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adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review

D Rose has returned… and his kicks play just as good as he does.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 2

Traction – We’ve been in similar situations with this style of traction – adidas Crazyquick & Rose 773 II – but this rendition is better than the rest. It works beautifully on most court conditions – you will need to periodically wipe if the floor is really dusty – and you can rock these on outdoor courts without worry of burning through the traction in a matter of hours. Pure Motion is wonderful, I feel like I say this every time I use it but its true… I love how it feels. As a Guard, if you enjoy a shoe that offers you unlimited and unrestricted motion then there is no better than adidas’ Next Gen PureMotion. It just makes playing the game fun… which is what it should be.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 3

Cushion – Still a fairly minimal setup overall but it sits slightly higher than the Crazyquick/ Rose 773 II. You wont lose court feel due to the increased thickness and they ride a bit more comfortable overall. The midsole itself is adidas’ traditional EVA while the heel features an adiPrene crash pad. This crash pad is decent but not really necessary… I would have liked to have seen adiPrene used throughout or not used at all. Boost would’ve been even better but we’ll just have to wait for the Rose 5 to see if it’s used. Like I said above, I love how the PureMotion feels and plays so this setup isn’t an issue for me at all. Those that are new to a minimal setup should enjoy them as well since you aren’t riding quite as low as your would in the Crazyquick.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 4

Material – I dislike the upper overall in terms of feel but in terms of performance… it works great. There is a small break-in period and each wear after being broken in makes them feel better and better. Its been durable so far and has retained its shape perfectly fine so I can’t complain too much. I would have just preferred something similar to what we were given with the Rose 3 but it is what it is.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 5

Fit – They fit true to size and there is no pinching from the SprintFrame since they’ve removed the sidewalls that would cup the foot a bit… finally! Lockdown is incredible and the heel’s GeoFit section is awesome. Once you lace up then all you have to worry about is the game itself, the shoe takes care of itself. If I could sum up the overall fit in one word… “containment”.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 6

Ventilation – The ventilation is decent. Not too far off from the D Rose 3. This material (plastic type material) isn’t as breathable as the synthetic leathers they used last year but its still not anything to really complain about.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 7

Support – Overall support is great. SprintFrame is excellent and supportive – as usual – while the materials (while I don’t like how they feel) keep the foot extremely contained and the PureMotion adds a stable platform to work with. Very well rounded in terms of support without adding restriction.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 1

Overall – Wasn’t too thrilled with playing in a shoe that was so similarly setup to adidas’ other most recent models but I did really enjoy the small tweaks that you can’t really see but can feel. Removing the sidewalls of the SprintFrame was the best tweak while the modified traction was another bonus. I would have been fine with a lower profile setup but I also loved the slight increase in cushion with these… the adiPrene though, not needed… should have just given us an insole made of adiPrene instead. Would have made more sense than a tiny crash pad. With that being said… I really loved playing in them. They are probably one of the best performance models from the Rose line so far… even though they got the materials right with the 3 vs. these. Side note that should be noted… price went from $160 (D Rose 3) to $140 (D Rose 4)… high five for that, adidas… high five.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review 8

  1. Not a fan of all new so lonlgy awaited products for this season (KD 6 , Lebron 11, Rose4 ) And this review (great as always NW) was just the thing i needed for tellin’ me to buy Kobe 8’s Elites. I have played in 8’s sulfur and loved the Lunarlon responsivness. So now i will just put Lunarlon insters into Kobe ELITES and i can wait for the Kobe 9’s – if they will ever made better shoe that Kobe 8 ELITES full Lunarlon.

  2. Well D Rose is NOT playing well so..I agree with your title. He won’t ever be the same. Should not have warn the Crazy Light that day. The Kobe VIIIs are horrible. Stop with good teviews on them. Too big of a toe box, NO shoe should ever be a LOW in basketball, and it has HARD materials. Feel the upper inside the shoe. Horrible design..oh..notice what shoe Kobe was wearing when he was injured..hmm….D Rose no Ankle support similarity? Causes foot over suppination leading to an over-stressing of the achilles. I don’t feel safe playing in them. Did for a month. Getting back to the D Rose 4…I thoughy it was a toy model of a shoe in the store. (Hyperdunks as well) Both hard plasticy feeling shoes. That cushion is a joke on the D Rose 4. You can tell they did everything to lighten it and it feels cheap and they forgot. ..HUMANS actuslly have to WEAR the shoe! Thanks Adidas. Still the XX8 and Super.Fly 2 are by far the best shoes for basketball…followed by the Lebron XI..which is a hybrid for some reason between a guard’s and a BIG man’s shoe. Thats why Lebron is having trouble..he needs a large toe box.

