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Latest adidas Shoe Reviews

adidas UltraBoost 5

The Adidas Ultra Boost 5 boasts a sleek lightweight design and the new and improved Light Boost midsole, which offers a less dense and more stable feel compared to previous iterations. The shoe features a durable Continental rubber outsole with improved grip and flexibility, and a breathable, adaptive Primeknit upper that incorporates recycled materials. Now, it is true that the Boost feels less “Boosty” which may disappoint long-time fans seeking the characteristic springiness of earlier versions. Additionally, the insole is basic and does not add significant comfort, potentially requiring replacement for those needing extra support. Price $180.

adidas Supernova Prima

adidas Supernova Prima

The adidas Supernova Prima puts together all the best parts of the existing Supernova line and then adds some extra oomph and slight tweaks to take the shoe to the next level. Dreamstrike+ is a great foam and the support rods are helpful without getting in the way. Sure there are some minor quibbles with fit but otherwise this is a very good shoe. The Supernova Prima is also the best Supernova and one of the best adidas running shoes. Read full review. Price $160.

adidas Harden Vol. 8

adidas has created a more than worthy successor to their best basketball shoe in yearsthe Harden Vol 7. In terms of performance, the Harden Vol 8 should be equally as effective on court as the Vol 7. But, that’s just half of the story. In terms of overall design and overall build, the Harden Vol 8 maintained a common design language with the Harden Vol 7 while at the same time improving and refining several aspects. This is, admittedly, an odd-looking basketball shoe, but at the same time, it stands out. Truly memorable basketball shoes perform great and look different, and the Harden Vol 8 does just that. Read full review. Price $160.

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adidas Crazyflight featured image

Adidas Crazyflight

The adidas Crazyflight seems to be a staple in the volleyball world. Adidas can do better than this. They got everything right except for the cushion, but in a sport that involves max jumps on every point, that’s too important to ignore. Or rating for this shoe is a little odd because it scores well in so many features, but the cushion scores so low, that it ends up with a pretty middle-of-the-pack score. If you’re a libero, these could work for you (although there are still better options if you aren’t worried about cushioning). For any other position, the cushion is just too important to ignore for the sake of your knees and your future mobility. Read full review. Price $140.

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adidas adiZero Select 2.0

The Adidas addZ Select 2.0 exhibits several strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, its lightweight construction offers impressive support despite its lightness, making it suitable for quick movements on the basketball court. The traction pattern, reminiscent of the Adidas Dame 4, provides excellent grip indoors, with minimal wiping needed. Additionally, the shoe boasts a stable base and wide platform, enhancing stability during gameplay. The tongue design, featuring pillows for comfort and breathability, is also noteworthy. However, the Light Strike cushioning, while comfortable, lacks the responsiveness and bounce some players may prefer, and the fit can feel a bit roomy, requiring potential buyers to consider going half a size down. The materials, although lightweight and comfortable, may cause some discomfort around the toe area and the lack of a heel clip is noted as a missed opportunity for additional support. Despite these drawbacks, the Adidas addZ Select 2.0 remains a viable option for those seeking a lightweight basketball shoe with solid performance characteristics. $110



This version of the adidas Rivalry 86 is just… cool. The silhouette of this model is classic and sleek on its own, but in this rendition you get elevated materials, Real Madrid details all over, and the shoe has the magical ability to shift from off-white to a regal purple. That is as cool as it gets.

The shoe tastefully avoids becoming a gimmick and just feels like an awesome off-court model and, if you are a Real Madrid fan, a must-cop. Read the full review. Price: $130

adidas AE 1

adidas has been having a bit of a resurgence in the performance basketball market. The Harden Vol 7 was fantastic, the Trae Young 3 was very solid, and now we have the AE 1 which is a top-tier basketball shoe and one of the best first signature shoes we have ever seen. The AE 1 might end up being the best overall basketball shoe of 2024, but even if it doesn’t end up at that level, it’s an excellent shoe..

IIt is a slightly heavy shoe and fits a tad bit long, but all in all, these will be hard to beat, especially if you take the shoe’s price ($120) into consideration. If the freaky design doesn’t weird you out and you are jonesing for a good pair of adidas basketball shoes to play in, the AE 1 should be at the top of your list. Price: $120

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Fear of God Athletics 1 Basketball adidas

The Fear of God Athletics 1 Basketball adidas is technically a performance basketball shoe, but we do not suggest trying to hoop in this shoe. Not only because it’s a super expensive shoe, but because it is a very stiff and tight. They look ok though. Price: $250

adidas Crazy 8 2023

adidas Crazy 8 2023
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The adidas Crazy 8 2023 was released back in 1998 and was Kobe Bryant’s first signature shoe in the NBA, and was the shoe he wore during his first All-Star Game. This version of the shoe is much better than the original in terms of materials, and practically the same in terms of performance.

