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adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review

Finally! The D Rose line is back…

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.36.04 PMTraction – adidas has been nailing it with their recent models in terms of traction, and the D Rose 6 is no different. In fact, they might be my favorite of the 2015 adidas Hoops lineup.

The pattern is tight and shallow, so longevity might be an issue for some, but it works really well so it’s hard to complain. When dust is present it will clog up the surface area rather quickly, however, a quick wipe and you’re good to go. I’ve been using them indoors and outdoors – I have two pairs so one has been my outdoor shoe while the other is my indoor pair. The only areas I’ve seen some wear on the outdoor pair is on the exterior teeth, but the main pattern is perfectly fine. It also grips really well outdoors too so they’ve become my new go-to for outdoor playing.

Traction is beast. No other way around it.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 2

Cushion – Bruh! Boost is back, and this is Boost done right. Not only is there more Boost available, but they’ve managed to unlock the forefoot section so you’re really going to feel it this time around. This is actually the second reason why they’re my current go-to outdoor shoe. Everyone knows that playing on the blacktop makes your body feel as if it played twice as hard and twice as long. But with the Boost cushion I feel perfectly fine… it’s like I’m 15 again.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 3A StableFrame is the main reason why were able to experience Boost properly. It’s basically a carrier, same setup as the D Rose 5, but Boost needs to expand. With the frame in place they were able to open up the forefoot sections and allow the material to do what it does best; absorb impact and return the energy to you with an ultra responsive ride. Unlocked Zoom Air does this well, but Boost does it better.

Over the years I’ve used a lot of shoes with a lot of different cushion systems. This is the best cushion I’ve ever experienced in a basketball shoe.

Materials – Once again, materials will greatly depend on the colorway. There are two primary options along with a more premium option. Mesh and synthetic leather are the two primary performance options and select colorways – dubbed lux editions – will feature synthetic suede.

An Official Look at The adidas D Rose 6 'Home' + Release Info 2The mesh is great for those that prefer softer materials that require little to no break-in time. There is little to no stretch so you’re not losing support from the materials just because its soft and pliable.

An Official Look at The adidas D Rose 6 'Away' + Release Info 2 The synthetic leather is more rugged and durable. You’ll need to break it in a bit, but it’s not a big ordeal, at least it wasn’t for me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.39.39 AMBetween the two, I personally prefer the synthetic leather – which was not my initial choice when I first got both pairs in as I really enjoy mesh and woven/ knitted uppers.the difference, for me, came from each pairs fit/ containment.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 6

Fit – They fit true to size for me. Perfect length and width as soon as I have them laced up. But the toe area on the mesh version has a bit of dead space above the foot that I’m not a fan of. However, the synthetic leather pair sits perfectly on the foot and I absolutely love how that pair feels.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 7Lockdown starts off a bit sloppy at first, but gets better with every wear. I would have liked to have seen one additional set of eyelets at the base of the forefoot so I could really lock that section in, but as stated previously, it gets better with every wear – so the more time you take with them on-court the more they’ll start to break-in and move with your foot instead of against it. Midfoot lockdown has zero issues, and like the forefoot, the heel needed some time to adjust before I was able to get a great secure fit out of them.

The heel portion was made for adidas’ SpeedWrap system – which Rose has been using every year – which is why there is a cut out on the lateral section. If you wear a brace then you’ll appreciate the cut out, and if you don’t wear a brace… just make sure you wear quarter cut socks or longer and you’ll be good to go.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 10

Support – There are plenty of support features on the D Rose 6 that all tie in to make them one hell of a shoe. The platform is flat which promotes stability and blends beautifully with a cushion system that could be considered unstable such as Boost. To help aid in stabilizing the Boost foam adidas implemented the StableFrame along with their X-Bar system for torsional support. The fit will differ between materials so if you want the most contained fit – for the greatest amount of support – then go with the synthetic leather pairs.

Last, but not least, is the heels exaggerated lockdown/ support feature. The bottom section works great as a heel counter to aid keeping your heel attached to the footbed, while the top “strap” section creates a custom-like fit for wearers that may or may not wear a brace.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 9

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.49.39 AMOverall – The D Rose 6 is a monster on-court. They’re definitely a little bottom heavy, but they don’t feel that way once you wear them because of the Boost. Any position will enjoy the hell out of these things so if you want to give adidas a chance, this might be the pair that makes you believe that they’re not only headed in the right direction, but they may have already reached their destination.

