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Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM Performance Review

The Nike Kobe 8 is one of the all-time great Kobe shoes, but let’s see why…

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Traction – Best traction on a Kobe, hands down. The rubber is soft and the pattern – herringbone – is awesome on practically any indoor court no matter the condition. If you hoop outdoors then you will want the XDR outsole option otherwise you will grind the rubber down rather quickly due to it being so soft.


Cushion – Lunarlon is amazing foam. Besides Micro G, Lunarlon would be my choice as far as foam cushions are concerned. What is so great about foam cushions – especially Lunarlon – is that it absorbs and distributes impact evenly throughout which will help your joints out in the long run. What I like best about this setup overall is that the Lunarlon is full length so you will wear it down evenly over time without losing any comfort like you would with the Hyperdunk 2012’s Lunarlon setup.

Additionally, if you play primarily indoors, all you’d need to do is buy another midsole insert via NIKEiD.com and you can have these last for quite some time.


Material – Engineered mesh sounded cool but looked scary. Luckily it isn’t scary at all and there was much more Fuse placed on the shoe than what you can actually see. Not only did this keep things light but it also added a ton of structure and support so even though you have a shoe that weighs in at a mere 9.6 Oz… you would never know it by how much support & structure is readily available.


Fit – They fit true to size. Eastbay lists them as narrow – if you have really wide feet I could see that – but they don’t feel anywhere near as snug as the Kobe 7. If I were to compare the fit with any previous Kobe model it would have to be the 6.

Lockdown isn’t just available… its freaking awesome. There are little pillows along the center of the tongue, allowing you the ability to lace up your kicks as tight as possible without cutting off circulation, and the overall containment is top notch… especially for a shoe that looks more like a runner than a traditional hoop shoe.


Also, don’t wear the Kobe Elite socks… just a warning. If you don’t know why I say this then you missed all three Performance Teasers… yes, there were three.


Ventilation – It’s not insanely well ventilated but it is the most well ventilated Kobe to date. With the fit and the appropriate sock, they feel just fine. I personally don’t require too much ventilation so long as the materials are able to retain their shape & these do that just fine.


Support – The support is mostly coming from the outstanding fit. There is a heel clip to help keep your heel in place as well as a glass based Carbon Fiber shank for torsional rigidity and support. Inside the shoe, the Lunarlon midsoles do have a molded arch in place as well. For those of you that use orthotics, you may want to consider grabbing the Zoom Air laced orthotic ready insole option – available on NIKEiD.


Overall – Traction –awesome. Cushion – amazing. Materials – innovative beyond belief. Fit – pretty much perfect. Ventilation – the best it’s ever been on a Kobe signature. Support – plenty.

What else is there to say? If you are a Guard then this is a shoe that you can – and will – appreciate. Sure, they let most of us down with the Kobe 7’s – I say most of us because there are a few who enjoyed those – but they really made up for it with the Kobe 8.

Light done right… and better than the other guys.

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  1. Does the Lunarlon of these shoes give you the same amount of comfort as the Lunarlon of the running shoes?
    Excellent review, as always and a great way to start the 2013 list. Thank you for your reviews!

    1. I like these a little more than the running setup just because the running setup is usually thinner – not always but usually – so these have ‘more’ cushion. But its all the same foam and I think Nike states that the basketball setup is specific to the sport. Not sure how accurate that is though.

      1. ho do make such good reviews every time hats your secret lol love watching your videos !! gonna ask my parents to get me the kicks on court water bottle !!! im 12 big fan only been watching
        since middle 2012 !!!

      2. I was wondering if the D rose is a better guard shoe than this. I’m a fast point guard who likes to drive a lot.

      1. Hey NiightWing…great site and ive always followed you through sneakerfiles.com…loving your every review here in Canada…i make it a point to see your review before i purchase a pair…great job always

  2. Hi. i’m using adiZero Speedwrap Ankle Brace. Are the Kobe 8 too low and they w give me the proper ankle support?

      1. NW,

        I don’t understand why they still sell ankle support and why some wear it if it has no effects on your ankles? Do you have an explanation for this? I’m just curious I always thought of wearing ankle support to prevent ankle injuries.

        1. If by ankle support you mean things like braces, as crazy as it may sound actually weakens your ankles. Because they are bearing the load and doing the job your natural muscles and ligaments are supposed to do, those muscles and such weaken, and you become reliant on such devices for activities outside of a jog across the street. It has long been abolished the myth you need high tops for more ankle support, and its all about the lockdown and stability starting in and around the heel. If you look at soccer players, they are able to be more agile because they wear what I call not low tops, but no top sneakers. And if you look they were also Kobe’s inspiration for suggesting low tops back with the Kobe IV’s….so braces and ankle supports are really for people who have an injury and are working their way back into form, or who are already in the habit and thus have terribly weak ankles. That I’m telling you from experience as I’ve played at all levels and in college had a PG who couldn’t play a game of pick up without braces on because he’d rolled his ankle like 5 times. He didn’t understand using the braces was what weakened them so much in the first place. It’s like being on bedrest a couple months and then trying to walk again. So yea to end this book lol, ankle support outside the sneaker, and high tops are unnecessary for an athlete with normal healthy ankles.

