i want a pair I just don’t want to buy them if it’s the same thing as the 2.5’s really tight in the forefoot it made my feet numb so I hope the 3’s ain’t like the 2.5’s

  13. The soldier 6 has been my favorite shoe ever. Are you saying that the traction on the drose3 beats the traction on the toe of the soldier 6? If your playing on your toes which has better traction. I know the soldiers help you rock your foot better but which of the 2 have better grip

  14. Great review as always but I have to admit…… that was the fastest Performance review you done! I mean….. 5:02? I don’t blame you being a little speechless on the best shoe Adidas offered this year. Materials should go down by .5 cause the Midsole color on the Away can be peeled off. Trust me dude….. you haven’t experience it but happen me in just one use on court but just don’t peel it more and you’re good to go!

  15. i hope to have these on sale. a black one would be great at least to sneak these to office for work during formal days. i tried this with my kd4 blackout.

  16. Nice review but why when nike uses all foam or forefoot zoom and phylon for the rest of the midsole, consumers are upset but adidas and under armour only use foam based systems and the same people treat it like its the best thing in the world. Just saying if nike dropped an eva based midsole shoe people would die but if they charge 110 for phylon and forefoot zoom people complain about that

    1. in my opinion and from what i experienced from nike’s phylon only or forefoot only zoom with all phylon set up.

      their kind of phylon is at most just forgiving enough. but most of the time its just too hard for me. its really not the same as what other brands use in their foam. even though adidas only uses eva their formulation is the key to create a dependable foam that’s worth your money. i just bought an adidas raise up on sale and its cushion after breaking it in was above anything of what nike has. well except for lunarlon but any lunarlon shoe would have prices well above from what i bought. i think its only recently that nike started reformulation of their lunar foam and experimenting dual density phylon as they keep on experimenting on their specialty, air. unlike adidas, they already have a reliable foam without having to put a gimmicky name attached on it. the rose line never stated it had adiprene or alive etc. just premium sourced eva foam.

    1. For the last time, shoes placed on the Top Ten list are only there bc of their overall score. If you are wondering why something isnt on the top ten list then the answer lies within the question itself. If its not on the list then the overall score must not have been good enough. Not to say they arent a good shoe but if you look, the last shoe has a score of 8.5/10 – a great score – but everything else above it has a score either the same or higher. The top ten list has the highest ranking sneakers listed based on their overall score only. My personal picks are based on what I personally like to play in as a Guard. Half of the shoes I loved arent even on the top ten list while some are.

      1. Bro,

        Just stop answering some of these questions. I have seen and heard you address it so much that I can only imagine how annoyed you are. I get annoyed just reading them and they aren’t directed to me. These kids are spoiled and don’t wanna look for anything, read, or reason through basic logic (ie: comparing scores for themselves). It’s sad.

        -Grown man with an education

        1. Hey! I think this is too much.. I’m also one of the people who ask things like this like “which one is better?” but it doesn’t mean that I’m lazy to read, i’m not educated. But I and many other people just want to know his reasons… we just expect that nightwing will answer in a way that will help us choose.. maybe something like this “this one is better because it has blah blah and it fit for guard or whatever.. and this maybe a better choice for you.” and just like that.. but if it is too much and he feel don’t want to answer that much. Fine

          1. I think you read this context wrong. If you are asking a real question in order to gain actual insight, that is one thing. Even then, it will always be personal preference, but it’s understandable. But asking why something isn’t in a list that may not be updated every single day is another. He also makes various distinctions both in his review videos and in the write ups. I didn’t mean to blast the man who is asking a “valid” (and i use that term loosely) question but some of it is ridiculous. Like those asking which is better when he says it in the review vid AND the writeup. Hence my comment above here and in response to another question. Forgive me but I just see it too much where people do not want to think about things. Critical thinking has seriously taken a nose dive lately.


