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adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review

adidas is bringing out all the stops this year…

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Traction

Traction – Straight. Up. Beastly. I never had to wipe once. Not. A. Single. Wipe. Didn’t matter the court, indoor or outdoor, this sh*t works. Period. Durable? Well, maybe not as durable as it could be, but out of the big three new models from adidas, this is the one I’d take outside.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Cushion

Cushion – Full length Boost. Yeah, you know what it is. Impact protection for days, court feel as well. These feel exactly like the CrazyLight Boost 2016 so firm Boost is what you’ll receive. It works, and does its job well. However, if you want bouncy Boost then head over to the Crazy Explosive performance review. If you want a low profile, protective setup that offers court few without sacrificing protection then the D Rose 7 is for you.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Materials

Materials – This particular pair offers engineered mesh backed by nylon. There are PrimeKnit options that I have yet to try, but these offer the mesh so that’s what this review will be based on.

While I’m usually a big fan of engineered mesh, this isn’t my favorite version of it. It moves well with the foot, just not as well as it could. It’s a little…crispy? Not sure how to describe it. It’s just not the engineered mesh I’m used to. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just not as awesome as engineered mesh usually is.

The collar is a neoprene-like material that’s been stuffed with padding — this I love; it fits perfectly and didn’t feel restrictive — despite how high they are. Outside of the collar are synthetic leather lockdown wings and they’re awesome; they work perfectly and don’t get in the way at all.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Fit

Fit – The D Rose 7 fits true to size, but it runs pretty narrow. Definitely try a pair of these on (if possible) to ensure they fit you comfortably. The width does break-in a bit, but they’re still much more narrow than last year’s D Rose 6.

Lockdown is great throughout and I experienced no issues with it at all, from the heel to the forefoot. Once laced up I was pretty much good to go.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Support

Support – Traction, cushion, support…oh my. These are the best features on the D Rose 7. From the stable base you start out with to the outrigger, torsional springplate, lockdown wings, and snug fit. Yeah, support isn’t a problem — not a problem at all.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Overall

Overall- There are components featured on the D Rose 7 that are simply amazing. Traction, cushion, and support to be specific. If these are your main concerns as a guard then you may want to consider trying this shoe out. If you have a wide foot then you may not enjoy them much. And the materials could’ve been a little softer — I know this is a bit of a knit pick (see what I did there) but I’ve tried all kinds of engineered mesh, so I know what I like. This wasn’t quite it.

The D Rose 7 is a higher cut CrazyLight Boost ’16 with better traction, something I didn’t even think was possible. adidas continues to kill it as the latest three models from the Three Stripes offer something for everyone and none of which compromise any tech at all. Plus, they’re all reasonably priced. If you haven’t tried any of the latest adidas models then you’re missing out.

adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review Score

  1. Great review as always! And nice pun too lol. Too bad about the narrow fit, my wide feet would kill me for trying these.

    1. Try half size up. They don’t seem to run too long (I just tried them on in store) so the extra width on the half size up seems like they’d fit you nicely.

    2. I have TTS, all I did was loosen up the laces on the forefoot area, and then just needed break-in time. After about 20-30 minutes of play, it forms to foot well.

      1. Thanks a lot for the replies, SF and NYJumpman23!! Will try those suggestions if I decide to get these, but the Crazy Explosives had me at bouncier, UltraBoost-like cushioning lol.

  2. Great traction but, it sucks that there so narrow. That white colorways looks better then I thought. Good performance review NW.

  3. Thanks for the review Nightwing!!

    Wow same score badges as Duke’s,

    And this seems to be based on a guard’s point of view, while Duke must be from a forward’s view, no offense hopefully, im just assuming,

    Im guessing the Material score badge will change once primeknit becomes available,

    Are you guys also reviewing the primeknit version?

    Adidas is just simply amazing, 3 new shoes, all of them looks to be in the TOP 5 this year, and all Positions covered from guard to center, and from low top to high top,


      1. Hi Duke and ny Jumpman, I want to purchase one of these, d rose 7, hyperdunk lows, or KD 7? I know we have different tastes and choices but I need your help to decide which one should I buy. Thank you!

    1. If I remember correctly, I think Nightwing said the CLB16 overtook the Rose 6 as his preferred show. That or the Crazy Explosive.