          1. high tops are not unnecessary. Some hightops are great performers. Some people enjoy the mental placebo that they give for protection of the ankles which if it works, then it works.

  3. hey, is does the kobe 7 inserts work in these? I saw a pic from Jefferrrson’s facebook and he had the attack strong midsole in the kobe 8s. i know you hated the kobe 7s inserts and probably won’t want to wear them again, but was just wondering, cuz i kinda liked the kobe 7s.

  4. As always, great and informative review. I most predominantly play outdoors and I have had many shoes where down on me. Where do you recommend I find a Kobe 8 model with an XDR outsole? Is NikeID my only option?

    1. Thanks! As of now iD is the only option other than grabbing a pair of the Christmas version from Air-Knight.com but that will cost you a bit more. You can always call Nike and ask if they have plans of releasing more XDR versions.

      1. were all kobe 8 christmas made with XDR outsole? and if this is the case, how well do XDR outsoles perform indoors?

  5. Did the lack of fly wire have an impact on the support? I also noticed the outrigger is a lot smaller than the other Kobes, did you see a difference in lateral stability?

    1. Not at all. Flywire is great for containment of the foot and keeping in firm along the foot bed but its most recent usage would not be considered part of the shoes overall support, that comes from actual materials and not strands of cable. Lateral support from an outrigger is only really necessary when coming down or landing and since I’m more of a grounded player it did not affect me.

  6. Good review I want these so bad now. I literally almost went to the store and bought these even though I said i was going to wait for a different color way. Hopefully you wrist is doing better and you dont need any time off I’m going to need a review again on the AJ 28 lol. Really interested in what you are going to say about those. Thanks man.

  7. Hey nnightwing, Whichh shoe is better the zoom soldier 6 or the Hyperdunk 2012 in terms of fit. I have a slightly narrow foot.

  8. Finally something that tops the kobe 4s. How well does the jordan 2011, jordan 2012 and kobe 7 elite midsoles fit in the kobe 8. I havent been this excited since the kobe 4 and its revolutionary design.

      1. Considering the sizing difference between Nike and jb, would the inserts from the same size Jordan 2012 fit in the Kobe 8s, or would I need to use sz11 aj2012 inserts in an 11.5 Kobe?

        1. There is no difference in sizing between most brands. Nearly every single shoe i have is the same size. Your question was answered in the performance teasers, links should be avail at the bottom of the page.

    1. if u wouldnt mind me answering that, i think this will be ranked number 1 together with KD 5, if include this in the top 10 shoes of 2012.

      If im not mistaken, the top 10 shoes is base only on the overall score. So some almost perfect shoes, like the KD 5, would suffer drastically in the overall score.

      KD 5 is almost the perfect shoe except that it lacks ventilation which is, for most people, the least of their concerns.

      Lebron X, while it has the best shoe techs in the airmax/zoom unit, performance wise the Kobe 8 and KD 5 are slightly better.

      Hence, i think the Kobe 8 and the KD 5 should be both at number 1 with Lebron X and Rose 3 a close second. But of course if your a center, your better off with the Lebron X or KD 5.

      Of course all these are based from nightwings performance review which we (nightfanatics) believe is a very accurate, detailed and well-researched performance review of a shoe. Needless to say, the best shoe review in the world, far better than kicksology and black lotus (hahahaha ive been wanting to say that and i really dont know why).

      Sorry for the very long comment because i’m also curious how the Kobe 8 will fair against Lebron X and KD 5.

  9. Hey man, great review, I’m looking forward for these, just one question, is the translucent sole more durable in the ID option?

  10. great review. I’m on your site at least twice a day I love it. I play the 2 and the 3 spot and I’m playin with the hyperdunks right now and I’m thinking about getting the KD V. In your personal opinion should I get the KDs or are there better options? The only reason I rule out the Kobes is I prefer high tops. I really appreciate it. Thanks alot

  11. great review. my top priority for choosing shoes are the cushioning and comfort. I have the Lebron x and I love the cushioning, it’s literally walking on air. I’d like to know if the kobe 8 comes close or even better than the lebron x in that department. thanks! happy new year!

    1. The kobe 8s cushion comes from a full lunarlon midsole. Once you brea them in the Kobe’s foam is so comfortable it comes down to preference in other categories, because I have both but use Kobe’s to ball

  12. i have ankle brace on both foot with the kobe 8. i can say this is the best shoes even u wear ankle brace. it just fits amazing due to the low cut.

  13. If I’ve got low arches/nearly flat feet, will the raised area(arch support) on the lunarlon insole be pushed down and molded to my foot over time? Or do you think the arch support will jam into the medial side of my foot and never recede?