          2. I dont choose sneakers for people. I give tons of detail in video and written along with a score card for easy comparisons. Easy comparisons. I never answer ‘which shoe is better’ bc they are all different and will suit each person differently. Nobody should ever answer that question if they are a proper reviewer bc each foot, personal preference and need is different. What I like and what you like could be two totally different things. And I usually dont have time to sit here and write back to each person in full detail – basically another review catered just for that person – every day. I do what I can, if it doesnt aid you in your decision then you need someone that will tell you what to buy instead of trying to teach you what each shoe does and have you figure out what YOU need.

  17. tried these on and they are nice. as mentioned, just a bit more dense than the Crazy Lights 2 but offers more cushion. I prefer these over the Rose 2.5 since I find the 2.5’s not as nice in terms of comfort and weight. still I would prefer the Soldiers 6 due to the fact that I needed the construct on the way that I play big. although I would prefer the CP 6 over these if I were playing guard. great shoe for those who want and need it, and prefer D rose.

  18. Dang. All area code 2303 is in unrest. I just hooped in the CP3 6’s and Damn gina. Those are bombay and Ndubs respected assesment of the heel strike cushion is debatable. They are pure court heat. I gots the roses and they feel more like ur on a platform and the CP’s ur inside the shoe balin. CP3 for those who Kan’t be stopped.

  19. seem like Adidas nail these one.
    I try them on and it feels great,(also looks good on jeans, surprise)
    too bad I am still running on HD2012 and Rose 2.5.
    I love to see some other brand can play up to be a rivalry of Nike,
    this only means both companies will try their best to produce good performance shoes and no more over priced half-assed shoes…….

  20. hey man its me again. would you recommend these for a person with really flat feet and no arch at all? like me? thanks more power bro

  21. Nice review NW!!! This is definitely one of your better new style reviews.
    Question, I know you got a lot of sneakers to review but any chance of doing the AdiPower Howard 3?

  22. Hey nightwing,
    great review! In the video at 1:30 to 1:37 you compare the foam to nike zoom but I cant understand you (sry, my english isnt that good :/ ). Could you write it down here for me (or anyone else?)? 😀
    greetz from germany!!

    1. EVA foam is more of a shock absorber while the zoom air is more of a reponsive cushion, like a spring inside a shoe. Both are good depending on what you prefer.

  23. Chrisso he compared it to nike zoom because nike zoom is responsive and used mostly for guards and the foam adidas is using foam that is responsive and used mostly for guards. hope it helped.

  24. Just got my Chicago fires from Eastbay. The colorway is really nice in person. I put them on side by side with a pair of Fly Wades 2 and was struck with the similarities – synthetic upper with similar hole patters, similar cut, similar cushioning feel, similar support and flexibility, and similar comfort. They do fit a tad different, have different traction patterns, and the Wades have a forefoot lateral outrigger while the Rose’s don’t. It just seems like these two are adidas’ and JB’s versions of the same shoe. Since I love the Wades, I’m really excited to get some serious run in the Rose 3.0s.

  25. i have a problem with the shoe, the edge of the heel inside the shoe is kinda sharp and it digs into my ankle. Is it probably because i got a wrong size or what do you think??

  26. I hate synthetics… Could you recommend any recent (lightweight) leather based shoe for me NW? Hyperfuse, Hyperdunk, kobe 7, it’s not for me. I loved the Huarache 2k4 and jordan XIV instead..

    1. The away Rose 3 is the closest thing to leather weve had on a performance model in quite a while. Either grab a pair of 2k4s, on sale now at finish line, or grab a pair of XIVs for a decent price on eBay. Plastic synthetics are what i dont usually enjoy, fuse (some fuse is ok) and all that type of stuff, but the synthetic leathers used on the adidas, Li-Ning and PEAK models are all very similar to leather. Under Armour has nice synthetics too. Reebok has high quality leather on their retro line – Answer IVs and Question.