My current top three basketball shoes for 2015 are all amazing performers… and none of them – at the moment – feature a Swoosh or Jumpman. If you’re serious about wanting to wear the best possible shoe available while on-court then you might want to start acting like it. Brands don’t matter any longer… unless you’re just trying to look cool.

adidas D Rose 6 Performance Review 11

  1. How do you think these would fit for players with wide feet? Also, any news on whether you guys are going to update your list of basketball shoes for wide feet or no?

    1. I have wide feet. Go with the mesh upper or “Home”. Still go true to size though. If you go a half size up, you will have too much dead space in the toe area.

    2. Love these. Best cushion around. My issue with the ankle strap is that it doesn’t protect you at all. Tie it right, and you can roll the hell out of your ankle with no resistance. The same applies for the add on ankle strap. Placebo effect is strong but neither do nothing to protect text the ankle from a break.

    3. I recently purchaced the Rose 6 and i have not been able to feel the boost as much as everyone is talking about. Is there a reason for this?

  2. Just waiting for the right color and big markdowns since people sleep on Adidas models. I even slept on Adidas but not anymore! Thanks NW and Duke for the reviews on this model.

  3. I have been sticking to my hyperrevs 2015 as I did not have a good experience with the volley boosts. I really like adidas though, hope they release something similar in a low cut, maybe the new Harden’s.

  4. I love the s*** out of my pair…the cushion is unreal…traction great too…think this is first hall of fame cushion?

  5. Thanks for the review nightwing,

    Interesting to see a difference between reviews between duke’s and nightwing’s, is it because there’s a difference in the way you guys play? Not to sound rude though, but just curious since fit and materials got the 6th man tag in Nightwing’s review.

        1. Didn’t think you were being rude at all. Different players with different styles value different parts of a shoe more. A center might value cushion and stability while a guard might want good traction and court feel.

  6. nice review, NW, but come on now, you know just as well as i do that the strap lacing system doesn’t do anything, nice to hear from you that these can be used outdoors, though, a pattern as shallow and as tight as that always raises questions…

    1. Think what you will. The heel portion does exactly what it was intended to do. The TPU section cage the heel and keep it on the footbed while the nylon sections are independent and lock the ankle/ heel into the rear of the shoe. If you own a pair and feel something different then feel free to explain.

      1. i don’t own a pair yet, but i tried them on, and the straps don’t give you a better fit or lockdown than a regular lacing system would, in fact i think it would have been better if they weren’t there/were replaced with one or two normal lace holes, seeing as how the strap loops make the laces go up rather than across your foot…..also only the two straps at the top are ‘independent’, if that is your meaning, the two at the bottom are just there for aesthetic purposes, seemingly, seeing as how they are stuck to the upper….i just don’t see how the straps do something significantly better than a regular lacing would, though i can see how the big TPU plate at the back would be good for heel containment

  7. Interesting bit about the lacing. The most forward holes on the 6 really aren’t far behind in comparison to the Rose 4, but I do have to unlace further than usual to put on the shoe. I personally liked the thinner uppers of the 4 and 4.5 just because I liked the close+minimal feel. When the ASG PrimeKnit releases I might go half a size down.

    As for the TPU heel/strap section. It doesn’t do what people hope it’d do, like have a dynamic fit that’d close around the heel and ankle simultaneously, but it indeed doesn’t flat-out do *nothing*. At minimum, it results in a TPU-reinforced collar that’s linked to the midfoot; one that caters to the medial side since there’s the asymmetric profile underneath. I could also see the case that the lower section against in footbed slippage like NW said.

    Perhaps the only things that do nothing are the straps within that TPU system since they’re all sewn together. The top lace loops could’ve been straight TPU with the same long eyelet inside, and the functional result would be the same.

  8. Thanks for the review, Nightwing.
    Unless it is confirmed, if the brand’s using their knit material on these, it will only make them better.
    Given how they implemented their knit.