    Thanks for your insightful reviews Nightwing

    1. I loved the Kobe’s for the first 20 mins I was playing in them. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes the inside of my right foot started to hurt. I continued to play and after taking the shoes and socks off I had bruising on inner right side of my foot. Gave the shoes a second try and after it started again I knew there was a problem. The soles do not adequately cover the carbon fiber shank for the arch support so any time you make a cut or make a quick lateral move the shoe folds and the arch support digs into your arch. I unfortunately had to return them. My arch is pretty normal to maybe on the low side but they should’ve addressed this issue before releasing the shoe. I’m 6’4 205lbs and played college ball and crazy about shoes just like night wing just so you know its not a youngster writing the review but was really bummed about this issue. Good luck.

      1. hi BeauW347, I know this is a long time ago since you posted; but I just recently got my first pair of kobe 8 (elites on salie) and i’m having the same issue with them as you did (found this through some search). My inner part of my right foot hurts and I have bruising. I didn’t get this with my other kobes (I have multiple pairs of 6s.
        Did you see any improvement after awhile? If not, what shoes are you playing in these days? I’m wondering if the kobe 9s are better because it doesn’t have the shank.
        I’m planning to do some testing with the Jordan 2012 insoles to see if that’ll help.

        I’m not even sure if you’ll see this; but thanks anyways. It’s good to atleast know that I’m not the only one with the problem.

        1. what did you think about the 9s? i had a few pairs of 6s but went straight to 9s. and the 9s gave me these problems. i was surprised to just now here the 8s did that for you. hum i wanna talk about it real quick

  14. once again this is an amazing review. I definitely agree with all that’s been said. This SHOE IS RIDICULOUS. It’s like they’re trying to break the laws of physics by having something so negligible in weight and yet really present in terms of support and cushioning. People should just go out and buy it.

    1. Thanks for the shoutout Nightwing, fans over here in Manila are gonna love this one. You may not know this but you got a lot of followers from MNL. Keep it up man and more power!

      1. I’m one of them. LOL. Probably the reason why I bought Kobe V (comet cw). Nightwing2303 is a sneaker genius. Everything he said were true. I even sometimes remember him while playing basketball in RFM Gym (Mandaluyong) when I did a cut or did something with the shoe and I was like “shit that’s what nightwing just said”. LOL

  15. Will wearing Nike elite socks or Nike dri-fit socks make my feet slip in these shoes or is it just the Kobe sock that does that?

  16. Hi,
    Read and watch alot of your reviews. I’m stuck for new basketball shoes to play in, but from your reviews, have narrowed it down to the kobe 8, kd v, or hyperdunk 2012, which would you say is the best one, or what order would you rank them in? thanks in advancw.

  17. Hey nightwing, I have a pair of Kobe 8s too, but my order got messed up and ended up with a size 9.5 and a 10. I didnt realize and started wearing them, but will this affect my performance?

  18. Hey bro awesome review as always! Sobim planning to get the nike id orthotic option. My question is that does the xdr sole work on dusty but smooth cement courts? Also wooden indoor courts? Pla lemme know whatcha think! Thanks more power!!

  19. Hey Nightwing ! great review as always, but i didn’t understand if the kobe 8 already comes with the lunarlon inserts or i need to buy these separately, thanks and keep up your good work !

  20. Nike did a great job with there sig line this year. All 3 a great performers. Thanks for the review NW2303!

    On to the next!

  21. Hey nightwing haha i have a question its my first time to buy a kobe shoe and i am going to ask about the fit. My shoe size is 9.5 on hyperdunk 2012 and all of the other shoe i usually give a 1/2 size up to all my shoe. I am asking do i need to pit a 1/2 size up in this kobe shoe or should i get my true size?thanks men haha

  22. ordered my id version before this review,very relieved with the review. the only thing i didn’t like about the 7’s, besides medial foot blisters at first, was the laces. the 8’s look like they have the same laces that dont stretch. soon as i put round laces in my 7’s they were money, probly have to do the same here?

  23. Great review, as usual! I have been looking forward to these to see if they made up for the disappointing Kobe VII. I just hate I have to wait 7 months to try them out for myself.

  24. now I just have to wait on the Melo 9 and XX8 test. it would determine if I’m going after the 8’s, XX8’s, Melo 9 or Hyperposite.

  25. hey NW, a question about the lunarlon insert. Im flat-footed and would like to try out the lunarlon setup (not thinking about getting the nike ID orthotics setup). You say there’s an arch on the lunarlon insert, and as a flat footed person I don’t have that arch on my foot, if I keep pressing on that arch on the insert, is it gonna flatten out? and rather quickly or will it take time to flatten out?

  26. Hey Nightwing, great review! I’m not sure if this is a stupid question or not but i was just wondering what you would prefer more, the d rose 3 or the kobe 8s?

  27. Hey nightwing I was just watching your kobe 8 system performance review and you said that you can get another insole from NIKE ID. The only problem was that iI went ont he website and I couldn’t buy any without customizing another kobe 8 and buying it that way. Please help.

