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adidas D Rose 6 PrimeKnit Performance Review

adidas killed it with the D Lillard 2, and they had another hit or miss with the D Rose 6 due to each material option offering a slightly altered fit. However, they hit it out of the park with the D Rose 6 PrimeKnit and they’re easily one of the best shoes I’ve ever played in. Yeah, you read that right. The adidas D Rose 6 PrimeKnit is one of the best shoes I’ve ever played in. If only every colorway of the Rose 6 offered PrimeKnit as an option then they may have stolen the number one spot of year in terms of performance.

In the event that you wanted my thoughts on how the D Rose 6 PrimeKnit played on-court then here is my performance review. I quickly go over the traction and cushion since the tooling didn’t change at all, and then elaborate a bit more on why these were better than the original D Rose 6 when it came to the materials, fit and support sections.

The original adidas D Rose Performance Review can be viewed here.

You can check out the performance review below, only in video format this time — sorry — so feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions that may have not been answered within the review, and thank you for watching!

The adidas D Rose 6 PrimeKnit also happens to be on-sale as well — here — if anyone is interested.

adidas D Rose 6 PrimeKnit Performance Review Score

  1. Whoa, didn’t think you’d bother….especially at this point. I know Zak liked it a lot, though. That good, eh?

    Didn’t realize the tongue was thinner, too (never saw the pair in person). Might want a pair to beat up. Just that colorway….

  2. Have a couple of issues with these
    1. Just like D Lillard 2, fits 1/2 size big, adidas has been having sizing issues since their TS years, which started like 10 years ago.
    2. The craftsmanship of my pair is pretty bad. Had a major hot spot due to terrible stitching work, but I was able to fix it by cutting a big hard thread-chunk off.
    3. There is no padding in the toe area, and that purple plastic bar in the front is pretty hard. I wish shoes nowadays would have more padding, like how they were in the 90s

    Personally, I’d still choose D Rose 5 Chicago Ice over these. Those were great shoes, and the only problem I had with them was the laces’ being too short.

    1. the chicago ice and the brenda woven colorways are really excellent basketball shoes, adidas can really do uppers properly when they want to…
      (you’re right about the laces, too)

      1. btw as long as we’re on the subject of adidas woven uppers, i’ve always thought that the j wall 1 woven paisley was one of the best looking uppers i’ve seen…if i ever find those for real cheap i would cop immediately just to stare at them

    2. well, most brands nowadays are not really accurate with their sizing, this include Nike and JB. not just Adidas. on a few occasions, 1 shoe is smaller than the other despite what size was indicated. there are couple of times that I have to switch one shoe with another shoe’s pair to get both sizes right. and both my feet are just the same length.

  3. lillard 2 half size down , but drose 6 primeknite was definitely true to size ! i dont know why? maybe because i play in double sock… or when you go up sizes from 10 , something changes in fit?

  4. On the video, you said that the D Rose 6 is the best cushioned shoe for basketball. The Rose 7 will be thicker and more unlocked. Do you think that the KD9 with the full lenght 16mm max zoom unit in the heel and the 10mm zoom in the forefoot will outperform the Rose 7 or boost will stay as the top cushion?

        1. Nah, you can’t seriously think a few mm thick plastic bag filled with air offers more protection than an entire midsole made out of an energy absorbing material. It’s just doesn’t, nor does it even make sense. If Air units aren’t used in conjunction with good foam then we’ve all experienced the outcome… shitty dense cushion.

          Boost > Air

  5. Was torn between these and the D Lillard 2 for ages. Love the primeknit on the CLB2015 but the traction is beginning to go. I wanted the D-Rose as the colours are more out there (team kit is boring black/red so like to add a splash of colour) but couldn’t justify the price difference. We still get spanked for sporting goods in the UK. D-Lils are £95 ($135) and the D-Rose Boost is £150 ($225). Hoping the Lillards are as beastly as you say they are.

  6. I agree with you on the boost helping out achy legs and feet. My knees usually hurt after playing, but ever since I got the Rose 6 I’ve been icing a lot less and can play on multiple consecutive days. Its been great for my high-mileage legs. Its definitely the best impact protection cushion I’ve tried, even better than the best zoom(though good zoom is still great for responsive, quick cushioning).

    You do lose some court feel and a teensy bit of quickness since the cushion is so plush, but to save my knees its a no-brainer trade off. Whoever has knee or foot issues should definitely give it a shot. My only issue is the outsole is not the most durable, but the next crazylight looks like it’ll last longer with the Continental rubber.