  9. I have to applaud Adidas for listening to their customers. seems like they listened by adding more boost density on the forefoot and opening up the forefoot for boost expansion as suggested.

    love the pun on the new J11’s and I agree that the new ones are an embarrassment to the legacy of the OG J11’s. same feeling I have with the AirMax2’s and CB Airmaxes. they just don’t feel the same.

    only complaint I have with the Rose 6’s is that there is no prime knit option.

  10. NW, are you using the stock insoles that came with the shoe?

    I can only assume that the cushion would be more amazing with a much better insole?

    1. I had the energy boost running shoes and ran in those with no insole and it felt even better for me. In these you could probably go without an insole if it didnt change the fit so much. IMO a different insole might just dampen the feel of the boost.

  11. just got a pair and they are amazing, great shoe especially considering that they go for the same price as the hyperdunk ’15, adidas is making a comeback

  12. An awesome review as always!! I’ve got a quick question here,

    I’ve got a history of knee injuries in the past, and do you think the rose 6s would be good on knee protection? Kinda deciding on in between rose 6s and curry 2s atm. What are your opinions?? Ive got a wide and almost flat feet and tend to play quick at G position.

  13. That is two out of the several reviewers on this site.

    I wonder if these will get the hat trick? I know this much, if this site were Sole Collector, and I do not know if they even do reviews over there anymore, but there would be no way in hell that the two of their reviewers would have come to this conclusion without a followup article about one of Nike’s so called great new “innovations”, that and then a question on how this shoe compares to “Kobe’s shoe”, which I am certain will show up on here from one of the readers, one or two probably from that asylum for morons Niketalk, a line of shoes that absolutely suck in regard to durability and support for bigger players.

    So thanks for your honesty.

  14. NW, awesome review as always, but I have a question, these or the soldier 9s? I play outdoor(tennis court/cement floor) only.

  15. Now Ima just have to wait for your Curry 2 review it’s either these or those. These have a lot of padding while the Curry 2 has minimal padding. Shallow traction on the Rose 6, deep ones on the Curry 2. I’m kinda choosing between the two which in my opinion is gonna be two of the best this year. I guess it all comes down to the cushion: Charged vs Boost. Seems like boost is the real deal. Anyways Nightwing nice review as always! Waiting for the Curry 2 reviews! I’m excited!

  16. Hi Nightwing, thanks for yet another awesome review.

    Personal question:
    Do you think the D Rose 6 is suitable for a heavy big guy?

    I been using both versions of the Nike Hyperposite, whilst they are great big guy sneakers, I would like to give the Boost system a try.

  17. Just a heads up. A place called revupsports.com has the Rose 6 in the black an white colorway for 112.95 plus free Shipping. I’ve never used them before so be careful.

    1. I just posted a similar comment now. they have 3 Colorways now. an All blue joint that looks nice IMO.

  18. Just got the home pair today can’t wait to get on the court with them. Heard they feel like ultra boost but the basketball version… Ultra boost are super comfortable.

    Got these for $98 with 30% off code found on here!!! Can’t go wrong and if they aren’t any good Adidas takes returns for any reason even if worn, for up to 30 days!!!!

  19. great review nightwing. does this shoe can help you with plantar fasciitis? will your foot hurt while playing on d rose 6? thanks

  20. So excited for this shoe. I tried them on recently in our local Adidas retailer. its around 180 US dollars here in the Philippines. So I didnt buy it and decided to wait instead on this review. I must agree with your assessment of the cushioning and support. I could feel the softness underneath my feet while walking around them in the store. The hidden laces inside makes for excellent lock down; lock down I haven’t experienced in any Nikes while trying them on in a store. Plus, aesthetically, this reminds me of how a classic basketball shoe looks like with a modern twist. The Rose 6 reminds me of Magic’s/Larry’s Converse Weapon and the AJ1. The straps look like a modern application of the leather panels that go around the ankle and the heel on the latters’ shoes. I’m just waiting on a dope colorway to drop and I’ll be purchasing one for myself.

