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11 Best Basketball Training Shoes

best basketball training shoes

Basketball isn’t just about what you do on the court. As we’ve learned from the greats like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, the work starts off the court. But you can’t just train for training’s sake. There has to be intention and planning incorporated with it. If not, you risk underdeveloping the correct muscle groups and increasing the likelihood of serious injury. Part of staying healthy is making sure you do plenty of off-court training. With that in mind, these are the Best Basketball Training Shoes currently available.

Basketball training usually includes a lot of plyometrics and dynamic movements. And some workouts even mimic moves you’d make in games. With that in mind, you want a shoe that’s stable for lateral and explosive moves, some extra cushion for impact protection, and at the same time allows you to lift weights effectively. The shoes listed here are versatile enough for both types of training, which is a rarer combination than you’d think.

At WearTesters, we test hundreds of sneakers each year. To put together this list, we found outstanding basketball training performers that can offer a little bit of everything. We chose shoes that cushion jumps and sprints, that can grip the floor like no one’s business, and remain stable throughout all workouts. Basketball training is no easy task for one shoe, but we think you’ll enjoy our picks for the best basketball training shoes.

Categories are used below so you can easily find what’s important to you. If you know what you need, you can simply click the category link. If not, feel free to browse the whole list.

Updated: 7.25.2022

Best Basketball Training Shoes

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3 was made specifically for HIIT (high-intensity interval training), though you can use it for much more. The Zoom Air pods are perfect for jumping and plyometrics because they provide bounce and impact protection. You can also run on the treadmill in these with no issues, but be sure to get a feel for the arch support as it won’t be enough for some people. The foam midsole is plush and comfortable, so even walking to and from the gym in these is a treat. See the full review. Price: $120

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Under Armour Project Rock 4

Under Armour Project Rock 4

The Under Armour Project Rock 4’s midsole is softer than the previous iterations, thus making the shoe better for basketball training. The soft cushioning does cause the heel to crash a little on squats and lunges, but the TriBase midsole geometry mitigates that fairly well. The traction and stability are fantastic and shine when doing drills. The Project Rock 4 is a shoe that can do everything without any significant drawbacks. You’ll get the most out of it during workouts that require running and jumping in addition to traditional strength work. Price: $150

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Reebok Nano 6000

The Reebok Nano 6000 has a generous fit for just about everyone. The excellent wide forefoot means no pinky toes getting crunched. The Nano 6000 is also versatile, which means it can handle various basketball training exercises. It doesn’t do any one thing perfectly, but it’s a jack of all trades.

The knit, nylon, fuse, and synthetic suede upper doesn’t feel premium, but it gets the job done and can be worn casually. Is the Nano 6000 great? No. But Nano fans get what they’re used to (with minor tweaks). Remember to go down a half size as the Nano 6000 runs long. Price: $135

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goruck ballistic trainer

GORUCK Ballistic Trainer

The GORUCK Ballistic Trainer may not stand out visually but never judge a book by its cover or a shoe by its picture. The upper uses a ballistic Cordura mesh which is soft and flexible. The Ballistic Trainer features Gradient Density EVA foam for the cushion, which means the shoe is more cushioned in the forefoot to accommodate jumping, running, and explosive movements. At the same time, the heel is more dense and stiff, a stable platform while lifting. The traction is also a highlight. The outsole uses three different rubbers. Remember that the GORUCK Ballistic Trainer fits longer than other training shoes, so make sure to go down half a size. Read the full review. Price: $125

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UA HOVR Apex 2

Under Armour HOVR Apex 2

The Under Armour HOVR Apex 2 also appears in our Top 10 Cross Training Shoes, which should give you an idea of how good it is. The traction and fit are the highlights of the shoe. And what’s great is that it can even handle one or two outdoor basketball games. The implementation of HOVR on this pair is excellent and is comfortable enough for long workouts and short runs. There’s almost nothing you can’t do in this shoe. Read the full review. Price: $120

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adidas mahomes 1

adidas Mahomes 1 Impact FLX

The adidas Mahomes 1 Impact FLX is Patrick Mahomes’ first signature shoe with adidas, and it’s a banger. The midsole is comprised of their propriety EVA foam with caged Boost. The outsole is reminiscent of Feet You Wear, which ensures that your feet move naturally and without hindrance, unlike other training shoes that may be too stiff for explosive and dynamic movements. There’s also a torsional support system for additional peace of mind while training. See the full review. Price: $130

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Best Basketball Shoes for Training

Nike Kyrie Low 5 no background

Nike Kyrie Low 5

The Nike Kyrie Low 5 is aesthetically very similar to the flagship Kyrie 8 (Infinity), but the shoe is quite different in performance features. The main difference is in the cushioning. The Kyrie 8 is plush while the Kyrie Low 5 is more low profile and responsive. This means the Kyrie Low 5 can handle off-court training drills just as well as on-court drills. The Zoom Air unit in the forefoot does provide some impact protection but doesn’t make the forefoot too cushy, so the Kyrie Low 5 can even be used to lift weights without any instability. See the full review. Price: $110

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adidas pro n3xt 2021

adidas Pro N3XT 2021

The adidas Pro N3XT 2021 may be from last year, but it still packs versatile performance in the gym and on the court. It’s great for basketball training workouts with its low-to-the-ground feel and flat midsole. There’s almost no drop, so you stay stable no matter what you’re doing, whether that’s lifting or shooting basketballs. Traction also bites on all surfaces, outdoor and indoor. Fit is still its best attribute because it’s snug and one-to-one. See the full review. Price: $75

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curry HOVR splash

Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash

The Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash does not get as much attention as it deserves. It’s the mid-tier Stephen Curry shoe and its performance backs that up. The traction worked well in all conditions, but best indoors because of the soft and pliable rubber. The fit is very accommodating for all foot shapes. Stability is great, which is the main reason it makes this list. The cushion is on the minimal side with HOVR, but it still offers adequate impact protection for drills and lifting. For the price, it’s a great pick-up.  See the full review. Price: $110

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Bonus: Best Volleyball Shoes for Training

Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

Mizuno is probably the most popular volleyball shoe company and they know what they’re doing. With the Wave Momentum 2,  Mizuno combines their signature Wave Plate technology with an improved cushioning setup and better materials. The stability and fit are versatile enough for off-court training. If you only buy one shoe for volleyball training and playing, look no further. See the full review. Price: $160

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Buy Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

Thinking of a shoe we should add to the best basketball training shoes list? We’d also like to hear your thoughts on this list and see your best basketball training shoe shoes list in the comments. Comment below or message us on Instagram or Twitter.

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