  7. i’m really tempted to get these, waiting for the price to fall like the rest of the colorways…
    being a massive fan of the cl boost 2015, i have to say that primeknit is the best feeling material i have ever used for basketball, save for the techfit on the crazyquick maybe…some people have complained about containment with the primeknit (the knit being too soft and not supportive enough), but i LOVE it, in terms of comfort and flexibility it’s really second to none

  8. Hey Nightwing,
    I know that the Jordan 29 low and Rose 6 Primeknit received similar scores for traction and fit (what I usually look for in a shoe). Which has a better fit and better traction on multiple surfaces?

  9. Wow, my physical ailments are nearly identical and I have been on a search to find that perfect shoe to help alleviate some of my pain. In addition to cushion and support, my perfect shoe must accommodate custom orthotics. My thorough search (20 + pairs) has landed me on the 2014 hyperrev (I prefer lows) mostly because it’s good with the orthotic.

    Do you ever test with orthotics or does that hinder the weartest?

  10. Hey Chris, great review as always. Look forward to your take on every shoe you review. I also have feet issues and the D Rose 6 that I picked up helped to keep me on the court, so I feel you there. Also agree with the complaint that this is the only colorway with Primeknit. Come on Adidas.

    Great comments on what to look for in reviews as well. Too many reviews out there with “feels nice” “they’re cool” and “did the job” instead of why and how. Keep up the great work.

  11. Damn, these sound amazing! Great review as always, always appreciate the insight, weartesters always keeping it real.

  12. NW, you’re just getting older, not old. It’s all relative… I play with guys my age in their 40s and I’m ultra competitive and play to win. Against teens and 20 somethings, I’m there just to get my cardio in.

    1. Getting old is the same thing as getting older lol. I play to win no matter the competition. Just harder to do it against the younger gen now with their fresh legs.

      1. well it’s kinda sad really because sometimes you feel you can take those younger guys as far as skill sets are concerned but realize your body is no longer up to it. so far, the shoe does give you that extra mileage despite the downhill spiral.

        also, we need to change our game.

      2. He didn’t say getting old isn’t getting older. He said you’re not old, you’re just getting older.

  13. I was surprise with the new icon, man it’s dope. Adidas will top the other sneaker brands if they continue evolving, just my thought.

  14. So NightW I wear a 13 and they do not have 12.5 even tho i am not a fan of the color way im still interested to cop these. How much does the 1/2 matter since i am unable to drop a half size down is it still worth the buy?

  15. If only the lacing system was applied to the Xeno drose! IMO the xeno is the best colorway for me while I still have the primeknit feel (Not primeknit) with a more softer and comfortable foamy upper. Still being passed in my place which is good. Give it 1 more month and it will be on clearance. That is the time I’ll have my 2nd pair.

  16. I’m gonna do the Kanya.

    the D rose 6 is my favorite performance basketball shoe of all time. “OF ALL TIME”

  17. Compared to other colorways, this primeknit version is selling out fast,

    As seen at adidas.com,

    Already have two D Rose 6 colorways, I might consider a third one ^^

  18. Hey Nightwing! Just wanted to say thanks for all your work !
    As you said, it’s all about getting the right information in order to choose the shoes that are right for you. Actually I have my current rotation (Jordan SuperFly 2, DLillard 2, Anatomix Spawn 2.0 mids) thanks to you and I feel really great about all my shoes.
    Thanks again man and keep up the good work!

  19. I bought these on your recommendation Nightwing, also because of my man Prince. Purple Rain like a muddafugga…..decent shoe, changed the insole to get more firmness going on, looking forward to see what else they will come up with, especially if they do a BOUNCE heel and BOOST forefoot combo.

  20. The improved lock down and heel fit coupled with a less plush tongue sold me on getting this colorway. Looking forward to getting my pair and seeing how they play differently then my white/grey pair. Definitely like how Boost feels on my older knees.

  21. As much as I want these, I think I will try to resist the urge to get them and just hold out for the 7th. Good luck with that lol.

  22. Nope! No questions at all.
    Once again, thanks for the good job you’re doing. Apart from the details of the sneakers themselves, I also paid attention to your video contents and I like the matrix high tech thing you did when featuring the scores for the traction and cushion….really cool.
    Man you doing great and I really appreciate your work!

