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7 Best Slides 2024

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Why is having the best slides important? Ask any hooper, runner, or workout warrior. One of the best feelings in the world is, after a long game, run, or session, untying your shoes, ripping them off, removing your socks, and letting your feet breathe. It’s like scratching a bad itch or the first sip of an ice-cold beer after a long day of work. But, after removing your shoes and socks, you still have to leave the gym. Nobody wants to stick their feet back into a sweaty pair of sneakers. That’s where slides can save the day.

A good pair of slides is almost essential for anyone who plays sports semi-seriously. You need comfortable, breathable, slip-on footwear that’s just durable enough and attractive enough to get you from the gym to the car, or maybe in and out of Chipotle for a post-workout burrito.

Also, and this might be completely anecdotal, but in Europe (where I live), people who play competitively are not allowed to walk into a basketball gym from off the street with their basketball shoes on. The idea is that you could drag in dirt or pebbles from the street that will scratch the parquet floor and get it dirty. If I ever see someone walk in a gym with slides on and their shoes in their hands, I know they can hoop.

Slides are an essential piece of gear for any serious basketball player, runner, weightlifter, volleyball player, or pickleball player. For our curious team at WearTesters, this begs the question, which are the best slides? As always, at WearTesters, we’ll test products and figure it out.

A good pair of slides should be very comfortable, breathable, good-looking, and wearable for short periods in the real world doing normal activities. Let’s dive in and find out the best slides available.

Last updated 03.08.2024

7 Best Slides 2024 Overall

Best Overall

OOFOS Ooahh Slide

OOFOS is a HUGE improvement in cushioning and support over the majority of slides. The thick foam midsoles and molded arch support nicely cradle the foot after a run or basketball session. OOfoam is built to absorb impact and reduce loading while still keeping your feet supported — the perfect antidote to fatigued feet. Durability is also great. Read the full review. Price: $60

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Buy Oofos Ooahh Slide


Nike Victori One

The OG. Nike Victori One slides are the slides you think of when you think of slides. These slides feature a foam midsole which is comfortable underfoot and textured to add grip with your foot or sock. The strap is thick and fluffy and the sole is durable enough for casual use. One thing to keep in mind is that the spongy material of the strap will absorb humidity, so you don’t want to wear these at the pool or in the shower. Also, after long use the synthetic tumbled leather material that covers the strap will eventually crack and peel. Price: $35

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Hoka Ora Luxe

$80 is expensive for a slide, though if you need a supportive, plush sandal with some casual appeal you don’t have many other options. The Ariaprene canopy (a mesh and foam combo) is super comfy on the top of the foot. We do recommend buying any color except the white version to avoid the quick aging.

The Hoka Ora Luxe is more than a recovery slide and perfect for anyone looking for all-day comfort. It’s a pretty satisfying blend of cushion and support. The Ora Luxe is versatile and should last plenty long enough to justify paying a little more upfront. Read the full review. Price: $80

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Buy Men's Hoka Ora Luxe Buy Women's Hoka Ora Luxe


Yzy Foam Runners

If you remove the association with the individual, this slide would still be one of the most talked about today. Despite the awkwardly different look, the Foam RNR is one of the most comfortable slides to date. The advantage of having a “closed” slide is that your heel doesn’t fall back and touch/hit the ground and the Foam Runner is an absolute toe-stubbing protector.

An additional plus is the ease of comfort on feet before/after a long day of sports. They’re highly overpriced, awkwardly fashionable, questionably talked about, but 100% functional. Read the full review. Retail Price: $80

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Buy Yeezy Foam Runners

UA Flow Velociti Slides

UA Flow Velociti Slides

Let’s start with the main draw of the slides: Under Armour’s Flow technology. The same technology is found in the Curry models. If you like how Currys feel, you’ll like the Flow Velociti slides. They’re firm enough to have stability while walking off the court, especially with the exaggerated forefoot, but also cushioned enough to let your muscles and joints relax after they take a pounding.

The UA Flow Velociti Slides may be just a tad too firm for some, but it’s optimal to aid in recovery. These slides fit true to size for a regular foot shape but go up half a size if you’re a wide footer. The one main drawback is durability, especially if you walk a lot outside. While they last they’ll be one of the best slides you can own. Price: $50

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vrst slides

VRST Slides

Comfort and affordability. The VRST Molded Slides are one of those simple, one-piece EVA slides that offer a decent footbed. Underfoot is plush, but not too mushy as it bottoms out to a preferred balance of stability and absorption. They also mold well to your foot’s arch. For the price, multiple pairs are justifiable. Price: $34

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UA SlipSpeed Mega

Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega

This one isn’t really a slide but you can they have clog capabilities. If you love the two-mode concept, the Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega is the shoe for you. It helps if you don’t need a beastly gym shoe and spend a lot of time lounging around recovering. It’s the perfect shoe for a teenager playing high school sports or a professional athlete.

To be ok with the $140 price point you have to use the SlipSpeed Mega to replace both your gym shoes and your clogs. If you do that, the price is worth it. If not, you’ll have a hard time justifying the price versus usefulness trade-off. Read the full review. Price: $140

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Buy Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega
  1. I’m surprised there aren’t any (cloudfoam) Adilettes or Crocs on the list. Especially considering the price/performance balance.

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