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adidas D Rose 5 – Performance Review

This Rose needs time to blossom.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 1Traction: The Rose 5 features a traction pattern that visually doesn’t look impressive, yet on court the traction is exceptional. When dust is present wipes are necessary, but it isn’t enough to be a obnoxious, and with just a wipe or two and you’ll hear your Rose 5 squeaking on the hardwood dusty or not for supreme traction.



adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 2Cushion: Everyone has been waiting for a full-length Boost foam setup on a basketball model, and adidas supplies our demand with the Rose 5. The Boost foam used here is more on the firm side when compared to most Boost running models (especially Boost lifestyle models I.E. adidas Pure Boost). This is for the better as Boost is far to unstable for the basketball court and this firm setup provides stability without sacrificing too much responsiveness and bounce Boost is known for. When applying pressure on hard cuts, long strides, and jumps, the cushion set up is at its best as the Boost foam activates in a sense allowing you to feel that bounce back a lot more. This cushion setup up is more catered towards quick players who prefer good court feel and a responsive ride. Overall while not what most people are expecting with a full-length Boost foam setup, adidas has a really nice building block here to improve on in future models.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 4Materials: Different materials can be found on other colorways of the Rose 5, but for the sake of this review we will only be covering the materials found on this colorway (L-Train/Brenda). The synthetic upper adidas opted to go with on this colorway and many others is a weak spot of the Rose 5 in my opinion. While extremely durable, aesthetically this synthetic is disappointing as scrapes and scratches visually show after only a few hours of play. The overall stiffness of the upper paired with the dead space featured in the toe box area make for some uncomfortable moments as my foot would frequently slam into the toe box, having a nice soft upper would have definitely helped with this problem. Overall I was pretty disappointed with the upper on this colorway, but I am hoping that different colorways offer more pliable and comfortable materials.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 5Fit: The Rose line has always featured top of its class fit, and the Rose 5 continues this string of excellence. Although the fit in the toe box does have some dead space comparable to the Kobe 9 Elite, lacing up to the last eyelet helps contain your foot from sliding into the toe box, it may be uncomfortable as the ankle pods will jam into your ankle, but after a few hours of break in time the ankle area will mold to your personal anatomy. We at WearTesters have heard comments of the EVA fit cage stabbing the lateral forefoot but I didn’t experience this problem. With that in mind the overall fit on the Rose 5 is great, but my advice is to try on the Rose 5 in-store to ensure the best fit for you, but if you can’t try on the Rose 5 in-store going true to size is your best bet.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 3Ventilation: While the sprint frame adds lightweight stability, it also provides a little breathability. The overall ventilation of the Rose 5 is enough to prevent hot spots, but nothing crazy like the early installments of the CrazyLight series. Again a variety of materials featured on different colorways may offer more breathability, or less, but as the Rose 5 sits right now it gives you the necessary ventilation you need to be comfortable on court.



adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 6Support: If could describe this shoe in one word, it would be secure. The overall fit/lockdown was tremendous thanks to the fit frame, and the firm Boost foam provides a stable ride that still supplied great impact protection. The TPU X-Bar provides torsional support and extra spring back during strides, and a TPU heel counter does its job keeping you locked in during play. Overall the Rose 5 has great support that will never leave you wanting more, or less.



adidas Rose 5 - Performance Review-1

Overall: Disappointed isn’t the word I would use to describe the Rose 5, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. As it sits right now, the Rose 5 is a great building block for future models. Materials and fit need some work, but the cushion setup up and support are both excellent and the Boost foam is only going to get better in the near future. Will it crack my top 5 of the year? Not this colorway thanks to its stiff synthetic upper, but I am interested to experience different materials that can hopefully remedy some of my issues with the rose 5. Overall if you want to experience Boost foam on the hardwood, the Rose 5 is a great pick up, but not a must cop for every baller.

You can pick up the adidas Rose 5 from adidas and adidas Basketball retailers such as Foot Locker & Finish Line.

adidas rose 5 score card

    1. I like this boost setup slightly more, its more fluid as its full-length and the KD7 uses Max Air and Zoom. I prefer the fluidity and cohesion of one type of cushion as apposed to fusing two together.

