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10 Best Hoka Running Shoes

Best Hoka Running Shoes

Hoka One One, a shoe company founded in France in 2009, initially made its mark by building maximalist shoes. Shoes with a thick slab of foam underfoot. Nowadays, Hoka has a wide-ranging line of shoes. Most of them still adhere to the original maximalist philosophy. For our part, we created this Best Hoka Running Shoes page to highlight the very best options in their extensive product line and help our readers (and really anyone who likes Hoka running shoes) find the best option for their feet.

We update this page often but have reviewed even more Hoka running shoes than you see here. You can see all our Hoka Reviews on our Hoka page.

We put each shoe in the category that makes the most sense (trail, cushioned, everyday, racing, etc.). Then we highlight what made the shoe great along with any issues it may have. The idea is that you can easily read through this article, understand which of the shoes will work for your feet, and buy the best Hoka running shoes for you. One quick note before we start, the majority of Hoka running shoes feature a 5mm drop from heel to toe. That’s a little less than the 8mm standard among running shoes. In practice, it’s not that noticeable. Though, if you’re like some of our testers, you may prefer the flatter feel and how it allows your Achilles to lengthen more naturally.

With all that being said, let’s get into our picks:

Updated: 03.13.2023

Best Neutral Cushioned Hoka Running Shoes

Hoka Clifton 9

Hoka Clifton 9

The Hoka Clifton 9 is the best, most versatile Clifton to date. It’s the same great neutral cushioned shoe with added bounce and elasticity in the midsole and increased durability in the outsole. The upper is, as usual, super comfy and the fit is accommodating. There’s also a wide version for those that need it. Improved arch support will excite flat footers, but some may find it a bit distracting. It’s a great shoe for everyone from beginners to seasoned vets and can handle jogging, easy running, recovery runs, and long runs. See the full review.

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 5mm, Price: $145

Total Score
Buy Men's Hoka Clifton 9 Buy Women's Hoka Clifton 9

Hoka Mach 5

Hoka Mach 5

The Hoka Mach 5 is a lightweight, bouncy, and comfortable shoe that works for short, long, and speedy runs. The Profly+ midsole is bouncy and does a great job with impact protection despite the mid-tier stack height. The upper is soft and widens at the forefoot while allowing very good airflow. The traction is great in all conditions but the outsole is rubberized foam so durability is an issue. It won’t be the longest-lasting shoe, but the Mach 5 is a shoe that does everything well. Read the full review. Price: $140

Buy Hoka Mach 5

Best Speedy Hoka Running Shoe

Hoka Rincon 3

Hoka Rincon 3

The Hoka Rincon 3 is SUPER light. But that doesn’t affect its cushioning. You still get plenty of cushy Hoka EVA underfoot. And the lightweight build works with Hoka’s meta rocker to really make the shoe glide. When you want to pick up the pace for a fast workout, the Rincon 3 is the perfect shoe. You do sacrifice some of the upper support present in other Hoka models but the trade-off is worth it. This shoe is meant to go fast on flat roads. If that’s what you want to do, there aren’t many other shoes this good. In fact, they even made our best overall running shoes list. Price: $120

Buy Rincon 3 – Men Buy Rincon 3 – Women

Most Affordable Hoka Running Shoe

Hoka Rincon 3

Hoka Rincon 3

Yes, we’re repeating a model right away. It’s because you get a lot for your money with the Rincon 3. We mention most of what you get in our Hoka Rincon 3 vs Rincon 2 comparison. All you really need to know is that shoes this light and this comfortable are rare at the $120 price point. True, there are several things that could be better. Like the “did they even try” string heel tab. But, even with a couple of small issues, the value here is really really good. Price: $120

Buy Rincon 3 – Men Buy Rincon 3 – Women

Best Hoka Carbon-Plated Daily Shoe

Hoka Bondi X

Take the Clifton 8, add more cushion and a carbon fiber plate into the midsole, and this is pretty much what you get. The Hoka Bondi X brings the snap of a carbon fiber plate to daily running. Is it pricey? Yes. But those that want a stiff, snappy carbon fiber plate under foot most days get what they want. And for those that heel strike, the exaggerated heel shape aims to make your stride feel easier. Most people don’t need a carbon fiber plate in their everyday shoe but this one is for those that prefer it. Price: $200