  21. Just copped the away pair a couple of days ago for 70$. Kind of nice to have the employee store only 45 minutes away from you haha

  22. I went half a size down. Fit is great. A little bottom heavy. The upper feels almost too plush and the tongue is tall, but those aren’t really bad things. The suede on the Lux edition is good for containment. A weight reduction would have been nice by removing the heel strap thing. Shoe is beefy. It would be nice if Adidas could get a dual density Boost set up that had half of the volume.

    1. di you go a half size down with no try on? I wear 11.5 in NIKE but adidas have been fitting me large lately so without a try on I went down to a sz 11. thoughts- picked up the black version

  23. Nightwing, is the traction the same on both colorways? Same level of pliability?

    I wanted to get a pair and use them outdoors, but I was first waiting to see what the traction is like for outdoor play. However, after watching Duke’s review, I thought for sure that they are a no-go for outdoors. I’ve now been thrown for a 180 after you’ve said that the traction did better than expected outdoors.

  24. The lateral strips keep digging into my ankles due to the cut out even I wear thick socks. It seems there’s nothing to do with the breakin time. I’m thinking about cutting out a portion of that plastic wrap. Anyone experienced the same problem?

    1. The straps don’t bother me but right below the straps and tongue, where the laces sort of go inside the shoe, that part digs into my foot. I double up socks and it pretty much went away

    2. IMO you should take a file/sandpaper to the edges of the strap before cutting. I think a large part of the annoyance is that they’re sharp at those points.

      Ny second measure would be to wrap them with something a bit thick or stick some ortho pads, as dorky as that sounds. I feel like cutting it would compromise the fit a bit.

  25. From the looks of the shoe and trying it on in store, they look and felt stiff/clunky in regards to heel to toe transition and overall flexibility of the shoe. Obviously it must not be too bad because rated the shoe so high but could you specifically comment on that for me? Since that’s the only thing that is keeping me from buying them

  26. Nightwing, I’m 33 and my knees aren’t what they use to be. I play entirely outdoors. Looking to go with D Rose 6, Jordan XX8, Jordan Melo M 10 or 11 (my local Nike outlets still has them). What would you recommend as the best cushion setup. Or would yall recommend something else completely different for cushion and outdoors

  27. I’m 37 years old and I started to have jumpers’ knees. Therefore in a basketball shoe I’m looking for great cushioning and more specifically for EXTREME impact protection. I used to have the LeBron XI and I loved the cushioning set up even if the shoes was bulky, heavy, and rigid. Then I bought the Hyperdunk 2013 and 2014 which are light but do not provide anymore cushioning at all. Do you think the DRose 6 will provide better impact protection than the LeBron XII (now on sale everywhere)? My point is that I understand that the DRose are more responsive than the LeBron XII but I’m not looking for response, I care only about protection for my old knees 🙂
    Moreover, I cannot find any decent “air max” basketball shoes out there. I believe this would be softer than a pillow!

  28. Watching this review may just have been a game changer for me had the DRose 5 & enjoyed the ride but the DRose 6 I’m in total agreement this is the best shoe comfort wise since the Jordan 12 for me but it even surpasses those the fit court grip the boost I can’t find any negatives eight the shoe makes it more sweet that I’m a fan I just wore them yesterday for the first time awesome feel not going back to Nike sorry ? Thanks again for the vid & on top of it all it doesn’t cost as much as the other big names & it easily could

  29. I agree: best cushion ever! And its really like being 15 again 😀 I am a 1/2-guard and recently played with the clutchfit drive 1 and Curry 1 (both were really nice) and for a few months with the XX9s, which really killed my knees (got a patellatendonitis on left knee), probably because of the lack of cushion…and now it is the DRose 6! Really no soreness in legs or lower back even after hours of pickup games. really the best shoe ever! I dont like harden, but I hope, He gets a lowtop with the same or a similar cushion Setup. just for Information: i am a wide footer, switched insoles to my custom orthotics and went half size down from my usual nike/jordan/UA-size and it fits really nice and snug. and nightwing: thank you and the whole team for your Reviews and your work!

  30. great review as always Night! This is a question for anyone that can answer it…
    In ya’lls experience how long have these foam setups lasted before bottoming out (specifically Micro G, Charged, and Boost)? (if you can state how many times a week you play that’d help).

    As I’m getting older and having those joint aches and pains and having bad knees to begin with this boost setup looks so enticing just want to make sure after dropping over a 100$ that it won’t bottom out in 6-8 months.