  23. Hey Nightwing. I’ve recently started watching your reviews and I really appreciate the useful information that you are putting out. With that being said, I tried going to a few stores to try the D Rose 6’s in person and none of the stores I went to had the shoe. However, I did get to try on the Kobe Mentality 2’s (which I liked but I really want to try the D Rose 6) and I felt like the 10.5 size felt the best to me as size 10 was too a little too tight for my forefeet. With this in mind, would you be able to recommend a sizing for these primeknit versions of the D Rose 6? I know you said you went a half size down for these but it’s hard for me to put it in perspective since many of the shoes I wear are vastly different at the same size.

  24. Nightwing – I keep seeing comments on amazon, eastbay and a few other sites that mention these shoes have terrible ankle support. You didn’t mention that in your previous performance review of the primeknit review.

    Can you comment on the support provided for your ankle?

    Also you mentioned going a half-size down. I am a 12.5 in Nike’s, think shooting for a 12 is right in these?

  25. Nightwing – I keep seeing comments that these shoes (both the original colors and the primeknit) have terrible ankle support.

    You mentioned these were comfortable and had great support. Did that extend to ankle support?


  26. Good Job adidas. The BRED 6 was a great shoe. I Can’t wait for the Aurora Borealis to arrive. Purple Rain

  27. I love this setup, best one for my old knees and back, and I love full length boost. Only problem is I play outdoors a lot. Traction won’t last…

  28. Nightwing. i have a question, what is better d rose 6 primeknit or xx9 low jordan? i want to buy one of them. what is better?

  29. Nightwing i have a question. What is better d rose 6 primeknit or jordan xx9 low? I want to buy it, but which one is better?

  30. Hey Nightwing. I ended up ordering these online after my previous comment in the size that I usually wear since I figured a bit too big is better than a bit too small if it came down to it. My pair came in today and I can definitely see why you suggested a half size down although I think it is fine in the size that I got as well (at least for now). I just wanted to thank you for the review which ultimately led me to buying these awesome shoes. I’m looking forward to putting in some quality game time with these.

  31. Night, thanks for this awesome review, went with the D Rose 6 home white/black mesh colorway, mostly for the boost. I, like you, have been getting older and now in my mid 30s my knees are having patellar tendinitis and some lower back pains. The DRose 6 definitely makes the day after hooping so much more enjoyable, now all I feel is actual muscle fatigue from playing longer and harder. Hardly any joint pains at all. Now I just wish I waited for the primeknit versions… hopefully another colorway comes out in primeknit b/c I will definitely pick up a pair on discount in a couple months to eventually replace my current pair.

  32. I played a few times in the D Rose 6 Mesh and while the cushion was great my toes were hitting something hard at the front of the shoe. To the point that my toes still hurt the next day so I returned them. I went with my normal basketball shoe size. Have you experience this issue in any of the D Rose 6s? I’m getting old like you and need the extra cushion for my knees and joints. Do you think the Primeknit version would resolve my issue? Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  33. Hey Knightwing,

    Greetings from Guatemala.

    I currently use mcdavid ankle braces (level 3), should I buy these in a size 10 for a better fit eventhough I regularly use 10.5?

    Excellent performance!

  34. I don’t understand people complaining about the lacing system on the standard D Rose 6. I have the black simil-leather one and i can lace them up so tight my ankle can feel the pain. I actually need to loosen em up a bit. I went half size dow. Awesome shoes, this is for sure.

  35. How’s your Primeknit holding up? Really tempted to cop a pair of these instead of the synthetic Brendas,only thing that’s bothering me is the durability issues. I play almost 5 times a week (indoors and rubberized outdoors) and if your DRose’s Primeknit holds up from regular play,i’m getting myself the Primeknits. You’re right about the Boost though,saved me a lot of downtime from my fasciitis.

    Btw,i’m using the synthetic black Aways on my court runs.

  36. Just bought these to try out based off the excellent reviews. The boost feels great, but I am skeptical over its longetivity. How are your pairs holding up?

    Ankle lockdown isn’t so great. I think a couple more eyelets would help. It plays more like a lowtop. I’ve also tried on the drose 7. There’s more heel and ankle lockdown, but doesn’t feel as comfy as the 6.

    These actually remind of the Kobe I. Good traction, very comfortable, but I couldn’t get great lockdown at the ankle due to the elastic part.

  37. Since you’ve tried and reviewed the adidas crazy ecplosive, which one do you like more? They’re both primeknit and feature full length boost. Im just wondering.

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