  28. Nice review.

    As far as fitting goes, is it possible for you to highlight how far up your toes sit in these shoes. I tried them on at Footlocker and the fit was perfect in my size. However, when I do a hard stop, I could feel like my big toe is jamming against the front of the toebox. Do you suggest that I go one size up for this reason? Thanks.

    Ps: Here is the picture I was referring to: http://weartesters.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Nike-Kobe-8-SYSTEM-Performance-Review-4.jpg

  29. Kudos for another great review!

    By the way, you have refreshed your list on the right of your site to reflect the 2013 shoes. I was hoping I may compare it to the 2012 list and where on the top 10 spot it will land. Anyway just a suggestion though can you have a link on your site for the top 10 of 2012. I know there is a video for your personal favorites but i’m still looking for the the top 10 list in terms of attribute scores. Thanks!

  30. Was the modularity pretty seamless with these? I liked the Jordan 2012’s but the module aspect was definitely apparent and was kind of a turn off.

  31. Yo, nightwing, I’d seen Jeremy Lin, James Harden, D-Will been using this Nike Lunar Hypergamer. Can you make a review of this shoe when you heal your wrist? Get well soon bro.

      1. I’m not Nightwing but I have the Lunar Hypergamer Low. It’s a nice show overall. Great cushion with the lunarlon. Traction is good (pretty much the same as Hyperfuse 2012). The Hyperfuse upper is pretty stiff, even after breaking-in. That effects the fit a little bit. The biggest problem with them is the lack of flex in the fore-foot but it’s nothing like the Lebron 9.

    1. The Howard 3s are basically the Howard 2s with a higher cut and slightly different materials, kinda like the Rose 773-2.5 relationship.

  32. i know a guy who have thees and we were playing at the gym, a little 4 on 4 game and he was running up for the rebound, then when he came down he just fell and screamed liked there was no tomorrow. also the look about 21 years old and at least 5,10. so then we had to take him to the hospital. so i do not want these shoes anymore.

        1. not the shoes fault, it’s his style of play which is not according to the shoe design. this is why you need to tape you ankles when wearing low tops or suffer from supination. or plainly wear mid or high tops.

  33. Nice review. I might consider buying these.

    For a guard, if you had to choose between Lunarlon, Cushlon, Zoom Air, or Max Air, which one would you choose? I was just wondering since you said that Lunarlon breaks down over time.

  34. @bobj885: I don’t think Zoom Air is responsive enough for an explosive guard after you’ve tried Lunarlon or foam cushioning in general. I’ve been playing with Lunarlon for more than half a year (Fly Wade 2) and it’s by far the best mix of responsiveness and comfort. I also sometimes play in a pair of 2011 Hyperdunks (Zoom Air) and they feel sluggish. I think adidas offers the most responsive foam cushioning with whatever they put in the Rose models, but its tougher on your feet in the long run so overall I’d still go with Lunarlon. Max Air ..forget about it. Cushlon never tried it. However Micro G sounds amazing from what NW’s experience with it…

    1. I’ve worn the Micro G Black Ice and have the Kobe IV with Lunar Foam in the forefoot. To me, Micro G is amazing, and those would be my main shoes if they had an outrigger. The Kobe IV is still comfortable to this day, and although it has lost the responsiveness in the forefoot (after one week), they still offer good impact protection; the only reason I had to retire those was because they fit half a size too big.

      Foams, from my experience, offer great impact protection, but lose their responsive “bounce” feeling after playing in them for an hour or longer. With my Black Ice Mids, they feel bouncy for the first half hour of play, but after “beating them down a bit”, they feel harder, but still soft enough for good impact protection.

      The only reason I’ve held off on the Kobe 8s right now is because I have the 2k4 retros and those are good enough for me right now. I want shoes that have full length carbon fiber spring plates, plus I already have the Kobe 5s still in good shape. I will definitely buy these when they get cheap enough (or if my tax check is big enough lol).

    2. Adidas use adiprene+ as their cushion with a combination of EVA I think. Micro-G is somehow similar to the Hyperdunks 2012 but a bit more comfortable. I found the Cushlon to be on the harder dense side. the Zoom Air as the most responsive and the Air Max is comfortable but with a different feel on them. for a guard, the obvious recommendation would be a shoe that doesn’t hinder much freedom of movement which would mean not having much ankle lockdown on them.

  35. Great Review as always! Was against the fence on these till now. Hope you do the AJ28. Are you going to get the Aj 1 Royals? If so where? I need those in my life.

  36. Great review.

    I admit that I was also a bit disappointed with the Kobe 7’s, but do like low top basketball shoes with a running shoe feel to it. That these shoes are less than 10 ounces and uses lunarlon are big selling points to me.

    Now, this particular colorway seems to inspire a lot of opinion, both in favor of and against. I think the camo inspired design on the upper may be off putting to some. If it were a straight black upper I think more would like the color. As for me, I liked it at first sight, and the more I look at it, the more I want this colorway. I love black shoes with yellow trim and these may be a bit too “loud” for some but I like it.