    1. horrible ? Dude you even play ball ? stop with the nonsens. I get all thats stuff with his injury- it was accident. Why didnt he get hurt from Kobe 5’s till now. All were lows. Stop with BS

    2. All I have to say is that you are retarded as f. Horrible? Then why does everybody say it’s good? You are the only one I have seen so far that think they are HORRIBLE. Certainly if they are THAT bad, at least a small group of people would point it out. And basketball shoes don’t have to be mid or high depending on how they’re set up; I think Nike knows more than an idiot like you simply thinking lows are a no no.

    3. Dude you are all nonsense, you don’. Even have proof to back up your claim. A lot of basketball players wear lows and majority of them dont get injured. So if that’s all youre gonna talk about in here, please just leave, everyone thinks you are a fool.

    4. hahah, way to check the temperature of the Blog site. All are a little heated. Could not Agree more that HuperDunks blow Rhino balls since they were invented and the Hyperize were banned by the Detroit Pisons due to multiple injuries that hapened due to the kicks lack of support. I would not go to the deep end of the pool and say that Low Lows are Sofa King We Tod Ed. BBoy Bryant got this ring rockin the 4 & 5. Youngbloods must keep things some what Hospitable in the KOC. in the last 6 years not including this year because there are much better shoes besides the latest and greeatest no CP3 allowed. whats that top 5 like.

    5. I could say a lot of things to prove how ignorant you are but to put it simply, don’t buy the shoe if you don’t like it… No one wants to hear you complaining

    6. I have the d rose 4 and they do not look or feel cheap. Even the hyperdunks! If you have issues with low top bball shoes, just simply put on ankle pads.

  3. in yur opinion do u like puremotion flexibility more than UA spawn anatomic flexibility and the jordan xx8 decupled heel and forefoot felxibility. or are they all too differrent

    1. I like the Spawn and PureMotion flex equally and if that were coupled with the XX8’s decoupled heel and forefoot then they’d be nothing short of amazing. If you dont try out the XX8 then you’ll never know what its like to have a shoe that isnt restricting itself with its own midsole. The PureMotion/ Spawn setup helps the situation a ton but having your forefoot free to move anywhere without the heel being directly attached is very close to being barefoot.

      1. man too bad you missed out on the rose 1.0 and 1.5. the puremotion tooling they used on the rose 1 series are decoupled, same setup with jordan XX8. great range of motion, no restricted movement at all and also add the low riding, natural movement of the OG puremotion then you have an insane performer. IMO they are truly the real barefoot experience. hope you could still find a pair and do a performance review.

        1. Great review nightwing and hype is right.. the rose 1.0 and 1.5 was decoupled along with the puremotion tooling and damn that was awesome.. I hope you can find a pair online or something because they are fantastic

      2. If people were legit on shoe functionality Puremotion Adidas, Under Armour Spawns. Despite Nike and Jordan’s amazing sales, this is about Adi foams, U A amazing foam- is a far superior product maybe some of the top Jordans and top Lebron’s but we’r talking half the price on a retail basis. Adi and U.A. is bringing the competition.

  4. So, are these really under rated? Because I know how much you like them. I am still debating between a second pair of lebrons or these around Christmas time.

  5. Is there any major reason why you ranked the cp3.vii over the rose 4 in your personal list. Is it just because cp3’s have better materials or cp3’s have better cushion?

    1. I like the materials and padding on the CP3 more. Those were built similar to 90’s shoes which is what I personally prefer to play in. Shoe performed well too so that doesnt hurt.

      1. I see, also what’s the best shoe to play with on a dusty floor? I noticed that not all shoes that have a perfect score in traction aren’t too great on dusty floors. So far I know the cp3.vi ae, air jordan xx8, kobe 8, and the penny v so far. Are there any others?

