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Best Basketball Shoes By Brand

Basketball Shoes By Brand

A lot of people choose their basketball shoes by brand. When talking about performance kicks, you will often hear things like “I’m a Nike person” or “I only rock J’s”, and even when there are better performance options out there, people will still stick to their brand. 

In this sense, there’s still a lot of brand loyalty when it comes to basketball shoes. If a certain brand has served you well in the past, there’s a high probability that you will stick to that brand when choosing a sneaker to play in. Hell, I’ve even seen players that refuse to play with socks from a different brand than their sneakers. 

And it is logical in a sense. Brands have proprietary features that might be similar to another brand, but they will never be exactly the same. Bounce (Adidas) might be similar to React (Nike) in some cases, but if Bounce is your favorite cushioning system, adidas is the only place you will find it. 

And then there are the sizing issues. Brands use different lasts when building their shoes so no two brands will fit exactly the same. When you find a brand that fits your foot perfectly, there is a large chance you are going to stick with that brand. This is even more of an issue if you have flat feet or wide feet.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for the best basketball shoe of a particular brand, you are in the right place. We test hundreds of pairs each year from all types of brands, from the big players all the way down to boutique brands. So, with all this being said, let’s get to all the best basketball shoes by brand that are currently available:

Last update 7.25.2022

Best Basketball Shoes By Brand 2022


Nike Kyrie 8

Kyrie Infinity

The Kyrie Infinity is amazing, and the second-best shoe in Kyrie’s signature line, second only to the Kyrie 6. The shoe offers a perfect blend of cushioning and low-profile performance, which makes you wonder why they don’t use the same setup in every Kyrie shoe.

The shoe features a large volume forefoot Zoom strobel unit and another standard unit in the heel. On top of that, you get excellent lockdown and some really great premium materials along the upper. The shoe is like a less clunky version of the Jordan 13, which is high praise. The traction does take some time to break in, so keep that in mind. Read the full review. Price: $140

Potential Score
Buy Nike Kyrie Infinity

Jordan Brand

jordan 36

Jordan 36

Air Jordan 36 is as high performance as a shoe can get. It features full-length Zoom Air, top-notch traction, and most importantly, great support features. The shoe features a sturdy internal heel counter, a midfoot shank plate, a secure 1-to-1 fit, and a fairly wide base. The only issue is the protruding forefoot Zoom Airbag, but that just takes some getting used to.  Read full review. Price: $185

Total Score
Buy Air Jordan 36


adidas trae young 1 no background

adidas Trae Young 1

The adidas Trae Young 1 is the first signature sneaker for the flashy Hawks star. Our first impression of the shoe wasn’t great, but once we got them on court, they’ve proven to be a great performer. This is another, “clearly for guards” shoe. So, again, if you’re looking for shoes for a bigger player, these might not be for you. Read full review. Price: $140

Total Score
Buy adidas Trae Young 1


puma mb.01

Puma MB.01

The Puma MB.01 is a great start for a signature line. LaMelo Ball has been absolutely killing it since his rookie season and his first sneaker is right in line. There’s a reason why Chris included it in his Best Basketball Shoes of 2021 list. Traction is great even on dustier floors. The cushion started out a bit stiff but felt nice when broken in. The shoe is overall very supportive as well, so there’s no need to worry when you’re playing. We’re glad that the brand has again come up with another solid basketball shoe. Read the full review. Price: $125

Total Score
Buy Puma MB.01

Under Armour

curry 9

Under Armour Curry 9

The Under Armour Curry 9 is an improved version of an already great shoe, the Curry 8. Steph Curry’s signature line has been one of the most consistently great signature lines on the market, and the Curry 9 is another gem.

The shoe features Under Armour’s Flow cushioning/traction system. Flow offers great impact protection and a seamless ride from heel to toe. It feels almost like a running shoe that has been beefed up to be able to play basketball in them. The Curry 9 also features an improved and more supportive upper as well as a more solid torsional plate in the midfoot. Read full review. Price: $140

Total Score
Buy Under Armour Curry 9


anta KT 7

Anta KT 7

The Anta KT 7 is packed to the brim with tech. It is one of the most technologically advanced shoes on the market. The shoe is very well balanced and supportive. 

The shoe features a well-balanced cushioning system. It’s very similar to adidas’ Boost, but with injected nitrogen, which allows the foam to not feel extra bouncy and remain stable. On top of that, you get a very plush insole made with the same material and a SAM puck in the heel. SAM or Shock Absorbing Molecule is an Anta tech feature that boosts the shoe’s shock protection. 