  37. I’m little confused about this shoes and all this insoles stuff. I not quite sure if putting custom orthotics would be a problem for Kobe 8′s, because of this lunaron insole. I don’t know if i remove this lunaron insole and put ortho it will be a good idea? Or it’s better to move size .5 up to do it with insole lunaron already in.

    I try to find the option with air zoom on nike id, but there’s no such option. They only desribe something about choosing system but that’s it. Only thing i found in this topic was the insole itself for 40$ but i don’t get it. This insole are zoom air base or what? Because i don’t understand the price of 40$ for typical normal insole, it’s like a said before probably better to remove the lunaron insole and i will get the same without spending my money… Can someone explain me this facts?

    1. it means there is no built-in midsole cushion. it somehow like those barefoot runners and nike free’s. the lunarlon insole itself acts as a midsole and insole in itself, same with the zoom air setup. there are 3 possible cushion setup, 2 of which are offered by Nike such as the Lunarlon and Air Zoom insole. the third type which is custom orthotics is merely a person’s preference if he doesn’t like the 2 setups.

      so it’s like Lunarlon for those who want comfort and better shock absorption, air zoom for responsiveness, and custom orthotics for a person’s specific needs.

      I understand what you mean regards to sizing up and putting an additional insole alongside the provided Nike insoles. I wouldn’t advice this since it would affect the fit and feel would be different than what is expected. if you are going to put a different insole, might as well interchange them rather than stack them together.

      1. Thanks Collins I appreciate that. I still don’t know where to find air zoom unit insole, but i guess it’s not for me anyway, because i must to start using the ortho. So like you said there is only insole system and luck of build in system for this shoes. So i still don’t know what doing the third option that you mentioned, custom ortho. Because it’s not the insole that have some system i guess the thickness is only thing that this specify insole have is ridiculous thickness..So i guess is better to start without them and remove this typical with lunaron, as a i usually did in for example in my KD’s. But in kobe I don’t have and built system, so i think it’s only waste of money.

        1. to be honest, personally it doesn’t make sense when it comes to price point of the shoe if you are going to spent additional for the custom orthotics. but that is exactly the point of having customs. not all feet are created equal and some have specific feet concerns which most consumers don’t.

          I didn’t find the insoles being sold separately at the Nike website as well, so I’m not sure where others have seen them.

  38. Mesh is my concern and feeling of spring/bounce/cushion (psychological). (Yes, I read everything thoroughly:). Just as a question which I should have already figured out after years and years…Should I have gone with the XDRs (assuming I chose “black” for my traction rubber? Indoor use only. (Clean/maintained floors 90% of the time). Is it just thicker and more resilient outdoor or a thinner more pliable rubber is better? In other words…Same rubber just thicker and will it make a difference? Guessing the normal non-translucent would be best? Only around 18 days to wait.

    On a more humorous note…I Guess I can’t sell my Kobe VIIIs if I don’t like them with my nickname on the tongues!! Not as if I would ever sell a shoe…so who am I kidding? Night–Wing in pink…nice touch. Ok I’m done 😉

  39. Nice review bro.

    Still waiting for the review of hypergamer low
    It’s widely worn by guards in the nba so i guess it’s worth a look bro.


  40. Thanks for this review. I have been waiting to hear your thoughts on this shoe since photos surfaced. I think these will be my first Kobe’s and my shoe for 2013 when more colors are introduced.

  41. I just purchased these from a local Footlocker and they are as good as the reviews state.

    The Kobe 8’s definitely have a more lighter and sleeker feel to it than the 7’s. I think these shoes will be perfect for me in the gym when I lift and do whole body exercises, good cushioning but with more stability than a running shoe.

    The upper mesh system seems to have a little more ‘give’ to it than the 7’s. I have slightly wide feet so even though it felt true to size, I wanted a little more width to give me comfort. The uppers don’t seem to stretch as much. If you have wide feet I would get half a size bigger just to be safe. The extra half size gives my feet a little more wiggle room and allows for thicker socks. It also gives room for your feet to ‘swell’ during the course of a basketball game or exercise session. Best thing is to go to a local shoe store and try them on for size.

    This color is a love it or hate it sort of thing but I absolutely love the color combination and it really is striking.

  42. i planned to buy Kobe 8 and i tried it at the local nikestore.

    It is true that the fit is less snug, but i feel less comfort with the lunarlon insole bc It doesnt cover all area of my mid-foot so i guess i need to go up 1/2 size, but the next problem is too much space at the forefoot. I guess that’s why Eastbay lists them as narrow.

    But overall, i found that your review is correct.. a very light shoes with good cushioning and nice upper material. Good review man!

    waiting for the next performance review..