  4. These new D Rose 7’s are dope but hopefully they use more boost in the forefoot on the next model. If they had the cushion in the forefoot like the Jordan XX9’s they would be the best shows ever. But overall I love hooping in them and I’m bout to buy the crazy explosives, I’m a big guard and need that extra cushion.

    1. Yeah I prefer a little bounce in the forefoot as well. This looks like an excellent shoe,like a mid CLB, but I’m going with the Crazy Explosive.

  5. Sorry but i had to ask by firm you mean no bounce but the crazy explosive and drose 7 boost have the same compression what I mean is the protection is the same in the forefoot just without bounce

    1. Yes. They pack more Boost pellets into the midsole of the CL and Rose 7 so while it absorbs more, it doesn’t move as much. It’s kind of like the difference between a soft fluffy cake vs a really dense cake. Same “materials” but made a little differently.

      1. Good explanation. The concern for us old guys with bad knees is will we still feel great after playing in these. The bouncier shoe could just be all mental, but if this more dense Boost works the same, minus the springiness, I’m in.

        1. It’s definitely mental. Some people like a more plush feel and some can’t stand it. I can go either way, but I do enjoy that pillow-like feeling a good cushion brings. I know both work, but I like the feeling.

          1. just a personally inquiry, between the Bounce Cushion on the Lillard 2’s and the Dense Boost on the DR7’s, which one you prefer more?

  6. NW, assuming that the CE is still your preferred shoe over the Rose 7. Assuming the same cushion in the Primeknit version of the Rose 7 and same support, if the materials in the Rose 7 PK approach CE, is it possible your preferred shoe could change? Or would the plushness of the boost override that for you personally?

    1. If the materials are CE level PK on the Rose 7 then It;d definitely come down to the way they fit. I don’t “need” plush cushion, but I like it. However, if the materials and fit exceed what the CE offers (they feel amazing on my foot) then I’d probably choose the Rose 7. Which is why I like most of the Rose 6 PK more than the Rose 7 at the moment. I love the way the Rose 6 fits with the PK much more than the EM Rose 7.

  7. Mini Nightwing is awesome! I like the little guy. One day he’ll be rocking the courts all over the bay area. 🙂

    Anyway, Adidas is making it really difficult for me. After watching your review of the DRose 6 PK I bought those and am really content with them except for the fact that the toe area feels too wide. You mentioned that the DR7 are more narrow. So for me it comes down to a tradeoff between that plushy cushion from DR6 VS the probably better lock-down of the DR7.
    How do the CE play into all of this? They seem to be at least as plush as the DR6 but how is the fit compared to the DR7?
    That’d be really interesting to me.

  8. If Crazy Ex. has WHoF materials so Rose 7 Primeknit can have 3x WHoF and it’s 1 time ever – such high rating – am I right?

      1. Ok so I’ll wait for your judgment before buying and until prices will drop.
        Because it’s quite strange but in Poland we have higher prices – Rose7 Eng. Mesh are for $180 & PK for $200 in official Adidas web store.

      2. Hey Nightwing niCE review and I also found a DROSE 7 at half of retail but The dealer says its a sample but its suspicious so can you help me out?

  9. Nice review as always. Is the rose 7 a vast improvement over the 6? I’m debating over which to cop, as the 6’s can be found on sale for as low as $60. I don’t mind spending for quality, but would you say the 7’s are that much better to justify the $80 price difference?

  10. Adidas has been slaying it this year. Its just been hit after hit. Boost is amazing for my achy knees. Makes playing four games feel like one game.

    If I have one criticism, its that they should make Continental versions of every boost shoe, and make it a little tougher. Or adiwear. So far the CLB is the only boost outdoor option. Don’t leave us outdoor ballers behind, adidas. Trust me, it’ll give you a bump in your sales.

  11. love my rose 6s. in my late 30s and dealing with plantar fasciitis / tendonitis / nerve issues in my foot, and while i love brandblack jc3s and og under armour clutchfit drives, the d rose 6 hands down lets me play longer and recover faster. just received the crazy explosives yesterday and i can’t wait run this weekend in them. tried them on last night and they felt so good. (went 1/2 size down in the d rose 6s, and tts in the crazy explosives, and that recommendation seems spot on.)

      1. Well, thanks for sharing your opinion. I also have the DR6 and consider buying the crazy explosive. So I would appreciate sharing your experiences with those from a DR6 owner’s perspective.

