1. I love your reviews on performance shoes, but it might be a good idea to integrate a ranking system onto your website. No one will care if it is just text. That would be incredibly helpful in keeping track which shoe you or your fans think is the top performance shoe at the present.

    1. thanks for mentioning this as i would like to say still the top ranking basketball performance kick i can find in all history is the hyperdunk 2011 elite. now if dealing with those in stores. .you have a ocuple more choices. but even out of elite pairs. i wonder how the lebron x elite’s would compete against the hyperdunk 2011 elite ect..

  2. I agree on the ranking system, and I would also really appreciate it if you’d do a performance review on the jordan super fly. I am quite interested in those as my next basketball shoes, and I’d like to know how they perform.

  3. Are the rose 2.5 good for outdoor, and if they are how long can you play with them in outdoor.

    1. retro reeboks are a good way to go. shaqnosis (shaq), kamikaze (Shawn Kemp), or the question and answer series (Iverson). If you want nike then probably the air raid is the best. almost any retro shoe provided they have a strong and thick outsole and good cushion

    1. If they havent released, how am I supposed to get a pair to review? I’ll grab them as soon as I can once they hit retailers. Nike’s get releases at different times around the world so I can usually find a pair ‘early’ when compared to the US release date but adidas doesnt do that.

  4. Oh i did not now that becuse I checked out your lebron x video and also what do you think. Jordan 9 killjoy v rose2.5 for shooting guard need it wide and good ankle support. Anyone . Thanks for all your review you have tought me many things.

  5. Oh i did not now that becuse I checked out your lebron x video and also what do you think. Jordan 9 killjoy v rose2.5 for shooting guard need it wide and good ankle support. Anyone . Thanks for all your review you have tought me many things.

  6. Was just wondering. I know you have a top 10 list for the year, but a top 10 list of all time would be nice too. If you want to even get more detailed with this site, you can have categories like guards/forwards or comfortability/support/traction/etc.
    Just my dime.


  8. Thanks for your detailed reviews! Do you plan on reviewing the Nike Lunar Hypergamer Lows?  I know Lunarlon’s “newer” technology for bball shoes and our choices are limited to the ’12 Hyperdunks and Fly Wade 2’s but the Hypergamers also have Lunarlon, which I know you like. I’d be really interested in how they perform since you’re a guard. Deron Williams and Jeremy Lin are wearing them this season. They’re not the newest shoes out (early 2012) but I think they’d be good to review.

  9. hey i love your reviews. really helps me a lot when purchasing shoes. I’d like to do the same if only i could afford that many shoes. but could you possibly do a performance review on the nike hyperfuse 2012? your reviews are the best so far. i appreciate all the details that you discus. thanks.

  10. I really like your reviews they are really informative and helpful keep up the good work! but i would really like it it you could do a performance review on the Nike Hyperchaos’s. Thanks and keep posting videos!

  11. the nike hyperfuse looks like a great shoe for a 1 or 2. can you please do a review on them. i had the 2011 hyperfuse and they where great. they had i nice fit and great traction. so i would appreciate it. thank you

  12. Hi. Would you recommend getting a pair of your foot size or is it better to go half a size up? I wear an 8.5(US) when I play. I haven’t tried playing on an 8 which is my almost exact size.

  13. Hello. Just like to ask on what shoe do you prefer to buy? The kobe 8s or the cp3 6s? Thanks! Awesome reviews man

  14. I noticed in some of your videos that you wear long sleeves or a shooting sleeve I was wondering if your planed to explain the idea behind that/review the one that you prefer to use.

  15. I cant wait to see your rose 3.5 review… i really want to see what the purpose of those big circular things around the ankle are for lol

  16. Hi Nightwing,

    I have been following your reviews for a year and a half now. I really do appreciate the objective way you have been putting them out. I do have the same situation as one of your followers. I am in my mid 30s, still playing a lot, but with family and kids, cannot spend a lot on my kicks anymore. I ended up getting the hyperdunk 2011s and the fly wade 2 ev (just for the reason that they are a little wider). Also, I do see you have a few Filipino fans, so you do know how fanatical we get with basketball, even though we’re not that tall. Anyway, more power to you and your reviews. I am looking forward to your reviews coming up, particularly the M9.

  17. This is about the kd 5 giveaway contest. How do you post a video for you to see. Is it just on youtube or is there a special application process. THanks!