  43. Hi i actually bought the Kobe 7 and i went one size up to US10 because size 9 was too tight. What size should i get for 8 if i am on US10 with kobe 7?

    and i heard there is an asian kobe 8 which is a little different from this.

    do they really make any big difference?

    thank you

  44. Can’t see the rest of the list but im so pleased to see these on top. The Lebron X’s were either really horrible, or im just not used to airmax 360 anymore since the last full on airmax 360 was the Lebron 8 1st gen. This and the CP3 6 are in my rotation. Low cuts baby!

    That’s coming from a Power/Small Forward.

  45. Hi Nightwing! I would like to ask i’m 6″0 tall and has a similar body figure to durant. Can you give me some advise as to what type of shoes should i buy? I usually shoot in mid range, and i like to do fast breaks. what specifically type of shoes should i have? is it kds, lebrons, kobes?

  46. Thanks for doing all these review! I appreciate it
    Btw do you feel the need to wear ankle wraps with these low cuts?

  47. Man, thanks so much for the excellent review!! I almost didn’t try the Kobe 8 because the 7 was so narrow. I have really wide feet and it’s tough to find a good light shoe with solid traction and support. The 8’s are just amazing. Went a half size up and they’re easily the best-fitting and best-performing shoe I’ve ever worn on a court. So fast. Brought my game up a notch for sure. Never woulda tried ’em without your site. Thanks!!

  48. Hey Nightwing, would you say that the Kobe socks, are a glorified version of hospital socks? The ones with the little grips on them so you don’t slip on hospital floors?

  49. Hey Nightwing. Do you know when additional colorways for this shoe will be released at a reatailer as Footlocker?

  50. Hey nightwing, I know you didn’t recommend the Kobe system socks but do you know where I’d be able to find em? Just think that being able to complete the logo with the socks is pretty dop

  51. Hey Nightwing, or any other big men out there…

    Do you think these would have enough cushioning for a power forward or center?

    I’m 6’8″ and 240 pounds. I love light shoes but also need enough cushion.

    Would these work?

    A reply would be awesome!


    1. I’m 6’1 210, and they’re enough cushion for me, but my game is pretty low to the ground. You might wanna try the KDV, those have good cushion imo. I loved the KDV, but returned them because of a pretty nasty hot spot over my right pinky tearing up my toe knuckle. Who knows, they may work better for you.

  52. hey nightwing,

    im a true point gaurd and im really small and fast. i used to ball in some lebron 4’s because of the support and cushion but now the whole bottom of the shoe has completely fallen apart. recently i would have to result in playing in my free runs. i love the light weight, the flex and the ventalation, but i miss the support from my lebron 4’s. im scared i might roll my ankle in my free runs with my play style and do you think that these kobe 8’s would be my answer? or did you have any other shoe that you recommend?

    1. Hi,
      I play with the Kobe 8’s and their support is really good. The fit is super snug and they contain my heels perfectly, plus they are very stable, so my feet don’t move at all even when I make quick stops. I’m a fast point guard like you and I feel perfectly safe in these.
      Hope it helps you.

  53. Hi nightwing, im a power forward , not really that fast, but would these be suitable for me? If no, what other shoes would suit me? And regarding the XDR outsole, where do i get it?

  54. Hi Nightwing,
    I bought these because of your review and I must admit they are fantastic ! I made a second pair on Nike iD with an XDR outsole to play outdoors and the Lunarlon insole feels different, it is a bit softer and even more comfortable, maybe beacause of the color of the material (the insole is a bright lime color).
    Anyway, they fit perfectly well and just as you said they are great for a small fast-paced guard.
    Thanks again for your useful reviews !

  55. Hi Nightwing! I got a size 13 on my hyperdunk 2012 and it feels a little bit narrow do you think i should take sz 13 on the kobe 8 or a sz 14?

  56. Thankfull to your blog i think it’s the best shoe for me but the colorways are so strange ?! I can’t find a color even with Nike Id :/

  57. Hello. Im a point guard and some times shooting guard and Im thinking about new shoes. What would you suggest me? Im thinking about kobe 8 hyperdunk and crazy light 2. Maby u now when nike/adidas will release hyperdunk 2013 or new crazy light ? Thanks for answers.

  58. i miss having low tops for basketball shoes do you recommend this as a low top basketball shoe or the cp3’s? or do you have another choice? please help hahaha thanks

  59. Hey nightwing, contemplating between the Ektio Breakaway and the Kobe 8,
    the thing is, i’m gonna use custom orthotics, since I have right knee pain, plus, I’m playing outdoor and indoor so i’m gonna need a durable shoe.
    So my only option is to buy from nikeID, eitherway, what would you recommend?
    i’m a guard 6’0
    Thanks alot.

    1. You could go with either, just depend on how much hassle you want to got through waiting for the orthodic insert to arrive… unless you buy the shoes online.

      1. Thanks, Well it can take up to 6 weeks to arrive, i’m talking about the nike ID shoes.
        it’s more of a hassle and costs more..
        I guess it’s the breakaway then? gotta try it I guess.
        The breakaway could certainly fit a custom insole?
        Thanks man.