    1. Hi there. old here but not elderly. 190 lbs and does a lot of walking and jumping, weights and gym everyday. my experience with Boost foam specifically is that they are more resilient and comfortable as comparison to the new zoom and max air. my experience with boost is that the foam doesn’t bottom out after more than a year of using them but rather transition into a much firmer foam but still maintain some comfort and protection. I got some knee, ankle and foot issues which is why I’m very picky about the shoe cushion as well.

      1. Thanks for the reply and the info! Very helpful. and good to know that the boost foam lasts, now I can have some piece of mind buying the rose 6

  31. is there a benefit to put an outsole in an elite basketball shoe? and particularly this shoe, i’m looking forward to buy them as a PG.

  32. Hey Nightwing, great review! So I really like suede on shoes but I never owned suede basketball shoes. Is there a performance reason why you disregarded the Lux colorway or was it more of personal preference? Thank you.

  33. I’m sorry about probably pissing off a lot of people here but u can’t hate on nike for having expensive shoes and decent performance. Nike makes te dopest models and has the biggest names so yes, they will e expensive

  34. I just spotted these on sale and tried a pair. I did not like them at all. Poor materials, poor lock down, those straps around the ankle get right in the way, the tongue it insanely thick and padded, they also felt high off the ground. I have watched your reviews for a long while now and have agreed with you generally but i’m shocked that you chose to put these in your top 2015 line up. My current rotation is clutchfit drive 1, curry 1, brandblack jcrossover 2, hyperdunk 2012, Jordan 10. Just a reminder to everyone out there that it’s very important to try all shoes on in store if you can.

    1. Its also very important to try all shoes on-court before making a decision. Some shoes in-store on a try on aren’t what they are once they’ve been worn on-court. Said that many times.

  35. Just wanted to say thanks for all the reviews that you do because they’re super helpful and also wanted to let you know that I pray for you sometimes. God bless you and your family!

  36. Good day, I really enjoyed playing in D Rose 5s, then I tried some Nikes and didn’t feel as good as Adidas Boost. I believe I look to wear comfty and useful shoes like you, no matter the brand. My question is: What are the top 3 you talked about in the review? Really intrigued.

  37. Hello everybody,
    i bought a pair of D’Rose 6 (mesh version) in november and the eyelets keep coming off the shoes (broken..). I’ve already fixed/replaced 3 eyelets in a month.
    Does anybody have the same problem??


  38. Big thanks for another cool review.
    How would you compare the D Rose 6 boost cushion versus the Nike Lebron XI cushion (lunarlon + bottom loaded zoo air) ?

  39. I have a question if you look closley at him wearing the drose 6 he doesnt use the straps he has two extra eyelets instead does anyone know why ?

  40. Jesus Mary and Joseph. I bought the primeknit all star pair and good googly moogly they are amazing. I’m 34, on the decline with plantar fasciitis like a mofo. I was playing with the KD8 with super feet orange inserts and was having tough times. I slapped the super feet insole in the DRose and it wasn’t obvious at first….but my first time playing was the best my foot has felt in years. Thanks, nightwing/weartesters

  41. This shoe was a disappointment for me and here’s the reasons why: The shoe does not fit true to size. I got 2 different sizes and tested both on the courts and they still were uncomfortable. Like they can’t even get the foot arch right so its jabbing under my feet. The shoes are bulky and stiff so it did not do well for me as a guard. Feet were still slipping and toes were getting abused on hard stops. Boost could not save this shoe. After this experience, I don’t think I can ever buy another Adidas basketball shoe. I will stick with Nike and UA as an alternative. Definitely not for guards who are light on their feet. This was a huge miss.

  42. I gotta say, I love these shoes, but ive gone through 2 pairs in a month. I have the suede uppers and both pairs blew out on me. I have wide feet and wear ankle braces, but ive worn ankle braces in every other shoe Ive played with and I havent had this problem. I wont be getting a third pair. anyone have any suggestions on shoes with awesome stability AND awesome cushion? (that wont blow out preferably…lol)

  43. I just got these shoes in the male, i went out and played in them and they are so damn comfortable and they look fly as hell

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