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adidas Son of Chi 2 Performance Review

adidas Son of Chi 2

adidas Son of Chi 2

The adidas Son of Chi 2 is the best adidas basketball shoe of 2022 so far. Most players will enjoy playing in them.

Release Date: 2022

Price: TBA

The adidas Son of Chi 2 is Derrick Rose’s newest signature sneaker, and visually, it looks like an evolution of last year’s adidas Son of Chi. The tech specs are generally the same, but that isn’t bad. Why go away from something that already works? While technically the Son of Chi line is not a number D Rose signature model, I think it brings a lot to the table and many players of all positions will enjoy this shoe.

The adidas Son of Chi 2 appears in Best adidas Basketball Shoes, Best Budget, Best for Outdoors, and Best Traction.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Traction


Translucent rubber is a hit-or-miss deal with most brands. This one’s an absolute hit! On wooden floors, whether dusty or immaculate, it bites well enough for you to stop on a dime. I was worried about its durability because it is translucent, but I was happy to discover that it’s durable. The grooves are thick, and the rubber is tough, making it a great outdoor option. There are flex grooves all throughout the outsole, so your foot remains flexible on all moves.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Cushion


The midsole is full-length Bounce, the same as the adidas Harden Stepback 3. However, they don’t feel the same. This shoe does better with impact protection without feeling cumbersome. I never felt it compress, but I also didn’t feel my legs, back, or feet hurt even after 2.5 hours of play on concrete. It’s amazing! I would compare it to World Balance’s S-Ride foam that’s found in the Scottie 1. And compression lines aren’t abundant, which tells us that this foam will last longer than others.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Materials


The adidas Son of Chi 2’s whole upper is one piece without any seams. It’s a complete synthetic mesh build with fuse and thick stitched overlays for durability. The toe box is specially reinforced. The tongue is more open-celled and has a smooth feel. It’s not dynamic, but it is consistent and comfortable.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Fit


The fit is not quite adidas Pro N3XT 2021 true-to-size, but close. Both lengthwise and widthwise, the shoe felt perfect. I would recommend true-to-size for almost everyone, but those with extremely wide feet should probably go up half a size to be safe.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Support


The base is wide, so hard lateral movements and cuts are well accommodated even though there’s no outrigger. Because of the additional stitching and fuse overlays, the upper doesn’t over-stretch where you’re going over the footbed. There are two heel counters: one internal and another external. Both are hard as a rock, so they’ll both last a long while and make sure your ankle doesn’t go anywhere it’s not supposed to. The Achilles notches also help secure your heel. Lastly, the shoe has no noticeable drop, so you remain stable and level every time you play.

adidas Son of Chi 2 Overall

adidas Son of Chi 2 Overall

The adidas Son of Chi 2 is the best adidas basketball shoe of 2022. It has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. I know that Bounce can seem like an outdated cushion, especially with the introduction of BouncePro in the adidas Dame 8, but it still works when done right. The traction works on all court conditions and surfaces while remaining durable. I enjoyed my time in them and will keep them in my rotation.

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How to Buy the adidas Son of Chi 2

The adidas Son of Chi 2 is available now for $160 at iD4Shoes on eBay and will be available at adidas soon.

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