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Best Mizuno Running Shoes

Best Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1906. Mizuno started with sportswear, baseball shoes, and baseball gloves before making their first Track and Field focused shoes in 1928. In 1997, Mizuno launched the original Wave Rider. The Wave technology still plays a large part in Mizuno’s running shoes to this day. You’ll likely see it appear below in our ever-updating list of the best Mizuno Running Shoes.

This list does not include all of our Mizuno running shoe reviews – just the best ones. If you want to see more, you can check out all our running shoe reviews here or all of our Mizuno running shoe reviews here.

All the shoes mentioned in our Best Mizuno Running Shoes list are at the top of their respective category within the brand. We tried to make it easy to find the categories that are most important to you. Just click the category you want to read in the table of contents, and you’ll quickly see what we have to say about the best shoe from that category.

Updated: 05.02.2024

Best All Around Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Rider 26

Mizuno Wave Rider 27

The Mizuno Wave Rider 27 delivers the feel of Mizuno Wave technology but improves both the comfort and ride over previous editions. The simple engineered mesh upper molds nicely to the foot, the Enerzy foam can handle 8-10 miles at a time, and the shoe rolls nicely from heel to forefoot. While the outsole wears quicker than most Mizuno models, there’s still plenty of rubber to maintain great traction for a long time. Could it use a little more cushion to really fit in with today’s higher-stack competition? Sure. But the cushion it does have performs well and provides long-lasting on-foot comfort.

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 12mm, Price: $140

Total Score
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Best Speedy Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 is your best bet for a speed day shoe from the current Mizuno lineup and it can fill the daily trainer role pretty well too. It feels light on foot but still packs a ton of rubber on the outsole. That outsole, in typical Mizuno fashion, hardly shows wear and is ready for the long haul. The fairly standard mesh upper is minimal and breathable but still comfy.

Underfoot the Mizuno Enerzy Lite and Glass Fiber Infused Nylon Wave plate make the shoe feel poppy. The heel cutaway takes some getting used to but as long as you’re not a heavy heel striker, the aggressive Mizuno geometry will pay dividends as the pace increases. The stability is also solid with the layer of firmer Enerzy foam beneath the plate.

The Wave Rebellion Flash 2 is also a good option for flat footers who don’t want much of an arch and wide footers who enjoy the Mizuno midsole geometry.

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 1mm, Price: $170

Total Score
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Best Marathon Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2

After returning to the marathon racing shoe arena with the Wave Rebellion Pro, Mizuno’s Wave Rebellion Pro 2 refines the concept while still maintaining the fun factor and aggressive geometry of the original. The Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is the most aggressive super shoe on the market (edging out the Puma Fast-R 2). The midsole is cut into a supercharged rocker shape without much of a heel. This shape puts you on your midfoot/forefoot more than any other shoe. Because of that, the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 demands better running form and you may feel some accompanying soreness as you break it in. But once you get the hang of it, the bounce is elite. Every step feels like you’re getting a ton of energy return.

The upper is comfy but made of basic engineered mesh so it’s nothing special. Mizuno solved the sizing issues from the first version and the Pro 2 fits true to size. And you may be thinking a shoe this tall will feel unstable…but you’d be wrong. You can take corners fast in the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 because the G3 outsole grips everything and the upper locks your foot onto the footbed. Mizuno nailed it with this one.

Fits: True to size, Drop: 2mm, Price: $250

Total Score
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Best Stability Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 Featured

Mizuno Wave Inspire 20

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 20 is an extremely versatile, moderately priced stability shoe. The stability features aren’t overwhelming so they do the job without feeling oppressive. And while the laces are ridiculously long, that’s our only (minor) gripe. The ground feel is great while still delivering a solid amount of cushion. And the lockdown was near perfect. Think of the Wave Inspire 20 as a great daily trainer with extra stability thrown in for good measure.

Fit: True to size, Drop: 12mm, Price: $140

Total Score
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Best Mizuno Running Shoes – Honorable Mention

Mizuno Wave Sky 6

Mizuno Wave Sky 7

The Mizuno Wave Sky 7 looks awesome and packs a nicely accommodating and comfortable stretch woven upper. It’s also a well-cushioned and super-durable shoe. That said, it’s heavy, too expensive, and can have a slightly clunky ride for some people. If you can find the Wave Sky 6 or 7 on sale, and the weight doesn’t bother you, you’ll have found a long-lasting, super comfortable daily running shoe. Read the full review.

Fits: True to Size, Drop: 8mm, Price: $170

Total Score
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Mizuno Wave Neo Ultra

Mizuno Wave Neo Ultra

The Mizuno Wave Neo Ultra is a sustainability-focused, well-rounded daily running shoe that’s priced a little too high. It’s a little heavy with a collar height that isn’t for everyone, but the comfortable knit upper tops a buffet of Mizuno’s best foams. It’s Mizuno’s plushest shoe but can still pick up the pace when needed. It’s definitely worth grabbing if you can find a good sale. Read the full review. 

Fit: True to Size, Drop: 8mm, Price: $250

Total Score
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