  6. Great stuff as always NW. I’m injured and won’t be playing for a few months, so I haven’t tested the Rose 4. My question: how does the cushioning compare to the Rose 3? I thought the cushioning was far better than any Rose model.

    Sorry if I missed it, but I actually really enjoyed the Rose 3 in the Chicago away iteration (Fire’s had a horrible hotspot for me).

    And what an endorsement for the XX8s. Some non-camo colors and I’ll be all over them.

  7. I hope Adidas is coming out with the Boost version of the D.rose and Crazylight. Maybe this is why they lowered the price of these two models, so there’s room for price increase for the Boost version. I am just guessing.

  8. Do you think I should get the lebron xi or D rose 4. I play SF but sometimes I also play SG. I’m also really quick. I like both equally so idk.

  9. Hey Nightwing! Love your videos man your amazing! Also have you heard anything thing about the kobe 9s? Like new info?

  10. based on your description.. and if i remember correctly which you haven’t..

    test the OG puremotion shoes
    – supernatural creator
    – rose 1
    – rose 1.5

    you will love them

    1. I would like to echo comments regarding the Supernatural Creators (SNC, as people like to call them), Rose 1.0’s and 1.5’s, excellent shoes.

  11. Out of all the shoes in the Rose line would you say the d’rose 4 is the best. Nice review and thanks for doing what you do it helps a ton when trying to find the prefect basketball shoe for myself.

  12. Nightwing/Chris,

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering why you introduce yourself in some videos as nightwing and some as Chris. I am assuming this has something to do with Finishline … as that is the only correlation I am able to see.

  13. hey man, nice review. quick question. what current adidas shoe offers the most cushioning available? thanks in advance!

    1. You would think the shoes would look better on the PS4 but these look almost the same as the kobe 8s just in a midtop.

  14. Great work nightwing! Keep the good work! getting this next month, will be my first pair that is not an air visi pro or overplay model! greetings from México!

  15. Guys, has anyone who has these had issues with the size? I ordered them in my normal size, and had an entire thumbnail width between my toe and the tip. I like shoes to fit snug, but I’m scared of ordering a half size down, cause I don’t want to be crammed in there.

    Anyone have any experience with this? I feel like playing in these as they are would directly inhibit my performance, as I can’t push off as well as I’d like.

  16. Any chance they make a shoe with a full length geofit material? Or some more of it on the shoe wouldn’t hurt

  17. Just noticed a “crack” in the middle of the adiprene crash pad on my pair. I noticed it on the deconstruction images as well. It seems to be by design since both pairs have the same pattern. Has anybody noticed the same issue in their pair?

  18. Just wanted to say congrats on your success over the yrs I appreciate the honest reviews I just grabbed the DRose 4.0 same color way only because they didn’t have a size 10 (weird) & I’ve never played in a shoe that made me feel like I was being pushed sort of propelled me forward they do fit true to size & are very comfortable I agree with the materials not being the best but performance wise the best DRose shoe this far & will you be also doing a review on the 4.5? Thanks again you’ve always been a huge help bro keep it up

  19. Hey Nightwing! Do you think the Rose 4 performs better than the Rose 3? Although materials were better in the Rose 3 I agree. And I just wanna say thank you as your review on cp3.vii made me buy the shoe and I didn’t regret a single bit. Love all the way from Singapore and keep up the great work!

  20. I feel this performance is under valued, it has solid ventilation, the best traction with pure motion to boot. The Rose 4.0 is equal to the 3 and 2.5. In different ways, mainly its a indoor/ outdoor shoe and that should push it’s rating up. Adidas has the brightest future, as long as Boost is out everyone will push past Nike in sales, it may take 2 years, Kobe is fading- thus KD the low tops, Lebron the hightops- nothing supports their extreme price range vs Boost full length. Even the 773 at 110 estimated retail will surpass the Soldier estimated 200-250. Adidas and UA have a huge future with their foams and court feel.

  21. On the overall, the Rose 4.0 is atleast equal to the 3.0, which is atleast equal to the 2.5.. Rose 4.0 one of the cleanest most underrated shoes in the history of this shoe. In the past the the 3.0 the 4.0 will be re-released.. the 4.0 amazing traction, adiprene greatness, til the boost on the 5.0 this is a great indoor, outdoor shoe.

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