For stability, the shoe comes with a carbon fiber shank plate and Anta’s “3D Hug System” that warps your foot and holds you to the footbed. On top of that, the upper is made of Anta’s “Speed Fiber”, a TPU fabric that feels like a knit, and when heat welded, becomes more similar to fuse and adds to the support. Read the full review. Price: $149

Total Score
Buy Anta KT 7

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Lining way of wade 9

Li-Ning Way of Wade 9

As a general rule of thumb, most Chinese brands are great for wide-footers, so that’s something to take into consideration. These bad boys have serious Nike Glove vibes (aesthetically).

The shoe is lightweight and offers great cushion. It boasts both Cloud Foam and Pebax. The upper is light and breathable, and they fit true to size. A bit pricey but a good bet. Read full reviewPrice: $225

Total Score
Buy Li-Ning WOW 9

New Balance

New Balance TWO WXY V2

New Balance TWO WXY V2

The New Balance TWO WXY V2 is an upgrade from the last version and is even better than their flagship model for the Klaw. The traction is fantastic for as long as it lasts. The cushion with FuelCell and Abzorb DRS works well for most positions. The FitWeave upper is comfortable and moves well with your feet. There is very little to complain about. It’s the best New Balance has to offer so far. Read full review. Price $130

Total Score
Buy New Balance TWO WXY V2


rare metal 2

Brandblack Rare Metal 2

The Brandblack Rare Metal 2 is a deceptively great performance basketball shoe. It is very lightweight and very low cut but at the same time, it’s surprisingly supportive. The cushion is similarly deceptive and way more comfortable than you’d expect.

The shoe does take some time to break in, so take that into account, but when it does, you have a great on-court performer on your hands. The Rare Metal 2 also gets extra points for the unique design. Read full review. Price: $250

Total Score
Buy Brandblack Rare Metal 2



361º Zen 3

The 361º Zen 3 isn’t technically Aaron Gordon’s signature but this shoe is attached to him. The Zen 3 features a thick slab of grippy rubber, with thick grooves, perfect for outdoor basketball.

The shoe also features a plush Quick Foam Lite, 361ºs proprietary foam, along the midsole. Quick Foam Lite is similar to Nike’s Cushlon, but better.  On top of all that you get a ton of support from the TPU shank plate that runs the length of the shoe. Read full review. Price $80

Total Score
Buy 361º Zen 3

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converse all star bb evo

Converse All Star BB Evo

The All-Star BB Evo, is quite literally an evolution of the original Converse All-Star BB. It uses all the same tech with some tweaks. The traction is the same, for cushion it uses the same droops in react midsole (a la Nike GT Cut), but the upper is where we see most of the upgrades. The shoe is literally split in half with half of the upper featuring a tight weave textile for support and the other being a lighter weave for breathability. An interesting shoe to say the least. Read full review. Price $130.

Total Score
Buy Converse All Star BB Evo


and 1 attack 2.0

AND 1 Attack 2.0

Overall, the AND1 Attack 2.0 does everything the original did, but the materials are a lot nicer. The traction on these is amazing and everything else is top-notch. The shoe is an all-around great performer and it gets nostalgia points for coming from the most legendary streetball brand out there. Read full review. Price $130

Total Score
Buy AND 1 attack 2.0

Crossover Culture

Crossover Culture Menace "Snow Patrol"

Crossover Culture Menace

The Crossover Culture Menace is one of the year’s biggest sleepers, and probably the best shoe from a brand you didn’t know. The traction on this shoe is awesome and the materials are also great. The upper combines quality leather and a synthetic rip stop, proving that these two types of materials can coexist and offer top-notch performance. The cushion is foam-based and it’s more on the responsive side, so if you like that type of setup, you will love these. Read the full review. Price: $52.98 $115

Total Score
Buy Crossover Culture Menace

K8IROS (Spencer Dinwiddie Brand)

K8IROS Mark-II-Kronos-Main


Overall, the K8IROS Mark II was a pleasant surprise. We weren’t expecting much from such a young and independent brand, but it turns out the shoe is solid in every area and pretty beastly. It’s very reminiscent of another great shoe, the Dame 2, but better.

The cushion is solid. Traction is really solid. The fit might be a bit weird for some with the whole size-only offerings. And support is solid as well. Read the full review. Price: $130

Total Score
Buy K8IROS Mark II

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