KT Tape Pro Featured Image

KT Tape Pro Review

KT Tape Pro is 100% synthetic kinesiology tape that comes in precut strips. It’s designed to be the most convenient and versatile ta...
Reebok Nano X Featured Image

Reebok Nano X Performance Review

10 years. It’s been 10 years since the rise of Crossfit and its Reebok Nano trainers. Over that time, Reebok has tried to fine...
Nike SuperRep Featured Image

Nike SuperRep Performance Review

This review is a guest contribution from Pete Whitcomb. Pete is a corporate accountant by day and a workout warrior by night. He’s t...
Yeezy Slide Featured Image

Yeezy Slide Review

The Yeezy Slide is Kanye West’s interpretation of an important part of any athlete’s shoe rotation, the sandal-like slid...
Bombas Socks Featured Image

Bombas Socks Review

Long before I got pairs of Bombas Socks in hand, their socks were recommended to me by a few trusted friends. The recommendations ce...
Rexy Socks Featured Image

Rexy Socks Review

Rexy Socks makes socks with space age looks and a honeycombed silicone arch support pad. They’re different than anything else...
KD 13 Deconstruction Featured Image

Nike KD 13 Deconstruction

The team at Fast Pass is at it again, this time coming through with a KD 13 deconstruction. The Fast Pass deconstructions are always...
Nike Pegasus 37

Nike Pegasus 37 First Impression

The Nike Pegasus 37 releases April 30, 2020. The Pegasus line has a great reputation and is seen as one of running’s most cons...
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WearTesters Deal Pages

Introducing WearTesters Deal pages…consistently updated pages for each brand or retailer dedicated to current, verified sales,...

K8IROS Mark II Performance Review

Spencer Dinwiddie created his own brand and footwear line, and they are better than you might expect. Click through for our K8IROS M...
Adidas RC 2 Featured Image

Adidas RC 2 Review

The Adidas RC 2 is the little brother of the recently reviewed Adidas SL20. Like the SL20, the RC 2 uses Lightstrike cushioning. It’...

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Nike Alphafly NEXT% vs Vaporfly NEXT%

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adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Running Review

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Nike SuperRep Cycle Performance Review

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Brooks Glycerin 18 Performance Review

Reebok Nano X Featured Image

Reebok Nano X Performance Review

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New Balance FuelCell TC Performance Review

Nike SuperRep Featured Image

Nike SuperRep Performance Review

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Nike Pegasus 37 Performance Review

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Yeezy Slide Review


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