In this version, we have nice, pre-aged non-synthetic nubuck and leather which is much better than the original synthetics. It would have been nice to see other upgrades made in the shoe to boost performance, but, maybe next time. Price: $140

adidas Trae Young 3

trae young 3 review
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The adidas Trae Young 3 is a massive improvement in regards to Trae Young 2. It’s a quick, light, reactive, and grippy shoe that also boasts top-tier lockdown and stability. This makes it a very solid performance basketball shoe, but it also makes it one of those shoes that just won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. If you are an agile, springy player who doesn’t require much impact protection and enjoys a fast and secure ride on court, all packaged in a pretty outlandish design, the Trae Young 3 will be perfect for you. Read the full review. Price: $140

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adidas EQT Top Ten 2010

adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 Retro
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The adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 was Kobe Bryant’s first shoe in the NBA back when he joined the league in 1996. Kobe played in both this version of the shoe and a primarily black version as well. This retro release packs all the original features of the shoe. They are equipped with a beefy traction system with a herringbone traction pattern. If you are accustomed to more modern performance basketball shoes, this setup will probably feel bottom-heavy and clunky, but aside from that it should perform well on the court, particularly outdoors. In terms of cushion, we have an EVA midsole with an Adiprene crashpad in the heel. The shoe also features a very substantial torsional plate, and the materials on the shoe are surprisingly great. The shoes fit slightly long so you will probably want to try these on in-store or go down half a size for a perfect 1 to 1 fit. Price: $140

adidas Harden Vol 7

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The adidas Harden Vol 7 may look slightly weird but it feels great on foot, and performs beautifully on court. It is one of those shoes that definitely has that “wow” factor from the first time you lace them up. The Harden Vol 7 packs an impressive array of performance features.

With the Harden Vol 7 you get some really nice plush cushioning that combines Lightstrike in the forefoot and Boost (and it is the Boost we all know and love) in the heel. The Harden Vol 7 has great traction that combines solid and translucent rubber and herringbone and radial traction patterns. Finally! a plush adidas basketball shoe. Read full reviewPrice: $180

adidas Samba OG

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This shoe was originally released in 1949 and it has become one of the most popular models in 2023. This shoe was originally designed as a soccer shoe. The reason it doesn’t feature cleats is that it was intended to be used on frozen ground so athletes could play and train during the winter months. Over the years, it became more of an indoor soccer model. Tech-wise, there really much in this shoe, but the materials and build are great. They fit true to size so go with whatever size you usually wear with adidas. Price $113 

adidas Centennial 85

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The adidas Centennial 85 is easily the best 80’s retro sneaker that is currently available (2023), and could well have been Michael Jordan’s 1st signature shoe if he had signed with adidas back in 1984. This shoe features amazing premium materials, and this is something adidas has been taking really good care of with their most recent retro releases. There are high-top and low-top options of the shoe, and in our opinion, the low tops are just amazing. The adidas Centennial fits true to size but the high top fits slightly bigger and the low top has a better 1 to 1 fit. Price: $140

adidas Dame Certified

adidas dame certified
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The adidas Dame Certified is Damian Lillard’s latest budget signature shoe, and a very decent performance model (especially outdoors). The Dame Certified comes with full-length boost cushioning, a durable solid rubber outsole with a grippy wave bone traction pattern, and a well-built layered upper. The materials are all cheap and synthetic but they make the shoe feel way more premium in hand than it really is. Containment and support are also on point and the shoe fits true to size. Read full review. Retail price: $95

Top adidas Models

Top adidas Basketball Shoe

adidas Harden Vol 7

The Harden Vol 7 is easily adidas’ best basketball shoe right now and one of the best basketball shoes of the year. The Harden Vol 7 features really nice plush cushioning that combines Lightstrike in the forefoot and Boost (OG Boost) in the heel. Traction is also excellent and combines solid and translucent rubber and herringbone and radial traction patterns. Read full reviewPrice: $180

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Top adidas Training Shoe

adidas mahomes 1

adidas Mahomes 1 Impact FLX

The adidas Mahomes 1 Impact FLX is Patrick Mahomes’ first signature shoe with adidas, and it’s a banger. The outsole is reminiscent of Feet You Wear, which supposedly helps your feet move naturally unlike other training shoes.

The midsole is comprised of their propriety EVA foam with caged Boost. There’s also a torsional support system for additional peace of mind while training. See the full review. Price: $130

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Top adidas Running Shoe

adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

The adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 offers a smooth and bouncy ride for long-distance or marathon race days. The rocker is improved from previous versions with a sharper toe angle and improved carbon fiber energy rods that make the shoe feel faster and bouncier. Breathability is excellent, the outsole grips every surface very well, and, due to a widened base, stability is great for a race day shoe. See the full review. Fit: Typical adidas, Drop: 6.5mm, Price $250

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Top adidas Lifestyle Shoe

adidas Centennial

As we said before on this page ,the adidas Centennial 85 is easily the best 80’s retro sneaker that is currently available (2023). This shoe is super sleek and attractive and features amazing premium materials, and this is something adidas has been taking really good care of with their most recent retro releases. Price: $140

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adidas Athletes

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History of adidas

Adidas is a German shoe and sportswear brand founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach. Adidas is the largest sportswear brand and manufacturer in Europe, and the second-largest in the world, behind Nike. 

The adidas Group currently owns Reebok, the iconic sportswear company, a small ownership stake in the German football club Bayern Munich, and Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology company. 

The company was founded by Adolf Dassler and originally operated out of his mother’s house. Adolf’s older brother Rudolf joined him in 1924 and the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was born.

Dassler assisted in the creation of spiked running shoes and switched out the traditional metal spikes for rubber, making the shoe lighter and better suited for competition. Dassler actually convinced the great Jesse Owens to use his shoes during the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Then, in 1949, the two brothers had a falling-out and Rudolf left the company. Rudolf would go on to create another shoe brand you might have heard of: Puma. Adolf would end up changing the company’s name to adidas and the brothers would continue their feud for the rest of their lives. 

The adidas logo which consists of three stripes was actually purchased in 1952 from a Finnish sports company by the name of Karhu Sports for the equivalent of $1,897 euros and two bottles of whiskey. Awesome!