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11 Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Best Budget Basketball Shoes

For some odd reason, when a sneaker is considered “budget” or “cheap,” it is almost frowned upon and some may feel judged for buying and liking these kinds of sneakers. But, let’s be real, all we’re after is the best basketball shoes available and that can come at any price point.

And if we can get that kind of performance for a cheaper price, say less than $100, then it’s a steal. To help you in deciding which of the many budget models out there are for you, take a look at the list we’ve made below of the best budget basketball shoes.

Last updated 05.22.2022

Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Performance Models

Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Nike LeBron Witness 6

Nike LeBron Witness 6

The Nike LeBron Witness 6 begs the question: where else would you find nearly full-length Air for $100? Shoes like the Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 10 offering full-length Air encased in polyurethane and Jordan Brand charges us almost $200 for those. The support features are another aspect that draws attention, especially with the rubber piece in the heel that for sure will lessen the probability of injuries. This shoe is proof of how much budget models have evolved and improved over the years. Easily one of the best budget basketball shoes available. Read the full review. Price: $100

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Nike Air Max Impact 3

Nike Air Max Impact 3

The Nike Air Max Impact 3 is absolutely the best budget model in the market today. The cushion provides the biggest bang for your buck. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable for what is most likely Phylon. Add that to an upper that’s soft and needs no break-in time and you have a great feeling shoe. Support is terrific with two outriggers and the fit is wide-foot friendly. There’s really no other shoe under $100 that performs this well, this consistently. Read the full review. Price: $90

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Nike Giannis Immortality

Nike Giannis Immortality

The Nike Giannis Immortality was released during the Milwaukee Bucks’ Finals run, and it was interesting that PJ Tucker was the one to first wear them on court. The biggest drawback is the lateral containment. Though there is an outrigger, the sculpted heel makes for a bit of a wobbly ride. Cushion, though, did decently protect from impact. Wide-footers will also love the fit. The Giannins Immortality is one of the best budget basketball shoes, and better than the signature model. Read the full review. Price: $80

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Puma Court Rider

Puma Court Rider

The Puma Court Rider is best known as LaMelo Ball’s shoe before he got his own signature sneaker, the Melo 1. Though he is 6’8” and can jump, he’s still a point guard. And that usually means preferring a lower-to-the-ground ride than most, which is the case with the Court Rider. What makes these more interesting are the layers of materials, a rarity nowadays. Puma has been doing a great job with their basketball shoes, and these are their best budget basketball shoes. Read the full review. Price: $100

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Nike Renew Elevate 2 No Background

Nike Renew Elevate 2

The Nike Renew Elevate 2 is the second-best budget model currently available. The materials are supportive but also breathable. The fit is very one-to-one. The cushion is minimal and nimble in the forefoot, while the heel has a dual-density setup with a much softer foam closest to the ground. And the traction is straight-up beastly on any floor. Just beware of the much-needed break-in time. Price: $80

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Nike Precision 5

Nike Precision 5

The Nike Precision 5 is another budget model that isn’t too popular but performs pretty well for its price point. The Phylon used here is decent. It isn’t anything crazy, but it should get the job done, especially outdoors. The real highlight of the shoe is the traction. The bite was really good and Nike did a great job of not messing up herringbone and used the right rubber compound. These for sure aren’t going to blow you away, but it’s a decent option. Plus, there’s a Flyease version. Price: $70

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: adidas Harden Stepback 2

adidas Harden Stepback 2

It’s not typical for a budget model to outperform its signature counterpart, but such is the case with the Harden Stepback 2. The Harden Vol. 5 didn’t live up to expectations and the Beard’s supporters much prefer the takedown. With a full-length Bounce midsole and decent materials with overlays, these were a viable option on the court. The midfoot is just a bit tight, but the length is perfect. Try them on in-store if at all possible. Read the full review. Price: $80

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash

Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash

The Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash is Stephen Curry’s mid-tier model that goes almost unnoticed. However, it does pack a very stable and balanced ride, which is to be expected with any Curry model at this point. They offer a stable base that resembles that of the Air Jordan 18, but the fit is just right and should accommodate most foot shapes and sizes. Flat footers will be especially happy with these as the midfoot is adequately spacious. Read the full review. Price: $110

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Buy Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash
Crossover Culture Menace "Snow Patrol"

Crossover Culture Menace

The Cross Over Culture Menace is one of the year’s biggest sleepers. The traction on this shoe is awesome, as simple as that and the materials are also great. The upper combines quality leather and a synthetic rip stop, proving that these two types of materials can coexist and offer top-notch performance. The cushion foam-based and it’s more on the responsive side, so if you like that type of setup, you will love these. One of the best budget basketball shoes available from a brand you might not be familiar with. Read the full review. Price: $52.98 $115

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: Under Armour Curry 3Z5

Under Armour Curry 3Z5

The Under Armour Curry 3Z5 is the successor to the previously well-known 3Zero line. The shoe really does look basic, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Aesthetics do not equal performance anyway. There are synthetic leather overlays on the mesh build, which combines quick to no break-in time with good containment and added durability. The MicroG used feels fluffy and very responsive as the cut is thin. Wide footers can also go true to size. Read the full review.Price: $80

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes: adidas Pro N3XT 2021

adidas Pro N3XT 2021

The adidas Pro N3XT 2021 is one of those shoes that has good aspects that may sell themselves. Also,some not-so-good aspects that might make you walk away. The greatest thing about them is the fit. Fit is true-to-size, which isn’t always the case with adidas. The aesthetics also resemble other models from the brand like the adidas Exhibit A. If you prefer really minimal cushion, like almost no impact protection, and a durable outsole that’ll last a while, look no further. Read the full review. Price: $70

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