Buy Bondi X – Men Buy Bondi X – Women

Best Hoka Stability Shoe

Hoka Arahi 5

The Hoka Arahi 5 packs fantastic support without feeling invasive or annoying. The cushioning is soft and responsive, exactly what you’d expect from a Hoka. It’s a versatile shoe that’s plush enough for long distances, light enough for short distances and ready for the occasional fast workout. If you need support but want that neutral cushioned shoe feeling, the Arahi 5 offers it. Price: $130

Buy Arahi 5 – Men Buy Arahi 5 – Women

Best Hoka Trail Running Shoe

Hoka Challenger 7

You can try to not let the Hoka Challenger 7’s looks influence you but it’s a darn good-looking trail shoe with some fantastic colorways. Luckily, it also performs hella good on the trails.

There’s no rock plate, so you will feel some rocks, but the EVA, while not particularly squishy or soft, cushions well. The traction is GREAT. It was extremely rare to get any slippage at all even in wet conditions. Only wet, mildewy rocks caused any slippage, and even then it slipped a bit and then gripped. The upper is also very comfortable and accommodating while still locking down the foot. It can handle long-distance hikes and runs.

The Challenger 7 isn’t bouncy but it’s still a really good trail running shoe. It’s basically a slightly firmer Clifton made for the trails.

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 5mm, Price: $145

Total Score
Buy Men's Hoka Challenger 7 Buy Women's Hoka Challenger 7

Best Hoka Marathon Running Shoe

Hoka Rocket X

The Hoka Rocket X is what Hoka’s professional athletes wear in races. And because of that, you’ll see them on podiums often. The Rocket X is just about as light as the Rincon 3 but with a different CMEVA foam and a carbon plate. If you’re wearing Hoka for your everyday running this is the race shoe that will give you the same feel in a race ready package. Price: $200

Buy Rocket X

Best Hoka Running Shoes – Honorable Mentions

Hoka Gaviota 3

The Hoka Gaviota 3 is Hoka’s max stability and support option. Do most people need it? Nope. But when you overpronate significantly, a shoe like the Gaviota 3 is exactly what you need to run without injuring yourself. It’s got a bunch of foam underfoot so its still plushly cushioned like you’d expect. The support comes from the Hoka J-Frame in the midsole along with the Hoka H-Frame upper. They work together to keep your foot from rolling over too much. The result is a high end, comfortable stability shoe that’s very popular among those that need it. Price: $160

Buy Gaviota 3

Hoka Bondi 8

Hoka Bondi 8

The Hoka Bondi 8 is a ton of cushion and comfort. Think of it as a $20 upgrade to the Clifton 8 that maximizes the plush on foot feel that Hoka shoes are known for. Does anyone really need this much cushion or such a lux padded upper? Probably not, but it sure feels great on foot. Now, all that comfort comes with a price both in terms of dollars and weight. And we also don’t love the outsole rubber…but that’s not the point of this shoe. If what you want above all else is an insanely comfortable shoe, look no further. Read the full review. Price: $160

Buy Bondi 8 – Men Buy Bondi 8 – Women

Best Hoka Running Shoes – Now on Sale

Best Neutral Cushioned Hoka Running Shoe: Hoka Clifton 8

Hoka Clifton 8

The Hoka Clifton 8 is a pillowy soft, well-cushioned neutral running shoe that checks in at a competitive $140 price tag. This shoe is all about comfort. The upper and midsole are both plush. It’s also got a good amount of rubber coverage on the outsole for durability. You can put a lot of miles on them without your feet taking a pounding. It’s the Hoka running shoe that’s does everything and is best for most people. Price: $140

Buy Clifton 8 – Men Buy Clifton 8 – Women

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