      1. Hey n.w., i recently saw the alternate away version with nubuck upper. What do you think about that material? Is it a better choice? Or theres to little difference to compare? Bcoz they are all synthetic anyways? Thanks in advance for the reply NW. Keep up the good work man!

  27. Nightwing even tho you gave the Nike Zoom Soldier VI cushion a 10/10 which one do you like better. Because i kno that very foam base product you reviewed you gave it a 9/10 even if it is a really good foam. Because i’m torn on which one to get Rose 3 or Soldier VI. Thanks

  28. I see the article was amended aftear my comment. Website is looking great! It’s always a pleasure to read and Kristen to your reviews. 2012 list is perfect. (Well, as close to as perfect that is allowed under the laws of physics)

  29. hey nightwing can you do a performance review on the melo 8 advanced? they look like they have potential to be a really good shoe now that it’s way more ventilated.

  30. Great review! I hope that you continue your wonderful reviews and provide us your followers with quality infos to help us decide on which kicks to buy.

    More power to you!

  31. Great review! I infact I bought the shoes due to your review. I’ve only taken-up basketball recently and play about 3 hours a week recreationally. I agree with everything on this review, but the cusioning is giving me problems in my knees and feet and it’s probably because I’m getting up there in age. I wanted to change the insoles to let’s just say a Spenco type of cusion. Do you have any views on doing this? How will the overall shoe change? Fit, performance etc.. Everyone feel free to chime in. Thanks in advance!

  32. Man ur videos r very informative and detailed, really help ppl who wanna purchase a pair of basketball shoes by giving ur own experience and opinion. I recently want to buy a pair of new basketball shoes and I could decide on d rose3 or crazylight2. They r both phenomenal according to ur videos, but I’m a student and can’t afford both, so can I know which one is the best for me? I’m a guard, play almost everyday and mostly outdoor.

  33. rock the chicago fires w/ the speed wraps . break in time w/ them are almost instant and don’t cause any aches and pains after playing . I play 2-3 times a week for 2 hours and there doing me wonders ! I have been rocking d-roses kicks since the 1.5s and I can say that these are by far my favourite ! great review nightwing, keep doing what your doing man .

  34. I have to order Rose3s online and was wondering if there is an Adidas model (say something like Rose2,5) that I could compere the sizing with? To get somesort of a feeling what size would be perfect for me. With EU sizes Adidas has 1/3 and 2/3 (like 40 1/3) sizing and since I havent owned an Adidas basketball shoe before I’d just want to be sure.

    Thanks in Advance

  35. This may be an ignorant question, but i’ve only worn nikes for basketball. These use foam padding for comfort, does the foam get flat quickly? Will the foam last long (say in comparison to nike air)?


  36. I finally got to see them in retail. As soon as I held them in my hands, I said to myself “damn, they are truly premium.” Can’t complain about the price increase anymore.

    1. Yeah I’m wondering this too. I can get 2.5 for about $60 less. I was going to get 2.5, but I’m pretty curious about the 3.0. I think I would buy the 3.0 instantly if it weren’t for the price, but would you call them an upgrade from the 2.5? Or are they something just something different? Is it worth the extra cash for the 3.0?

  37. Good professional reviews.

    Which one would be your favorite if taking in count mostly the safety on court (ankle) and then other factors?
    – adidas Rose 3
    – adidas Rose 773
    – adidas Crazy Shadow
    Thank you

  38. Do rose3 cushion and soldier 6 a big different? the score of soldier is more than this … Just want to know is it a big different..

  39. I got to try the rose 3.0 on today and I really liked the feel. They feel natural and casual, atleast in the gray color. Do the other colorway’s material feel a lot different?

  40. Hi nightwing,
    i buy a pair of these,will these shoes will be great for a forward xDD
    Thanks you are my no# idol in terms of reviewing shoes :))

  41. Hi nightwing,
    i buy a pair of these,will these shoes will be great for a forward ??xDD
    Thanks you are my no# idol in terms of reviewing shoes :))

  42. I love Derrick Rose’s shoes. I’ve played in the 2.0s the 2.5s and the 773s. There are no weak points in those shoes. I don’t know if it was just me, but the traction on the 3.0s were terrible. I have never had such bad traction in a BRAND new shoe.

