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The 10+ Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards 2024

best basketball shoes for shooting guards

There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing a pair of basketball shoes. Brands release a myriad of different models every year, and they all have different performance features for different playing styles. So, a good way of finding basketball shoes that will work for you is by sorting through shoes that were designed to cater to your position on the court. To that end, in this article, we will go over the best basketball shoes for shooting guards.

Shooting guards usually share a lot of characteristics with point guards, with the peculiarity that they play off-ball. Basketball shoes for shooting guards will therefore have great traction to get you around screens and stop on a dime to get into your shot, a supportive upper to withstand changes of speed and direction, and responsive cushioning with a little extra impact protection, particularly in the heel.

With all this in mind, we have sifted through the hundreds of models we test each season and picked out the top sneaker models that excel in these aspects. So, with all that being said, let’s get right into the best basketball shoes for shooting guards.

We’ve already listed the best basketball shoes for point guards, the best basketball shoes for small forwards, the best basketball shoes for centers, and the best basketball shoes for power forwards. Now we’re going to dive into the best basketball shoes for shooting guards. I you are just looking for the best all-around basketball shoe, you can check out that list as well.

Updated: 02.16.2024

Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards Overall 2024

Best Basketball Shoe for Shooting Guards 2024

Nike Book 1

The Nike Book 1 will be an awesome hoop shoe for some people. If you like 90’s style basketball shoes, this is a no-brainer. The Book 1 has everything you could ask for in terms of simplicity of design, quality of materials, and no-frills on-court performance, AND, surprisingly, it will hold up really well outdoors. The Book 1 proves that lightweight textiles are more of a gimmick than a performance feature and they are widely used as a cost-cutting measure for companies and not to create better products for the consumer. They look good, they play good, and they just get the job done. End of story. Read full review. Price $140.

Total Score

Nike LeBron 21

The Nike LeBron 21 promises to be a beast on court. It can be described as a remix of the Nike LeBron 20, and that shoe was amazing, in particular, it is amazing for versatile positions like Shooting Guard. The cushioning traction and lockdown make it an excellent choice for gurds. Barring any unfortunate surprises, this will be one of the top models this year, one of the most universal, and one of the most comfortable on court, as well as an attainable Kobe substitute. Read the full review. Price: $200

Total Score

Nike KD 16

The Nike KD 16 is another great hoop shoe in Kevin Durant’s signature line. It is very different, however, from the Nike KD 15 (which was also an amazing hoop shoe), but we are happy to say, there haven’t been any downgrades. We have a new gear-shaped traction pattern etched into a translucent rubber sole, an excellent cushioning system that combines a cushlon midsole a large zoom unit in the forefoot, and an Air Stroble that covers the midfoot and heel. Lockdown and fit are also on point in the KD 16, making it an excellent option for shooting guards. Read the full review. Price: $160

Total Score

Nike GT Hustle 2

The Nike GT Hustle 2 is the successor to, and an enormous improvement on the Nike GT Run and might just be one of the better performance models we see this year. It is also somewhat of a niche performance model. The very low-profile cushioning system (which features a full-length Zoom Air strobel), the minimal support features, and the traction could make the Nike GT Hustle 2 one of the best guard shoes of the year. Read the full review. Price: $170

Total Score

Nike GT Cut 3

The Nike GT Cut 3 is a fun shoe. It’s bouncy, it’s agile, and it’s just one of those models that, as soon as you lace it up, makes you want to sprint up and down the court. The Zoom X does not disappoint, and Nike has done a very good job of implementing it into a basketball shoe. It’s soft and squishy, but by no means feels unstable or slow on court, making it a great option for guards in general, and it might just be the best GT Cut model to date. Read the full review. Price: $190

Total Score

Curry 11

The one weakness of all the Flow Curry models has been the cushioning. Not that it was bad in any way, but Flow for basketball has been dense and neutral feeling underfoot, making the shoes that feature it fairly niche items. With the new dual-density iteration of Flow in the Curry 11, that one weakness has been addressed. This shoe has everything you know and love from the Curry signature line, with softer, bouncier cushioning. Read the full review. Price: $160

Total Score
Buy Curry 11

Way of Wade 808 3

The Way of Wade 808 3 promises to be one of the best guard shoes for the third straight year. You’re getting a great, low profile, speedy cushioning setup, top-tier traction, and support features, and a versatile shoe that will work equally well indoors and outdoors, all for the very reasonable price of $119. Our recommendation is to go with the “normal” version instead of the Ultra version. Read the full review. Price: $119

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade 808 3

Puma MB 03

The Puma MB 03 might just be the best LaMelo signature shoe to date, which is saying something. In terms of on-court performance, the Puma MB 01 is hard to beat, but the MB 03 features better materials, and, in our opinion, a more refined and unique design, which might just clinch the W.

