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Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes 2024


Under Armour basketball shoes weren’t that popular and were pretty much under the radar for quite some time. Not a lot of NBA players wore them (shout out to the OG Under Armour NBA athlete, Brandon Jennings) and only a few people really knew that the brand offered basketball shoes. But when you sign one of the most influential players of all time in Stephen Curry, all that changes. Now all the kids want to be like him and, consequently, want to wear his sneakers. But there is a lot more to Under Armour basketball shoes than just the Curry line.

As Under Armour tries to be competitive with the biggest brands in sportswear, namely Nike and adidas, they have continued to put out sneakers that cater to guards, wings, bigs, and anyone who’s looking to stay within a budget but get a good performer. The Curry line, in particular, has consistently produced some of the best-performing shoes every season, and the newer Embiid line has been great up to now. All this to say that Under Armour basketball shoes are always a solid choice.

We at WearTesters have tried and tested pretty much all the basketball footwear from the brand and we’re now ready to present you with the list of the best Under Armour basketball shoes currently available. You can also check our list of the best basketball shoes overall for a bit more context.

Last updated 03.21.2024

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes Overall 2024

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoe 2024

Curry 11

Under Armour’s approach to designing Curry shoes in recent years has apparently been “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This has worked out well, as the Curry 8, the Curry 9, and the Curry 10 have all been excellent performance models, and each has improved slightly on the last. With the Curry 11 we might have reached the pinnacle of this approach. The one weakness of all the Flow Curry models has been the cushioning. Not that it was bad in any way, but Flow for basketball has been dense and neutral feeling underfoot, making the shoes that feature it fairly niche items.

With this new dual-density iteration of Flow, that one weakness has been addressed. This shoe has everything you know and love from the Curry signature line, with softer, bouncier cushioning. Read the full review. Price: $160

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Buy Curry 11
Under Armour Flow FUTR 3

Under Armour Flow FUTR X 3

The Under Armour Flow FUTR X 3 is a great model if you want to try Under Armour’s Flow technology and you don’t want something a bit cheaper than the flagship Curry model. Aside from featuring full-length Flow, we have UA’s IntelliKnit which is light and breathable, and at the same time supportive, 2 straps in the heel for elevated fit & lockdown, and a Pebax shank plate for midfoot stability. A very solid hoop shoe all around. Price: $125

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Buy Under Armour Flow FUTR X 3

Under Armour FUTR X ELITE

The Under Armour FUTR X ELITE is a weird basketball shoe, not in a bad way, but there really isn’t another performance basketball shoe out there quite like the FUTR X. Traction is top-notch, cushioning is responsive and speedy, support and containment are awesome, the one sticking point is the fit. You might love it, you might hate it, but in our opinion, it’s not optimal for performance. Read the full review. Price: $150

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Buy Under Armour FUTR X ELITE

Curry 10

The Curry 10 is a great follow-up to the previous iteration, the Under Armour Curry 9. All of the little nitpicks that users had with the last one have been fixed with the most recent version. The sole retains the Flow technology that we loved, plus the upper is reinforced so that the material doesn’t stretch too much. Entry and exit are smooth and you get a more customizable feel and fit. One of the best shoes of 2022. Read the full review. Price: $160

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Buy Curry 10

Best Outdoor Under Armour Basketball Shoes 2023

Curry 3Z6

Curry 3Z6

The Curry 3Z6 is solid, though some aspects need improvement. Our favorite feature is the traction. It’s thick and grips well on all courts, including concrete and blacktop outdoor courts. You’ll enjoy a stable ride if you can deal with the minimal MicroG midsole. These shoes are an excellent option for shooters who need a solid, flat base. Plus, they’re easy on the wallet. See the full review. Price: $80

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Buy Curry 3Z6
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