  43. Nightwing please help me……because i am a forward and i have this shoes will this shoe be great for me?PLEASEEEEEEEEE …..BTW thre d rose 3 is very comfortable MWUAHHAHA

  44. Yo Chris please reply man.
    Im a quick, explosive, PG/SG so im thinkin i should get these.
    Altough im thinkin lebron 10’s too.
    But what i want you to plz tell me how to change the colors of the sole stripes. So you can make them a different color of the bottom. Lets say for instance black outsole but red outsole stripes.
    I TRIED ON MIADIDAS BUT IT DOESN WORK. I also want to do the same to the web thing underneath the base but again YO CANT DO IT NEITHER ON MIADIDAS.

  45. Hey Nightwing
    Just wondering, some people say that these shoes cut your ankles or something?
    (If you see reviews on eastbay)
    What’s your opinion about it? Do you think these shoes actually cut your ankles?

  46. Hey nightwing,
    Please reply .Sometime i slip in this shoes,will the dust affect the shoes in terms of slipping?BTW is this shoe will be great for a SG/SF?

    1. If you havent already broken the traction in then you may want to try that. it took me a little while before it became good. But the traction is effected by dust bc the space between the grooves are small.

  47. hey nightwing do i need a speedwrap to go along with this shoe since the adidas crazy light shoes have very low support and i am a pg so i am abit worried about my ankle on choosing this shoe

      1. hey nightwing.sorry to trouble you again. my feet is measured 10.5 inches exactly and i want to know which US size i should order since i have to order them overseas and this is my first time buy an adidas shoe
        thanks alot!!!

  48. great shoe! the Chicago fires are holding up pretty good. very comfortable shoe with a lot of support and comfort. Your heel is secured in the heel cup which locks down your foot so theres no slipping in your shoe. The materials used are durable and the traction is good as well. no slipping on the court yet and you do feel more low to the ground and the shoe is light weight as well. Great shoe worth every penny even though i spent an extra 20 dollars for this certain colorway!

  49. Some user feedback. Thanks to your review, bought Soldiers which were a great pick for my son’s wide forefoot after bad blisters wearing 2011 hyperfuses. Light and comfortable with GREAT, not good but GREAT traction and lockdown. Fall season closing so shopped all. Looked at cp3 but son didnt love fit of heel as mentioned in your review and Im not buying any low top unless lockdown is top notch. (Kobe was terrific in that respect) DR3 surprisingly fit wider foot well without even going up a half size. They were comfortable but slippage was a problem even after two weeks of play,kinda reminded me of problem he once had with Kobes. Returned but no soldiers in his preferred color so went with HD’S a half size larger, they were still tight at first but they have conformed. Loved the Soldiers but feel like HD’s fits his stride better and he is running faster than ever.(Wore hd’s three years ago and got same impression, dont know if it is real or imagined ) Anyway, practiced on same court in all with minimal dust and that is the personal read.

  50. Hi nightwing, last week I just bought the away edition of the rose 3 and the alternate away edition came out with the same price. Do you think that the alternate away’s material will last longer than the away edition?

  51. Bought a pair of these thanks to your review. It´s by far the best guard shoe i owned. Thinking about purchasing another pair in away colors.

    I absolutely have no problems with my wide feet in these. Bought i pair of Kobe VIIs a while ago which gave me blisters even after breaking them in. They even hurt my left foot. So the Kobes will stay in the closet now.

    Adidas really made a great shoe with these. Traction, stability, weight and looks are outstanding. I can recommend them to every Guard or Forward, perhaps even Centers since the shoe has no flaws in my opinion.

    Thanks for your great help and review.