The Puma MB 03 has everything a shooting guard needs out of a basketball shoe: great traction, a wide and stable base, a well-balanced cushioning system, and a very nice and supportive fit. Read the full review. Price: $130

Total Score
Buy Puma MB 03

adidas Harden Vol 7

The adidas Harden Vol 7 is a near-perfect shoe for a shooting guard. The Vol 7 might look odd but it comes with really excellent traction, a luxurious cushioning setup, and elite support features. It is one of the best basketball shoes of the year, and it is great to finally have a plush adidas basketball shoe available. Read full reviewPrice: $180

Total Score
Buy adidas Harden Vol 7

Under Armour Curry 10

Steph Curry’s signature line is one of the most consistent signature lines out there, and the Curry 10 is another highlight.

The Curry 10’s stand-out feature is the cushioning/ traction system (also featured on the Curry 9): Under Armour’s Flow technology. Flow offers great impact protection and a seamless ride from heel to toe. The Flow foam acts as both the cushion and the traction, and both are superb. The Curry 10 also features an improved and more supportive upper called Warp 2.0. Read full review. Price: $160

Total Score
Buy Curry 10

adidas DON Issue 4

The adidas DON Issue 4 is a good shoe for those who love stability. The cushion is stiff, making it stable; a substantial shank plate and a broad base also contribute to its overall feel. The traction performed well on outdoor and outdoor settings despite being mostly translucent rubber. The upper is Jacquard, that’s both light and durable. Going true to size is recommended, though we advise bringing your orthotics, ankle braces, or other accessories if you try them on in-store. See the full review. Price: $120

Total Score
Buy adidas DON Issue 4

Li-Ning Wade 808 2

The Li-Ning Wade 808 2 brings back a technology we all loved: drop-in midsoles. They were most popular on various Nike Kobe models, the Nike LeBron 11, and the adidas Harden Vol 5. The drop-in for this pair is pure Cloud foam which is plush and comfortable. You can exchange it for the BOOM drop-in from the Li-Ning Wade 808 2 Ultra. It’s awesome when you can customize the cushion to your preferences. The upper is basic, but it will get the job done because it’s both lightweight and adequately supportive. See the full review.

Price: $119 $109

Total Score
Buy Li-Ning Wade 808 2

Puma TRC Blaze Court

The Puma TRC Blaze Court continues Puma’s resurgence into the performance basketball sneaker scene. The outsole looks and performs exceptionally. It’s mainly made of multi-directional lines with a herringbone pattern in critical places. The combination of Trinomic and ProFoam+ works well to offer impact protection and stability for both ends of the floor. If you haven’t tried Puma basketball, this is an excellent shoe. See the full review. Price: $120

Total Score
Buy Puma TRC Blaze Court

Puma Rise Nitro

The Puma Rise Nitro succeeds the could-have-been-better Puma Fusion Nitro, and it looks like Puma listened to the possible improvements we suggested. The outsole is not only beautiful in our eyes, but functional. Their torsional and spring plates are combined to create the ProPlate, similar to the one used in the Puma Clyde All-Pro. The midsole is full-length Nitro-infused foam, much like the Puma MB.01. Even with the struggle of getting to the laces, the fit is near perfect. See the full review. Price: $125

Total Score
Buy Puma Rise Nitro

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards 2024

Way of Wade All City 12

The Way of Wade All City 12 is a very solid all-around performance model with no real weak points, and several strong points. The full-length Boom cushioning is very well balanced, the multipurpose traction is excellent, and containment and support are top-notch as well. But what makes these a great pickup is the versatility factor.

The fact that they can handle any type of playing surface and that they will suit almost any position and playing style make the All City 12 stand out among other similarly priced basketball shoes. Read the full review. Price: $150

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade All City 12

Best Budget Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards 2024

nike air max impact 4 performance review

Nike Air Max Impact 4

Right off the bat, the Nike Air Max Impact 4 is absolutely the best budget model on the market today. The quality of the cushion setup, at the price, is awesome.

They’re incredibly soft and comfortable and feature an Air Max Unit in the heel. The upper is soft and needs no break-in time and you have a great feeling shoe. Support is terrific with two outriggers and the fit is wide-foot friendly. There’s really no other shoe under $100 that performs this well and this consistently. Read the full review. Price: $90

Total Score
Buy Nike Air Max Impact 4

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