  1. ^ kd 7 has a slight edge imo. But I love the
    Consistent feel of the boost setup . Really feel that they made a nice blend of stability and cushioning . Running shoes boost was too soft for bball. Upper doesn’t bother me at all .
    Nice review fair review jarron!

  2. I just wish that they tried more so to create a firm carrier for stability and then allowed boost to really be…boost. Let the carrier provide the rigidity and form of the shoe but place the good stuff below my feet. I tried these on in store and wasn’t too impressed with the cushion but then again, I NEED plush but responsive cushion.

    1. Great comment and idea isn’t this what nike did with lunarlon as it is phylon carrier with cushlon. In fact the Adidas designers will probably implement this with 5.5

  3. Wow I don’t understand all of the negative feelings about the boost in this shoe. I think it is A++ and I like it more than Jordan flight plate on the XX8.

    1. I don’t think anyone has said anything negative about the Boost. We’ve only stated the truth on what we feel… its not the best system out there, especially not when it CAN be and should be the best system out there. Like Jarron stated, this is a great start to build off from. Critiques are not negative though, we do so constructively and I feel we make that pretty obvious.

      Now, if you love it then that’s awesome. We only speak from the point where we’ve personally used all forms of Boost, from the runners to their casual counterparts… and this is the weakest implementation of the cushion.

      1. I have to agree and this is my feeling as well. I love Boost but there are better iterations of the Boost compared to the ones on the Rose.

        I believe Adidas would implement new designs on how to take advantage or make Boost more responsive and beneficial for basketball. even the RG3 Boosts felt better for some reason.

        who knows Adidas might make a Boost and Adiprene+ hybrid. whether it is a forefoot Adiprene+ and Heel Boost, a segmented Adiprene+ Boost forefoot or a top-loaded adiprene+ Boost forefoot. there are a lot of possibilities. in fact, some Boost Runners already have some formotion implemented on them.

    1. They should hold up fine, the outsole isn’t extremely durable but its getting harder and harder to find durable outsoles for outdoor use anyways. Everything else should hold up great outdoors.

      1. Got a question that I don’t think I’ve asked before – If they made the outsoles on a lot of these new performance models more durable for outdoor use, would it affect their indoor performance a lot, or only just a little bit?

        Another example, the same pattern with a harder rubber, would that perform much worse indoors?

        1. durable outsoles are less elastic than soft ones. you get more mileage at the expense of grip.

          if you are a racing advocate, it follows the same concept. super-soft, soft, medium, hard, etc… HARD being the equivalent of XDR outsole. I’d say the Rose 5 are Medium-Soft compound.

          point is, Soft = best grip on any surface. Hard – best mileage on any surface.

        2. Durability is based on rubber hardness and the thickness of the grooves. I hope people have figured out the simple math behind that equation.

          As far as actual performance, science tells me that harder rubber doesn’t bite the floor as good.

          Put it this way (for performance, NOT durability): The softer the rubber, the more friction there is to the ground. The flatter the grooves, the more place there is for dust to collect. Dust makes it harder for the rubber to make contact with the court.

          I mean there are a few exceptions. The 28 had some pretty hard rubber, but the way that the traction pattern is cut out didn’t give dust a place to build up, thus resulting in really good traction.

          To answer your question: I think a harder rubber on the SAME EXACT traction pattern will negatively affect indoor traction, but it’s probably gonna be so negligible that it’s most likely gonna be tough to notice. It won’t bite as hard, but the dust collection will be the same. For example, if the CP3.6 had a harder rubber, I don’t think many people will notice a difference.

          That’s just me using science to explain things. That’s what it sounds like in theory, but you will never know for sure until it’s tested.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that there are two different types of this shoe?

    One has an extra overlay on the upper, and a higher Achilles area and a pull tab, while this one in this review doesnt.

    Would these effect performance?

    1. No change in performance. Same exact tooling and lacing system. Maybe slightly different ventilation, but that’s it. Minor aesthetic changes doesn’t affect performance.

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