  52. Hey Nightwing! I’ve been thinking this for too long. Will the traction last in this shoe when I play outdoor basketball? Pretty much we don’t have any wooden court. I really need your reply on this =)))) Thank you very much.

  53. DUDE THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE REVIEW OM THIS ONE! I was unable to find the Kobe 7 Elite and since I saw that the Rose 3 was on your top 2 I had this as my 2nd choice. The shoes are cool! But the designs look kinda boring for me? Still its a good shoe, can’t wait to play them in. =))

  54. Dude! 1 more question and I really need your help on this one. Its says the shoe is “MiCoach Enabled” it says it suppose to work like the Nike+ wherein it tracks your performance. But when I bought the sneaker it didn’t have the MiCoach with it. And if I were to buy a MiCoach how many should I buy? Two? So one for each shoe? Or just one? And how much would it cost? Thanks Nightwing =)) I really need your reply.

  55. Great Review! I played on this and I must say that the traction on this one is really great. even on dusty floors it performs great. while other players are slipping on the court, i never experienced it in Drose 3.0. Heel lock down support is also great once you tie it up to the last eyelet you’d feel both secured and comfortable.

  56. all adidas shoes are ass. i have all the roses, all but the first howard, both crazy lights, and the shadows and theyre so bad its not even funny. you gassed up the rose 3 cuz myself and a few other of my team mates all hated them and think theyre probably the worst shoe to ever release… period.

  57. Chris, which do you prefer? The adiZero Rose 1.5 or the Derrick Rose 3.0. Which has better traction, and which helps you preform better? PLEASE ANSWER THANKS!

  58. hey nightwing, I visit your site a lot. I love it!!! Can you tell me why you didn’t rate the D-rose 3 fit 10/10 because you had no complaints about them, and which shoe would be better for a guard who wants great traction, Perfect lockdown, good cushion, ok ventilation, and good support.Thank you please reply. 🙂

  59. Hey Nightwing, I visit your site a lot. I love it!!! Can you tell me why you didn’t rate the D-rose 3’s fit 10/10 because you had no complaints about them, and which shoe would be better for a point guard who wants great traction, Perfect lockdown, good cushion, ok ventilation, and good support,and light weight, the kd 5,lebron 10, or drose 3..Thank you please reply. 🙂

  60. hey nightwing, I visit your site a lot. I love it!!! Can you tell me why you didn’t rate the D-rose 3 fit 10/10 because you had no complaints about them, and which shoe would be better for a guard who wants great traction, Perfect lockdown, good cushion, ok ventilation, and good support.Thank you please reply.

  61. Would this also work for a combo forward I am 6’2″-6’3″ and 155-160 I play in the post but mainly a face up top of the key mid-range game where I drive more often if not left open for a mid-range jump shot I am also 16 years old.

  62. @nightwing , I’m looking for a shoe with great cushion and that’s lightweight and comfortable and i was considering these or the hyperdunks or the kd 5 but i noticed that the rose 3’s have the same cushion rating as the rose 2.5 ( which i have) but it looks like the rose 3’s have alot more foam and would have a better cushion ???

  63. hey nightwing..
    Im from Sri Lanka and most of our courts are outdoor..I need a shoe which would last long on an outdoor surface. Just want to know if the rose 3 is good for outdoor balling? What do you think about the durability?

  64. can’t wait for the Rose 3.5 performance review, will u review that?
    i just want to compare these two and buy one, thanks.

  65. Hey nightwing, I know you said the traction does have a break in period, and once this period is done I was wondering if the shoe really supports lateral cuts, and jab stepping to the side. I know the sprint frame supports inside cuts(forgot what you said it was called) and prevents rolling ankles, but I have a feeling the traction on the side won’t support hard jabs and things like that, and slipping will occur. If I’m wrong or I missed something just let me know.

