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10+ Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2024. Expert-tested and Reviewed.

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

One of the worst feelings you can have while playing basketball is being afraid of injuring or re-injuring yourself. The most common injuries in basketball are ankle sprains. Everyone who has played basketball has rolled their ankle, and playing in shoes without the proper support is just a bad experience, especially if you have been injured before, that’s why it is important to find good basketball shoes for ankle support.

For this reason, one of the key features a shoe has to have for us at WearTesters is support. We test hundreds of shoes each year and put them thoroughly through their paces. We try to determine the best overall basketball shoes, but also which shoes are great for wide footers, which shoes feature great traction, shoes that excel outdoors, etc.

We wanted to make this list for those hoopers who need that extra boost of confidence on the court while cutting, jumping, and changing directions. A lot of people think that high-top basketball shoes help prevent ankle sprains, but it is not that easy. So, after hundreds of hours of testing, here are our picks for the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Last updated 06.21.2024

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2024

Best Basketball Shoe For Ankle Support 2024

Serious Player Only Ranger 1

The SPO Ranger 1 is a very versatile shoe, which theoretically is intended for both on-court performance and off-court fashion. It packs substantial cushioning, durable traction, and beefy support features. Support is the best and most distinctive quality of the Ranger 1. The Ranger 1 is equipped with a giant midfoot outrigger designed to help prevent ankle rolls. Also, the use of premium materials and the ability to customize the midsole add to its versatility and all-around appeal. Read full review. Price: $190

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Jordan 38

This year’s Jordan Flagship model is a beast and a big improvement on the Jordan 37. The Jordan 38 is lightweight and nimble, with tons of ventilation, a great no-nonsense traction setup (which in this colorway is etched into a translucent rubber sole), and a very well-balanced layered cushioning system. In terms of ankle support, the Jordan 38 is top tier. The well-sculpted heel, the build of the tongue (never to be underestimated), and the lockdown straps toward the back of the shoe, keep your heel well-protected and securely in place. Price: $200. Read the full review.

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Way of Wade 10

Again, Way of Wade shoes in general are great for wide-footers because of their wider last. The Way of Wade 10 is lightweight and offers great cushion, provided by a dual-density foam setup: Cloud Foam and Pebax. It feels like Zoom Air took steroids and was put under your feet. Simply put, this is one heck of a shoe to play in. If you’re a fan of DWade or want to try non-mainstream shoes, this sneaker is for you. The upper is light and breathable, and they fit true to size. A bit pricey but worth it. Read full review.

Price: $199- $240

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Buy Way of Wade 10

Puma MB 03

The Puma MB 03 might just be the best LaMelo signature shoe to date (in our opinion it is), which is saying something. In terms of on-court performance, the Puma MB 01 is hard to beat, but the MB 03 features better materials, and, in our opinion, a more refined and unique design, which might just clinch the W. On top of that it features amazing lockdown an a nicely sculpted and reinforced heel, making it elite in terms of ankle support. Read the full review. Price: $130

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Buy Puma MB 03

New Balance TWO WXY V4 

For its price point, this shoe is an absolute gem. Considering that this shoe will be a great outdoor option, you are getting a TON of bang for your buck. The New Balance TWO WXY V4 follows up, the best New Balance basketball shoe to date. There have been several tech updates compared to last year’s model, but the V4 didn’t disappoint with a few minor caveats regarding the Fit. Other than that, the V4 knocked it out of the park in every aspect of performance. Read full review. Price $120.

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Buy New Balance TWO WXY V4 

Anta KT 8

The Anta KT 8 is packed with technology that it’s kind of tough to break down one by one. The foam carrier is AFlash Edge, Anta’s comfortable proprietary foam compound. In the forefoot, we have a Pebax-based cushion system. The heel features their patented Smart SAM system. Even with this much in the midsole, the feeling is more muted than before, thus helping your ankle stay stable. The 3D-printed Flow spring plate also aids in this department. Read full review. Price: $160

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Buy the Anta KT 8

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Brandblack Rare Metal 2

The Brandblack Rare Metal 2 has no business being as supportive as it is at its weight, the cushion is similarly deceptive and is way more comfortable than you’d expect. The shoe does take some time to break-in, but when it does, you have a great on-court performer on your hands. The Rare Metal 2 also gets extra points for the unique design. Don’t be afraid of the shoe’s odd cut, it’s a beast. Read full review. Price: $250

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Buy Barandblack Rare Metal 2

Jordan Luka 1

The Jordan Luka 1 was highly rated by our team, and that’s saying a lot. Luka Doncic and the Jordan design team did well on this one. Jordan Brand used the Luka 1 to introduce its newest foam: Formula 23. Right off the bat, you’ll feel how comfortable it is underfoot. Support is an obvious priority with the IsoPlate system acting as torsional support while beefing up lateral support for extra support on stepbacks and defensive slides. The heel counter is sturdy as well. Read the full review. Price: $110

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Buy Jordan Luka 1

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes with Great Ankle Support 2024

People usually associate high and mid tops with better ankle support, but the two aren’t necessarily related. Low tops can offer as much or more ankle support than their taller counterparts, and you don’t need ankle insurance to rock them on court either:

With this in mind, here are some of our top picks for low-tops with great ankle support.

Nike Sabrina 1

The Nike Sabrina 1 is a great first signature shoe for Sabrina Ionescu and is one of the best basketball shoes Nike has to offer in 2023/24. The Sabrina 1 is a top-notch guard-style shoe that will give you great traction (indoors), a speedy and reactive cushioning setup, along with elite lockdown and support. If you’re looking for a basketball shoe with beefy and plush cushioning, this might not be the shoe for you, but that is hardly a drawback. Read the full review. Price: $130

Total Score
Buy Nike Sabrina 1

Puma TRC Blaze Court

The Puma TRC Blaze Court continues Puma’s resurgence into the basketball performance sneaker scene. The outsole looks awesome and performs great on all surfaces. The heel is reinforced with a hard plastic overlay for better containment. Trinomic cushion is now foam-based and is what Puma shows when you turn the shoe over. The rest of the midsole is ProFoam+ which is really comfortable. See the full review. Price: $120

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Buy Puma TRC Blaze Court

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoe for Ankle Support 2024

Way of Wade 808 3

The Way of Wade 808 3 promises to be one of the best guard shoes for the third straight year. You’re getting a great, low profile, speedy cushioning setup, top-tier traction, and support features, and a versatile shoe that will work equally well indoors and outdoors, with excellent Kobe 9-esque ankle support, all for the very reasonable price of $119. Our recommendation is to go with the “normal” version instead of the Ultra version. Read the full review. Price: $119

Total Score
Buy Way of Wade 808 V3

Best Budget Basketball Shoe for Ankle Support 2024

Nike Air Max Impact 4

The Nike Air Max Impact 4 was a big surprise. Easily the best budget model on the market today. The shoe’s support is also a stand-out feature with two outriggers that make sure your foot is secure during play. The cushion setup and the shoe’s traction are the shoe’s best features. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and have a very durable rubber outsole with an aggressive herringbone traction pattern. There’s really no other shoe under $100 that performs this well, both indoors and outdoors. Read the full review. Price: $90

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