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Air Jordan XX8 SE Black/ Gold

The Air Jordan XX8 strips down and sheds it skin to create the Air Jordan XX8 SE.

This is probably the nicest colorway I’ve seen so far. Not a huge fan of the camo prints and all that stuff but these are simple and elegant looking with a side of pure performance.

Check out the images below and be sure to share your thoughts on the XX8 SE.

Jordan XX8 SE Black Gold 1

Jordan XX8 SE Black Gold 2

Jordan XX8 SE Black Gold 3

Jordan XX8 SE Black Gold 4

Jordan XX8 SE Black Gold 5

Via SF

  1. Definitely getting these. They would look sick if they have a White/gold instead of Black/gold colorway. Any info on pricing?

  2. Wasn’t pricing 150$? If I recall. Also
    These probably won’t be as sock like since it doesn’t look like they just removed the shroud because the inner bootie doesn’t look as thick or sturdy as the material on these xx8.

  3. Aww shizzniii-E-

    Let’s be realistic, just because the shroud is missing(the only thing?) doesn’t mean these will be significantly less than the standard $250 release. These are Jordans and will still cost.

  4. Awesome – remind me a bit of AJ IX , but nevertheless best looking colorway so far. Will be between those and M10 it would appear

  5. Cool looking shoe not really a fan of black and gold though. Normally i would understand if the pricing was the same as the original 28s, but they skimped out on the tongue it looks soo thin unless that stitching on the tongue actually gives a similar effect as padding.

    1. The because of the dynamic fit tech. The SUPERFLY doesn’ t really llook the same but yes the Melo has some similarities because it’s decoupled as well

    2. No no no the xx8 were before all of these other wanabes though I gotta say the superfly 2 was an amazing move for jordan brand

  6. Nightwing do you think Jordan Brand will lower the price on these in hopes that they will sell better? If so how much less do you think they will be?

  7. KICKS magazine had MSRP set at $150 to my surprise just as Abe said earlier. Best colorway yet imo. Love playing in all black kicks. Same tech, traction pattern, midsole, minus the shroud and $100 less? Don’t mind if I do.

    Doesn’t add up to me, but I’m not complaining

      1. This is upsetting to read. Had I known that the shroud is what drove the cost of the xx8 up, I would’ve felt insulted and waited for the outlets. I obviously bought the xx8(Oak Hills) so that I wouldn’t miss out on a pair altogether. Man to read this coming out now is cold blooded because I bet there would’ve been a boycott on the $250 tag and there kind of is already.

        The shroud doesn’t even add significant performance to the shoe. The fit is more snug, but I ball with them down anyways. $100 per yard for what? It doesn’t even breathe or prove to wick sweat that great. I’m done ranting.

        Where are the price sources by the way? Someone mentioned kicks magazine, but nothing came up on Google when I checked.

        1. Just bought my xx8’s SE green cameo at House of Hoops (Footlocker) at $150 but will definitely wait for the BLACL/GOLD their sick…………………………….

  8. If they are only 150 than they are must cop. i want to try out that unlocked zoom and decoupled feel and I dont like that crap on the back of the new Melo’s.

  9. Totally agree withya Nightwing!!….havent bought the AJXX8 this year cause IMO there just freakin ugly as a mofo!!..lol….1st time in over 20yrs i didnt buy the new jordan shoe when they were released….but these…..these i can dig!….this is what they shoulda came out with in the 1st place! lol…im def coppin these 4sure!…..IMO they would look alot better if that jumpman/tongue logo wuz red instead of that gold or whatever?…IMO…but nevertheless….im buyin these so…the streak continues…lol

  10. To be clear, the MSRP for the XX8 SE is listed as $150 on the KICKS issue.

    If I’m not mistaken this is the first colorway with different sole colorway as the others are mostly white.

    If the tech is exactly the same including the quality of rubber, besides the shroud, and tongue, then there should not be a drop-off in performance.

    Thanks for the clarification on the shroud, Nightwing.

    I was thinking without the Shroud, it costs $100 less.

  11. I think the new Melo’s will be better than this. It is very much the same but the M10’s have the dynamic fit like the CP3.VI AE’s. The heel counter is not decoupled though and are TPU’s not CF. But performance wise, I will still bet on the M10’s. Design looks better too IMO.

  12. $150?!? Wow, I was expecting/prepared to pay $200+ for these, am I even going to be able to get a pair? You guys think they will sell out at that price point? or do you think they’ll have a lot more availability than the XX8s have? Are the XX8s selling out because people love them or are they just not making that many pairs of them because of the cost of the shroud?

  13. That ish about the shroud is the silliest piece of sneaker news that I’ve heard in a real long time, what’s the point of that? This is a definite priority for this year, along with the cp3.vii, everything else can wait…

  14. even without the shroud, it is still a dope shoe. though this colorway made it look like boots. but still. this is awsome

  15. Call me pessimistic but I feel that they won’t be $150. When they release. If it has both heel and forefoot unlocked zoom like the xx8’s plus carbon fiber. And Jordan’ basketball shoes are priced a bit more than nikes. Anyone remember the jordan 2011 lites that were priced at $150 but had a plastic shank plate and full length air sole.? Nike is not that nice to consumers to swap better technology and keep the price the same. I could be wrong but probably not.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. I am having serious doubts of them pricing the shoe at $150, and still having the heel and forefoot unlocked zoom, plus carbon fiber too. Nightwing said the shroud is very expensive, but like you said, I don’t see Nike being that nice to the consumers and giving us all that tech for $150.

      btw, are Jordan’s made by Nike still or by Jordan brand themselves?

  16. The doubts are understandable about the MSRP.
    Must be a mistake on footlocker.com that they call this Lites instead of SEs.

    Pending any changes, so far the release calendar on footlocker.com and finishline has multiple colorways of XX8 SEs releasing on October 11th.

    My interpretation of that looking at past Air Jordan releases i.e the past three releases, the shoes is very high price if they just release one colorway for launch with other colorways’ releases are spread out.

    Also correct me if I am wrong: With the different versions of the previous two Air Jordans(in general), they launched in multiple colorways at slightly lesser price.

  17. Right now I’m watching the most psychopathic movie like its so messed up like o know this is off topic but in really creeped out right now

  18. I love these but price differential is gonna be the surprise because most of their performance models have the same upper idea ,you can see too many similarities in the fit design which isnt a bad thing but when the superfly 2s are going for 130 who wants to spend anything more fir something very similar even the melo 10 design looks like this and many agree that the original xx8s only difference with the superflys was the shroud and the heel cushion which some people even liked more in the superfly 2 unless you like to show people your sneaker wealth youd be dumb to overspend for the same set up i can see the superflys lowering in price anyways due to the huge availability and excessive number in color ways which i like so to sum it up go superfly and save the price difference for socks or shorts etc.

  19. They might as well call it the superfly2 elite version it is black and gold like most elites lol and has the carbon fiber you see in other elite models and i bet it will have a huge price tag such as other elite models looks like one hell of a shoe though i must admit

  20. Well, at least people have more options to choose from when we go by the specific attributes each of us has when we go purchase a shoe.

  21. This was the 28 that I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait for the release and review. I will be trying out the super fly 2 for now.

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