  60. Hey nightwing , to get another lunarlon midsole for these you have to order a whole new pair fr Nike I’D or cam you just by the lunarlon insole separate

  61. Hey nightwing!..hey love what your doin and gr8 job!..was curious if you knew it says “KB24” on the toe box just before the tongue starts? ..its on every colorway but ya gotta look hard, the blue colorway is prob the easiest to see imo…its stitched in there, did ya know?..

  62. I got these in the blue light colorway i got these cuz you said they were good and theyre so comfy and play well. these are my go to shoes and id like to say thanks!

  63. hey i know you dont answer most these comments but i really need help in deciding between these and the lebron x…ive been having a lot of knee joint problems and was wondering whether the foam would be better in these or if the 360 unit would dissipate shock the most. i know in the kobe 6 the heel was suppose to take stress of the back and joints do any of these recent shoes do that?

  64. I really love your reviews. Whenever i need advice on basketball related products, you are the most credible source I know of. I really need your help on this. I am a guard and after watching your reviews I have come down to 2 sneakers…the kobe 8 and the cp3.6. I just want to know that in your opinion, which sneaker is best for overall performance, fit, and which ones will last longer? Thanks

  65. Beside being a big fan og kobe, your review of the shoe was the one that sealed the deal into buying this awesome guard shoes!..this shoe really fixed stuffs that went wrong with the kobe 7. Kobe 7 was not a bad shoe it was not really just that great…but the 8 was like sex on feet! the traction like you mentioned was crazy, the lockdown support in the ankle was a phenom and to think I went a size up, from a 11 to a 12 because of my wide feet!..the designed at first was a ‘nah!’ but eventually it grew on me to the point that Im really loving the look now!…I think im gonna buy more of this on different colorways…rock on nightwing!!

  66. I don’t know if it’s my foot (am flexi-flat footed) but the carbon fiber on the side of my kobe 8 is cracking up. What do you suggest? Help!

  67. Your reviews are on point Nightwing2303.

    I’m a Chicago hooper who usually loves playing in LBJ’s but as of late I’ve had a few issues with my X’s. 1) the translucent soles on my volts 🙁 I won’t hoop in these in another indoor court. 2) the “wide” feel or “roomy” feel has me slipping during hard cuts and in ‘D’.
    Things I love about the brons’ cushion cushion cushion. And did I say cushion?

    But thinking back on my last few games and playoff starting tomorrow. I’ve watching yours and kick geniuses performance vids about a dozen times and decided to take the jump.

    My only other question is I’m a 6’1″ 225lbs small forward. I hear you praise the shoe for guard play. I hear Kobe say just trust the shoe. But I’m a forward that loves to pass crash the board and start or finish those fast breaks.

    Holla at me, What do you think? It’s my 1st low top hooper.

  68. I have i squeaking problem with the kobe 7’s
    Every time i walk or just move my foot on the floor it makes an annoying squeak
    It’s probably cause of the interchangeable midsoles.
    Do the kobe 8’s still have those problems?
    Thanks man.
    Looks like these shoes are performance beasts.

  69. I’m 6’2 and 140 pounds.
    I’m skinny and i play center in highschool. (But i play point forward when i’m not in school)
    I’m quick for a center cause i’m very light so i tried buying a low cut shoe such as the kobe 7’s and as we all know. Those shoes suck. Too bad.
    Can’t wait to have my own pair of kobe 8’s
    Thanks bro. Nice review.

  70. I’m 6’2 and 140 pounds.
    I’m skinny and i play center in highschool. (But i play point forward when i’m not in school)
    I’m quick for a center cause i’m very light so i tried buying a low cut shoe such as the kobe 7’s and as we all know. Those shoes suck. Too bad.
    Can’t wait to have my own pair of kobe 8’s
    Thanks bro. Nice review!

  71. What do you think about adding zoom air to lunarlon cushioning, I was expecting that in the Elite series edition, but guess not.

  72. @Nightwing2303 is this the same fit as the hyperdunk 2012 because I’m wide footed Thanks alot
    just a suggestion when you do reviews can you also tell the fit of the shoe for wide footed people? thanks keep up the good reviews!

  73. After playing with this along with the Lunar HD. I can definitely say that I’m falling in love with foam cushioning more and more. Especially with the inconvenience I’m getting with my HD2011s. The forefoot zoom on my right shoe is way higher than the midsole that it gives me a sore forefoot after hours of playing. :/

  74. I have the lebron zoom soldier 6 and they fit me perfeclty in terms of width. Are the kobe 8’s more narrow or the same?

  75. I am 140 pounds and 5′ 6”, I can play any position but which shoe should I get when I want speed and security, KD V or Kobe 8?

  76. i’m a big fan of your site, wanted to check with you on the overall durability of the engineered mesh on the Kobe 8. Do they scuff easily? How do they hold up after your tests? i plan to purchase them as my go to pair for basketball.

    1. The only place that the kobes scuff is where the fuse overlay is. Ive had mine for about 4 months and play basketball 4-5 times a week for 4 or so hours and the engineered mesh holds up really well.