  18. I’m a power forward for a 7th grade basketball team and I’m wearing lebron xs right now should I switch to the new kobe 8 system or should I not I need some opinions

  19. can you conpare the two best cushion of Nike: Lunarlon and Zoom Air?

    and analyze their weaknesses and their greaetness


    1. Lunar and zoom a very similar. They are both very low to the ground and responsive. BUT because
      the lunarlon is a foam it will eventually compress and feel like a rock while zoom will never do that. but if you are light on your feet you should have an issue with lunarlon. hope this helped.

  20. Hey nightwing
    Hey was curious if you knew that it says “KB24” on the toebox, just before the tongue starts on every colorway of of the kobe 8s?…its stitched in there..its really hard to see but if ya look hard its there!..little ezr to see on the “royal blue” colorway but…anywaz thought that was koo?..cause I didn’t see it til I picked up the “blue” shoe…anywaz thought I’d share that with ya?..lol peace

  21. Can I get an opinion on what everyone else thinks about males wearing pink sneakers or sneakers with strong hints of pink?

    1. Only if it has something to do with breast cancer I WOULD only wear them but if you like pink on your shoes go for it….. its your life

  22. i love the socks here these elites r the bom u c i already bought some black and white one but i want the multicolored ones dy see

  23. Nightwing I thought that they gave you shoes earlier than the release because your a pro sneaker tester


  25. Hey Nightwing,
    I love your reviews, you’re the best performance shoe reviewer out there! Thanks for your work;)
    Geetings from Germany

  26. Yo nightwing, since you were looking at the adidas 2014 catalog, I checked out the Under Armour and Nike catalogs for 2014 winter, some cool team models coming up man, just google “Under Armour 2014 catalog” and “Nike 2014 catalog” and look for the winter basketball ones

    Remember that nano tech sample model?

    Well, UA’s newest team model is the Micro G clutchfit Drive ($124.99), which features a new tech called Clutchfit which is supposed to act as a “second skin” which they claim is very supportive, also includes the signature Micro G cushion and a sockliner. However, the catalog doesn’t specifically list a key feature in most premier performers, a TPU shank!!! It kinda looks like there is a build in plastic frame though

    Also there is the Anatomix 2 ($109.99), which is pretty much the same but a few tweaks aesthetically here and there. There’s the evo map, tpu shank, micro g, etc

    Then there is the Clutchfit Torch ($89.99), which is a combination of clutchfit and leather, pretty cool look. Also features the same Torch herringbone pattern, micro g, tpu shank, the bottom looks exactly the same as the Torch series

    Nike Catalog pages 37-38
    And for Nike, there’s pictures of the 2014 hyperdunk ($140), which pretty much looks like an amped up Hyper Quickness. Also listed, but no picture shown, is the Lebron Soldier 8 ($130), but pictures have already been leaked.

    With pictures, there’s the Jordan Prime.Fly Tech ($120), which looks like a typically non-numbered Jordan team shoe, a Lunar Hyperquickness TB ($110) which has Lunar in the name, but in the description has Phylon midsole with Forefoot zoom (kinda contradictory), and a new low team model called the Zoom Run The One ($100) which has a description of “sock-like fit” and forefoot zoom with Phylon midsole.

  27. Why are some new Adidas basketball shoes built differently, specifically the Rose 3, 4 and Crazy Light 2?

    The heel part of the shoes looks considerably different than any other basketball shoes. How the heel, the mid-sole/out-sole actually ends before/at the heel cup when other basketball shoes would extend further.

    Has anyone talked/thought about it?

  28. Hey nightwing2303, which shoe will last longer and is better on outdoor play. Between the Jordan Super.fly 2 or the Nike Hyperdunk 2013, I am looking forward to your advice. Thank you.

    1. Im no nightwing but the superfly 2 has a very very very aggressive traction pattern. This means it has great traction and grip but if you wear them outdoors they will get destroyed in a matter of hours. on the other hand the hyperdunk 2013 has a less aggressive traction pattern and would last much longer

  29. anyone here have ever experienced popped forefoot zoom bag? I just got my 28s and i dont wanna ruin them :((

  30. Hey?! Nightwing(Chris) Your da best men , I mean! You review shoes that trully helps us to know everything about it, but I wish you can review also Socks , Sleeves and Supporters etc. , Not only the shoes you review. ^ You have fan here from the Philippines. ^^ I love all your reviews and performances. 🙂 And I wish you have Baseball , Snowboarding , Tennis and Other Common Sports on your Category List. 🙂 You’re so cool dude. I wish I was you but i’ts so difficult to be , But Anyway’s Thank you nightwing and other staff/admin on this page , Like Jahromon and Hsuperman_18! Thanks to all of you. 😀 (y) I wish Weartester is forever. 🙂 I’m Jay from the Philippines and I hoop and love b.ball shoes. 😀 Thanks a lot.

