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Best Basketball Shoes By Position 2024

best basketball shoes by position

Basketball in recent years has become a position-less game. Centers like Nikola Jokic are passing and dribbling the rock, similar to how guards like Chris Paul have done it for years. We see point guard-sized players like Ja Morant posterizing big men and scoring more than they facilitate, and even 6’6″ centers like Grant Williams or PJ Tucker that are tremendously effective on defense and spacing the floor on offense. So finding the best basketball shoes by position can be harder than it seems. Size and playing style are still factors on the court, and therefore elements to consider when choosing the best basketball shoe for your “position”.

Signature basketball shoes are of course designed to cater to the player and playing style of the signature athlete, so it should be as easy as grabbing the signature model of a player that plays your same position, right? Well, not really. There are Kyrie models that are better suited for shooting guards, even though Kyrie is a point guard, and non of Giannis Antentokoumpo’s shoes seemed to be designed for a power forward.

If you have a particular playing style, you will need a particular type of shoe that can keep up with your game. If you play more like a point guard you are probably quicker and shiftier and your job is to set up the offense and ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. If you are more of a shooting guard style player you can score and shoot, and you need to spot up and change directions in a hurry, and we see three-and-D players more often now.

Small forwards are likely two-way players and can mostly do a little bit of everything from offense to defense. Power forwards give that scoring threat from the post and help box out on rebounds. Centers anchor the defense and ensure that nobody gets in the paint uncontested.

If you’re looking for the best basketball shoe for a particular position, you are in the right place. We test hundreds of pairs each year that fit various positions and playing styles to find the best basketball shoes overall. So, with all this being said, let’s get to all the best basketball shoes by position that are currently available.

You can also check out our full lists of the best basketball shoes for point guards, the best basketball shoes for shooting guards, the best basketball shoes for small forwards, the best basketball shoes for power forwards, and the best basketball shoes for centers if you want to see more choices.

Last update 06.29.2024

Best Basketball Shoes By Position 2024

Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards

Nike Sabrina 2

The Nike Sabrina 1 was our top pick in this category last year, and the fact of the matter is that as good as the first Sabrina 1, the Sabrina 2 may be just a little bit better all around. So, easy pick. Read the full review. Price $130

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Buy Nike Sabrina 2 at DSG #nike_FQ2174-500

Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards

adidas AE 1

adidas has been having a bit of a resurgence in the performance basketball market. The Harden Vol 7 was fantastic, the Trae Young 3 was very solid, and now we have the AE 1, Anthony Edwards’ first signature shoe, and, it is a top-tier performance basketball shoe and one of the best first signature shoes we have ever seen. The AE 1 might end up being the best overall basketball shoe of 2024, but even if it doesn’t end up at that level, it’s an excellent basketball shoe and easily one of the best adidas basketball shoes you can buy. Read full review. Price $120.

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Buy adidas AE 1

Best Basketball Shoes for Small Forwards

Nike LeBron 21

The Nike LeBron 21 promises to be a beast on court. It can be described as a remix of the Nike LeBron 20, and that shoe was amazing, in particular, it is amazing for versatile positions like Small Forward. Barring any unfortunate surprises, this will be one of the top models this year, one of the most universal, and one of the most comfortable on court, as well as an attainable Kobe substitute. Read the full review. Price: $200

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Best Basketball Shoes for Power Forwards

Puma MB 03

The Puma MB 03 might just be the best LaMelo signature shoe to date, which is saying something. In terms of on-court performance, the Puma MB 01 is hard to beat, but the MB 03 features better materials, and, in our opinion, a more refined and unique design, which might just clinch the W. Read the full review. Price: $130

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Buy Puma MB 03

Best Basketball Shoes for Centers

Nike GT Jump 2

It’s nice to see the changes Nike made in this shoe. They have taken everything that was great in the first model and tweaked it to make the GT Jump 2 that much better as a performance basketball shoe. But this shoe is still one of the best-cushioned shoes we have ever seen, which, combined with the upgraded materials and fit make it the best basketball shoe for centers you can pick up right now. Read the full review.

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