    1. This shoe could work for you, but as stated in the review it is a GUARD shoe and if you are in the pivot most of your time you might be better served by a more all around shoe. That said your weight and height will allow you to play in any shoe

  66. Are the rose 3 have more room in the mid foot cause the adi rose 2.5 were really tight and were hurting my feet when I would play in them they would make my feet numb and fall asleep when I’m playing so are the rose 3 have more room in the mid foot or do they have the same amount of room as the 2.5’s

  67. Hey Nightwing, big fan of all the work you do. I was wondering if you were planning to do a review of the rose 3.5s or if not if you could highlight any significant differences there might be other than looks.

    Thanks for all the hard work

  68. Does anyone else have the problem with the foam on the ankle? Mine has gone away on the outside but the inside still has the foam

  69. Hey NW. I need your help cause I bought these(Home CW),my original size is 9.5 but I took a size 10 because i’m wide footed. The problem is there is too much room in the forefoot and there’s slight pain in the laces or upper, I think it’s because of the stiffnes of that part. After wearing it I also experienced some knee pain. I need your comments for these. I hope these wouldn’t destroy my feet or something. I don’t want to waste money you know. Please respond

  70. Derrick Rose 3.0…The Shoes are great. They are light, they grip sick. I’ve had no issue with their performance. I can say however that like my older adidas it hurts the outside of my right foot just before the toes. Forefoot I guess. I am very athletic. 5’11 40+vert, quick, stops and go’s very quickly so I move around alot in my shoes. It’s as if my foot is still sliding over the base of the shoe when I stop but there is nothing there to protect my foot so all the pressure or momentum is traveling to my forefoot there on many of my moves. It sucks. Foot hurts so bad that I have to stop playing for a week to let it heal then I can go again. When my foot isn’t in pain from the hard stops, etc the shoe feels great. Get some support up there guys. The best shoe I ever felt was the Nike Air Total Package, and the Lebron III. Total package felt similar to these but the front of the shoe was designed in a way that didn’t allow that excess foot roll I experience with the D-Rose’s.

  71. Derrick Rose 3.0…The Shoes are great. They are light, they grip sick. I’ve had no issue with their performance. I can say however that like my older adidas it hurts the right side of my right foot just before the toes. Right Forefoot I guess. I am very athletic. 5’11 40+vert, quick, stops and go’s very quickly so I move around alot in my shoes. It’s as if my foot is still sliding over the base of the shoe when I stop but there is nothing there to protect my foot so all the pressure or momentum is traveling to my forefoot there on many of my moves. It sucks. Foot hurts so bad that I have to stop playing for a week to let it heal then I can go again. When my foot isn’t in pain from the hard stops, etc the shoe feels great. Get some support up there guys. The best shoe I ever felt was the Nike Air Total Package, and the Lebron III. Total package felt similar to these but the front of the shoe was designed in a way that didn’t allow that excess foot roll I experience with the D-Rose’s.

  72. Just picked these up at the local outlet, $65.00. These cp3 6 pick up was good enough for me to trust you on thes as well. Can’t wait to lace em up. Thanks for your help.

  73. Just picked these up at the local outlet, $65.00. These cp3 6 pick up was good enough for me to trust you on these as well. Can’t wait to lace em up. Thanks for your help.

  74. Hey Nightwing2303 do you have a chance to cop a D Rose 3.5? And could u do a review about it? Tnx

  75. For about two weeks I have been playing inside and it seems like my lateral movements still aren’t supported. At some point while I’m playing I always end up almost slipping when I’m applying a lot of torque on the lateral side. I was just wondering how long did it take you to break the traction in to the point you felt comfortable with the shoe?

  76. I have tried these shose with wide flat foot and the problem i have is the small cut out section on the sole underneath the shoe arch allows the shoe to bend down and furthur collapses my arch rolling my foot in and twisting my knee in. I can also feel plate under my forefoot where it bends at toes but with thicker socks not bad. Very nice fit cushion traction flexibility otherwise tho

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