  31. Hey guys, I wanna ask u guys a question..
    After I saw the First Impression of the Nike Hyperdunk 2014, which is the best between Nike Hyperdunk 2012, 2013 and 2014 ?? I recently planning to buy an Hyperdunk. At the first, after watching the review ’bout Hyperdunk 2012, I was planning to buy that one. But after watching the Hyperdunk 2013 review, I was like, “Oh well, I guess I’ll buy the 2013 ver.”.. But just then, I’ve watched the Hyperdunk 2014 1st impression, and got confused about which is better o.O

  32. is the kobe 9 flyknit low better than the kobe 9 EM low and if so is it worth the 40$ increase

  33. RG3 Energy Boost on SALE AT ADIDAS and they accept the promo code for signing up to get 15 percent off. Just ordered mine to see what boost is about.

  34. Does anyone know where i can find the Nike Zoom Run the One James Harden PE online? It doesn’t seem to be up on the NikeStore or Footlocker.

    1. I was looking for these too and it looks like they didn’t release like they were supposed to. I would just keep checking for updates.

  35. Hi Nightwing, I have a bit of a situation with My shoes, I play every day and somedays have trainings that can last for 5 hours or more and can not find a pair of shoes that seem to last me more than a couple of weeks. I have recently tried the Jordan Cp3 7 ae and the D Rose 5 boost and they both seem to have issues with the layer above the sole that your foot sits on peeling up and having to be pulled off. I would love to find a pair that I can wear game after game and have no problem with, if you could please suggest a pair or two that you think would be durable and long lasting it would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S I am a 6″5 180 pound forward who also bangs inside, I’m a junior in high school next year and I’m a huge fan of yours.

  36. HUGE fan 🙂 Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was wondering if you could do a performance review on actual basketballs, both indoor and outdoor balls. Knowing your expertise and communication style, I know they’d be awesome, detailed, and informative.


  37. Could you list out some of wide fitting shoes? I am devastated whenever I find new basketball shoes.

  38. need advice: bought my son a couple pairs of UA Clutchfit. now he has a rash on both his feet. thought it was athlete’s foot but our physician {who is GREAT} said he’s allergic to something in the sneakers. he has a ton of shoes so it’s hard to pinpoint which ones it could be. .. but it seems to be since he’s started wearing the UA ClutchFits.

    i found this on line: “Another possibility is that the material of that certain pair of shoes may not breathe (often seen in shoes made from synthetic materials) which can irritate your feet, and keep moisture in. This can cause odor, as well as a rash as you described.”

    my question is…. are the UA Curry 1 well ventilated? he loves the CFs but i don’t want him to keep wearing them if its gonna cause his feet to have a rash. if the Curry 1’s are ventilated i’d get him those instead. of not, do you have any suggestions are to which shoes are a good performing shoe which is WELL ventilated? any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!!!!! thanks, Mike W.

      1. thanks!!!! i’ll give the Curry 1’s a try.

        {btw: could you remove my last name from the above post? }

  39. Hello, can you tell me how long could last the UA Anatomix Spawn 2, I bought them recently and I want to know how durable they are if I only use them in indoor courts.

  40. I go to a school where it’s kinda hood like, but to get to the point I was gonna grab a pair of metallic silvers but this one kid said bc I’m not black I can’t wear them. What does anyone think I should do?

  41. Hi!

    I’m from Mexico, y was searching for a long time a sneakers, but its too hard to find something from here. Then i was looking for it and i found your email address.

    Now I want to ask you, if you can give me some information about how can i get the reebok sneakers, The name is “Electric city, The pump” I think they are from a special edition.

    Do you sell it? or, wher can i find it?

    My name is Eugenia Reynoso, and mi size ir 2.5 here in mexico, i think the conversion to usa its 5.5.

    I Really apreaciatte if you can help me to find them =)


  42. Hey I’m not exactly the thinnest guy out there and ive been looking for a shoe to wear for basketball at my school. I tried on the Kobe 9s and they didn’t fit me and I really don’t know any other shoe that’s really good so I was wondering if you knew a shoe that was for bigger people but still gave good features

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