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8 Best Puma Basketball Shoes

Best Puma Basketball Shoes

Puma basketball shoes have been on the rise in recent years. Puma reintroduced itself into the performance basketball market in 2019 with the release of the Puma Clyde Hardwood, which was a great first offering from the brand. Puma also signed some top-notch talent to the brand including DeAndre Ayton, Michael Porter Jr. and Terry Rozier, but when they landed LaMelo Ball, the world started to take notice. At this point, the brand has started to produce some excellent products and several Puma basketball shoes have already made it onto our Best Basketball Shoes list.

Though the brand was quiet for a long time, at least in the basketball space, we’re glad that they’re finding their stride again. Whenever we have more competitors in the footwear space, it usually means better and more options for everyone. We’re all here for it. With that, check out our list of the Best Puma Basketball Shoes that you can buy right now.

Last updated 05.18.2022

Best Puma Basketball Shoes Overall

puma mb.01

Puma MB.01

The Puma MB.01 is a great start for a signature line. LaMelo Ball has been absolutely killing it since his rookie season and his first sneaker is right in line. There’s a reason why Chris included it in his Best Basketball Shoes of 2021 list.

Traction was solid for the most part even on dustier floors. Cushion started out a bit stiff but felt nice when broken in. The shoe is overall supportive as well, so there’s no need to worry when you’re playing. We’re glad that the brand has again come up with another solid basketball shoe. Read the full review. Price: $125

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Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low

Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low

The Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low is the more nimble and mobile version of the much bulkier and heavier high cut one, and features the same tooling from the original Puma Clyde All Pro. On top of that you get some nice old school materials along the upper. Not bad at all. You still get all that comfort, impact protection, and smoothness from the tooling. The traction will also grip while it lasts and it’ll last a good while. Read the full review. Price: $130

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Best Puma Basketball Shoes: Puma Court Rider

Puma Court Rider

The Puma Court Rider was the shoe that LaMelo Ball was using before he got his own signature sneaker. The traction pattern is literally made up of “Puma” and is a bit wave-y. The brand chose to use their Rider foam for the midsole which feels firm and low-to-the-ground right off the bat, much like a Kyrie sneaker. Materials are a mixture of synthetics that are overlaid on top of each other. Most would want to go true to size. Read the full review. Price: $100

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Best Puma Basketball Shoes: Puma RS Dreamer 2

Puma RS Dreamer 2

The Puma RS Dreamer 2 is basically the Puma RS Dreamer but in high-top form. The traction pattern is inspired by a feather and it may look like it isn’t going to perform well, but it surprisingly did. The build is mainly mesh but they’ve added some suede, synthetic leather, and fuse overlays to give the shoe some more depth. Cushion was on the firmer side of things, which provides a lot of stability. Fit and support are standard and work. J. Cole did well with his second shoe. Read the full review. Price: $130

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Best Puma Basketball Shoes: Puma Fusion Nitro

Puma Fusion Nitro

The Puma Fusion Nitro is the follow-up to the great Puma Clyde All-Pro, the best basketball shoe of 2020. However, it didn’t live up to expectations. The redeeming qualities would be the traction and cushion. Traction gripped well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The cushion is a caged version of the brand’s premium Nitro foam and it’s very comfortable. The rest of the shoe just doesn’t work well together with the traction and cushion. It makes for an unsupportive shoe but we’ve heard a version addressing these weak points is on the way. Read the full review. Price: $130

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Best Puma Basketball Shoes: Puma Triple

Puma Triple

The Puma Triple is a new budget model from the brand and has an interesting build. With a price point identical to that of the Nike Giannis Immortality, things are pretty similar here. The front half of the shoe features a textile base while the heel to the midfoot features synthetic overlays. For the cushioning, the brand opted for their ProFoam. It’s still quite minimal and not the best if you’re looking for impact protection for long hours of play. However, it isn’t terrible and you still get compression here and there. Price: $80

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Best Puma Basketball Shoes for Outdoor

Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low

Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low

The Puma Clyde All Pro Kuzma Low gets another mention on our list, this time as an outdoor option, because of it’s updated upper. The Kuzma version is slightly better than the Puma Clyde All Pro for outdoor use thanks to the more durable raw materials on the upper. On top of that, the outsole’s rubber, and the shoe’s traction pattern are beefy enough to withstand outdoor play. Try them out. Read the full review. Price: $130

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puma rs dreamer no background

Puma RS Dreamer

The Puma RS Dreamer is J. Cole’s first ever signature basketball shoe. While it is quite interesting to see a rapper get one, the performance cannot be questioned. This makes a good outdoor option for two reasons. One, the traction. The rubber is tacky and will grip any blacktop or concrete you choose to play in. Second, the materials. The base layer is mesh, which provides breathability, but the overlays are raw materials which add to durability. Read the full review. Price: $125

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