  12. Adidas just released 3 awesome shoes this year, BUT it seems most people still prefer Nikes and JB’s as seen at the Basketball Saturday Club I play at, Me I wear my D Rose 6 while my Bro wears CLB2016, and only us 2 out of 30 plus players wear Adidas,

    I guess it will take some time before Players realize that Adidas has made Awesome Shoes to Ball in.

    1. the Nike/JB shoes have come a long way to establish itself during the time where Adidas seemed to fail on promoting the brand for basketball. it’s so sad that it’s the opposite of what is happening nowadays. I think people should learn to wise up that brand doesn’t necessarily mean best quality anymore. there are hits and misses.

  13. love the reviews. saves me some time in narrowing my choices.

    wondering which has better ankle lockdown? the CE or the DRose 7?

  14. I’m assuming based on the two reviews that the CE is wider than the D Rose 7? If a size 9 fits me comfortably in Rose 7, would size 8.5 be more likely than 9 to be a perfect fit in CE?

  15. Another good one NW. I just got back from retail nearby and I tried HD2016, CLB2016 and DR7. Firstly, I surprisingly found that my foot is truly narrow on DR7 because I still have some space around in the forefoot. However, the lockdown is perfect so there’s no problem even though there’s still a lil space in the front. On the other hand, the cushion is really the same between CLB2016 & DR7 because I cannot feel the difference no matter on heel or forefoot area, especially in the forefoot they’re pretty firm but I think the court feel will be great tho. Well….when talking to cushion, HD2016 stunts me with the forefoot zoom and it reminds me of AJ12 at its retro launched first time. Really bouncy but I’m afraid of HD2016 from stable point of view. If I have to pick one of them, I’d go with DR7 (CE hasn’t launched yet in my country and I’m still expecting)

  16. Just purchased the primeknit DRose 7. Love the shoe and the review above as far as traction and feel are spot on. I feel like the primeknit has extra volume in the toe box area. I went true to size. After playing in them for a few hours I didn’t notice the extra space on top of my foot and will probably wear two pairs of socks to mitigate this. Also it seems like the tongue is a bit too large. Don’t get me wrong it has great padding and is super comfortable but aesthetically it takes a bit to get use too. Great shoe and would definitely buy another pair.

    1. Ad Rock have you also tried the EM version? If so, was there a difference in sizing? I’m going to pick up the Chicago home Rose 7 PK when it comes out in October so curious about a frame of reference to compare.

      1. Unfortunately I didn’t try the EM version on. FYI Adidas.com does give a 15% discount for signing for their website and it works on all products even these new releases.

      2. Also, my friend just got the same rose 7 primeknits in a 10, which is his typical size, and he’s going to exchange for a 1/2 size smaller. I’d definitely suggest trying them on.

  17. Thanks for your work, NW – love the website!! Been playing in these for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love them. I’m 34, 5′ 11″ about 190, and play 3-5 times/week and can honestly say that ankle or knee soreness on mornings after I play is non-existent. Quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played in, which is saying a lot as I had been playing in the Lillard 2s and LeBron Xs prior and felt that way about them. “Beastly” is a great way to describe the traction – haven’t wiped them once and they still grip the court like Steven Seagal grips an order of chicken wings. Personally, I felt like NW does about the EM until it was broken in – now, IMO, I’d place material as starting 5. My only (minor) complaint is I thought the sizing was a little wonky (as seem to be the case almost across the board with Adidas) in that the 11.5 was a touch too snug and the 12 (what I went with) was a touch too long. All in all, I’d consider them $140 very well spent!

  18. I consider D Rose line as a premium series of basketball shoes. The last 3 pairs with the implemantation of Boost tech has really made the line as good as Jordan line. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next (D Lillard 3, J Harden).

  19. 15 oz? Sounds heavier than the average ball shoe, but does it feel that way? Just wondering because I like to always feel light on my toes and not a huge fan of bulky shoes. thx

    1. I don’t notice any extra weight or feel that these shoes are clunky at all. The transition is smooth and, for me, no loss of nimbleness or agility.

  20. I’m not a jumper, and I make up for it by relying on quick moves to get to a variety of spaces on the court. These shoes are perfect for that style because of the heel to toe transition being outstanding along with the firmness of the boost in the forefoot for the court feel. I had some shin issues but my leg is almost healed and now I can really feel the usefulness of the boost. I’m in my mid 40s so cushion is certainly a key element.