  77. Hey nice review! You forgot to mention the thin-ness if the midsole/outsole though. They are much thinner than anyother shoes and they give superb courtfeel. I have to say that heel support isnt great. The plush collar does hug tightly but i feel its a bit roomy inside. Maybe its just me.

      1. It’s actually the 1mm rubber outsole that gives the court feel on the Kobe 8, which is extremely low to the ground. Along with the flexible upper

  78. Hey nightwing2303
    can you suggest me which shoe is better
    i am on the fence about getting D Rose 3 or Kobe 8 system
    (btw i usually play on outdoors)

  79. I have a Question.. How do you fix the paint (luminescint, A.k.a Glow in the dark paint) on the swoosh Nike sign on the Kobe 8 ASG/Area 72?!

  80. Kobe 8 are good shoes but the phylon midsole and rubber outsoles doesn’t look firm like the kobe vii but the design look fluent

  81. Kobe 8 or HD 2012 lows? And i am a PF who loves drive to the basket. And deffinedly i need low cut shoes

  82. Who suffered injuries while wearing this shoe? Kobe did for one. Me and my friends are also having several foot issues when we started using this shoe. I started to hurt the arch of my foot like a nerve problem and this is the first time that this happened to me. The shoe is great but I’m just not sure if it’s too soft especially at the bottom sole part that it bends too much. Any feedback would be great

  83. hi nightwing i jut switched to a size 9 shoe but my dad said that it would be good if i got size 9.5 of the kobe 8 because i would grow into them will they be enough? will they work to their full capasity? Should i should i send them back?
    thanks logn

  84. Hello,

    Been reading and enjoying your reviews for a while now. Just got a huge blister on the arch of my foot from the kobe 7’s, which has never happened to me before. Am i safe to go with the kobe 8’s or are they just to narrow?


  85. after drooling over this performance review, and the overall shape of the shoe, i finally found a pair worth buying with the blitz blue. but something weird happened during the three days i have played in them.

    the traction is slippery? is this possible? i understand that the blitz blue is slightly translucent, but slippery?

    anyone hypothesis as to why? everything else is so awesome 😀

  86. awesome review nightwing!!!
    by the way what would u prefer,the kobe 8 or crazy qiuck for a player who has the same playing stlye as drose.

  87. These shoes were the best fitting upper and best flexibility shoes with a midfoot shank built in i have ever put on my feet by far. Such a natural feel and the more dense lunarlon is way better than hyperdunk 2012 (which only lasted me 3 months b4 my heel sank in the lunar pod and arches hurt) i was excited by the moulded lunarlon midsole to keep my flat feet supported but being so flexible and narrow with my wide feet just didnt work. My wide foot streached the shoe shell out as its so flexible but the lunarlon midsole stayed skinny…so my foot basically hung over the side edge of midsole pushing shoe edge out creating a gap annd sitting in that gap bummer cos i loved the shoe and thought it truly wicked! Me and my brother are both a size 13 shoe so we get to try a few shoes out

  88. On NikeID, it has a midsole option by default, does that mean it would be like that in the regular version now? And with the price drop, would you recommend the Elites? And, lastly, would you recommend the LBJ X Elite and LBJ 11 as good guard shoes, as both feel light and amazing on my feet.

  89. Hi do you think i should get kobe 8s and the hyperdunk 2013 or just get two pairs of kobes or just one pair of kobe 8s because i can get half off at nike cause my dads friend works at nike store so please tell me what u think is best cause im afraid the kobes will wear out if i use them on cement/asphalt thatsh why i might get two pairs thanks.

  90. Hi,

    I was wondering if there are still any available insole options. Nike is not selling them separately anymore and I was wondering what will happen after the lunarlon insole wears off? Does anybody here know how the insole is holding up after a year or two of use? Because the build quality of the shoe becomes irrelevant if it isn’t matched by the durability of the lunarlon foam.
    Any advices?


  91. Is there any way to strengthen and extend the durability of my Kobe’s traction? THANK YOU VERY MUCH =)))

  92. Where can i get these. In the find shoe thing it says retail $140 where could i get it at that price?

  93. I love the Kobe 8’s but wear a custom orthotic. I can’t find the “zoom air laced orthotic ready insole option ” you talked about. I looked on Nike ID. and I called Nike customer service. Any tips where I can get it?

  94. 2015 and I just got my first pair last month. These are amazing. Got my second pair today. I’m. A wide footer and these were solid half a size up. Good traction on dusty courts but you don’t get the squeaking sound unless on hardwood. Light weight, low cut, full ankle mobility. Lacing system is solid. No complaints.

  95. What is the closest shoe in comparison to the Kobe 8 System’s nowadays? This has been my favorite shoe i’ve ever used but mine have no tread left and are too slippery. I’ve tried the mentality 2’s which are similar once really broken in but very uncomfortable in comparison. Are there any others that match the lightness and court feel?

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