    Like a lot people mentioned, I had some dead space in the forefoot but the fit is just better and better with each wear. Now I don’t feel any dead space at all. Chris, you won’t go wrong with this shoe. It does not feel heavy at all, especially the more you wear it. If you’re a guard or medium sized forward you’ll love it.

  21. If I got the D Rose 7 with the translucent outsole do you think that the traction will perform worse? If so, do you still think it would be better than the KD 9?

  22. Hey night wing, avid fan of your reviews. It’s mandatory that I check your reviews before I cop a pair so I’d really appreciate if you reply to this;

    .I recently learned that I was flat footed when I went to a physiatrist yesterday(I never really noticed or paid attention to it lol) because my ankles were killing me after each game until it was unbearable anymore. I haven’t been able to play competitive ball for 3 months now. So my doctor said that I would undergo 2 months of rehab and advised me to use medial arc support and switch to bball shoes with better arch support. I’ve always played with low top kobes (6,8,9 indors and mentality for outdoors)

    I read your 2013 list of best shoes for flat foot, and saw kobe 8s there(no wonder it was my fave) but my prob was due to the old model, my 2 kobe 8s has small sole seps already and I don’t feel comfortable playing with them bc even when they are reglued, I can’t stop thinking that the sole may fall off while I’m in game. So I was wondering if you have an updated list of this, if not, can u recommend 3 budget friendly kicks for flat feet? Based on all the list I’ve read(and yours too) majority says the Hyperdunk2013/14, UA micro g torch 2 and Rose line has great arch support esp. Rose 3 and 3.5? Is the 6 and 7 a good choice too?

    I haven’t rocked anything on court but Nike(kobes/Hyperdunks) but now I really don’t care about the brand,considering all the great reviews ive been reading about adidas and UA, I just wanna go back to playing the game I love. I’m a 6’2 200 point forward

    Also if I were to buy a medial arch support and use it on my kobe 9s or mentality, do I need to buy a lower insole to go with the arch support or not?

    Thank you so much in advance nightwing and too anyone who took the time to read this, any inputs would really be a big help. Much love from Asia!

  23. Hi Sir! Good day! I’m Bobby and I live in the Philippines. First of all thank you for the always great review! me and my friends always check your team’s review before we buy shoes. Unfortunately though we weren’t able to go to the sneaker event in Manila ? I would like to inquire about a lot of things so I am already apologizing ?

    I bought a d rose 7 (mesh) two weeks ago and have already used them twice. I’m a small dude (5’5″ – 135lbs) but I jump and run a lot That’s why support and cushioning is a big deal for me and I use only mid to high top shoes (Kobe Ix, J 31 etc) I tried d rose 7 and crazy explosive and I chose d rose 7 because of the fit. However during the second game, my right toe hurt and It really bothered me. I really love the Support and cushioning of the shoe but This was the first time my toe hurt during the game and not after.

    I would just like to ask for your opinion if I should just buy the prime knit version or should I just switch to the crazy explosive? I also saw the hyperdunk 2016 high. Would it be a better alternative? Again Apologies for the very long comment and for the many queries. Hoping for your kind response. Thank you!


  24. So i finally got a few hours mileage on mine.

    Ive read somewhere about sloppy midfoot containment, and also duke having to swap thicker insoles in for better fit. I found a remedy- when you slip on the shoe, point uour feet straight out like a girly ballerina before uou tighten the laces from the midfoot up. Then proceed to pull on the laces and tie them up.

    This locks up that midsection well and reduces those toe blisters because your feet won’t slide to the front no more

    Hope this helps. I’m so thankful this review led me to purchase the rose 7, im so excited to play again and i come off games with no back pain or limp. Thank you!!

    34 yo dad, 5’5″ 145lbs pg/sg

  25. Bought the mesh version. I have a normalish-not-too-wide foot, but going TTS it was so uncomfortable. Breaking it in helps somehow, but you still get that tight uncomfortable feeling at the midfoot. Going half a size up to wide footers, and TTS to narrow will do.

  26. Really wanting to put a pair of d rose’s in my lineup. After looking at your reviews i am stuck between the 6 and 7 model. Which would you say is the overall better one to get?

  27. They’re squeaky.. they make a squeaky sound when the leather part rubs with the cushion part are your d rose7 like that too?

  28. Hi sirs… does ur drose 7 make a squeaky sound too?? When the leather and the padding rub each other?? Its so annoying… pls reply to my msg. Thanks

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