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Kobe Bryant Shoes

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Nike KB24

Nike KB24 Review

The Nike KB24 is a shoe that not a lot of sneaker enthusiasts are familiar with. With the passing of Kobe Bryant, it has been comforting to get some of his sneakers as a piece of memorabilia, even though some may not be as popular. There are a lot of performance elements of this shoe, some borrowed from previous main
Nike Kobe 5 Protro Hall of Fame

Nike Kobe 5 Protro Hall of Fame Review

The Nike Kobe 5 Protro Hall of Fame is a shoe making waves in the sneaker industry and amongst Kobe fans. In commemoration of Kobe’s induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, with Michael Jordan presenting him no less, Nike collaborated with Undefeated to bring us a shoe to remember him and his greatness. We miss the Black Mamba,
adidas Top Ten 2000

adidas Top Ten 2000: The Kobe Before The Kobe

The adidas Top Ten 2000, originally released in 1996, was one of the first shoes Kobe Bryant wore in the NBA. Adidas recently released a retro version but it didn’t release in the USA. Chris was eagerly anticipating this piece of history and was only able to snag this overseas exclusive model by browsing eBay. So yes, at WearTesters we’re
Kobe 5 Protro Bruce Lee

Nike Kobe 5 Protro Bruce Lee

The Nike Kobe 5 Protro Bruce Lee is a shoe holy grail that our fearless leader Chris Chase (aka Nightwing2303) has never owned…till now. He tried for them originally in 2010 and when they returned as Protro last year. We all know what’s happened to the Kobe Bryant shoe market over the past year so his luck was…not great. Luckily,
Nike Kobe 6 Protro

Nike Kobe 6 Protro

After both tragedy and what seemed like an extremely long wait, the Nike Kobe 6 Protro is finally releasing to the public. The Kobe 6 Protro “Grinch” or “Green Apple” will be the first colorway releasing on December 24, 2020 with more colorways to follow in 2021.
Reebok Question Kobe Alternate

Reebok Question Kobe Alternate

The Reebok Question Kobe Alternate is a new retro release of a Kobe Bryant PE worn during his sneaker free agency between his time at adidas and Nike. That year, Reebok, Jordan, and Nike were showering Kobe with player exclusives and he often wore them in games. What does Chris think of this Reebok Kobe redux? Click play above to

Nike Kobe 11 Shoes

The Nike Kobe 11 excelled in almost every aspect except the traction. The best way to describe it is inconsistent. Except for traction, everything else was on point. They offer excellent materials and support, great lockdown, and amazing, (somewhat) customizable cushion.

If the Kobe 11 featured the Kobe 9’s traction, it would be as close to perfect as a shoe can be.  

Nike Kobe 11 EM Performance Review

Nike pulled a fast one on consumers by releasing the Nike Kobe 11 Elite, announced there would be no other versions of the Kobe 11, then subsequently released a more affordable option dubbed the Nike Kobe 11 — sans the Elite. Now, with that being said, you know WearTesters had to try out the EM version of the Nike Kobe

Here is Your First Look at the Nike Kobe 11 EM ‘Carpe Diem’

The Nike Kobe 11 seems to be the model that is paying tribute to popular Kobe’s of the past. First we saw the Bruce Lee theme back on the Elite rendition, then the Lower Merion Aces on the EM. Tomorrow will be the release of the Draft Day Kobe 11 EM, and after that will be these bad boys… the

Nike Kobe 11 W/ Full Length Zoom – Performance Review

In this performance review we find out if full length Zoom really does make the Nike Kobe 11 better. The retail version of the Kobe 11 Elite features a Lunarlon and Zoom cushion system, but NikeiD allows you to customize the cushion setup to a full length Zoom or Lunarlon drop in midsole. Even though it may cost a pretty

Nike Kobe XI (11) Elite – Performance Review | JAHRONMON

Here is the performance review of the Nike Kobe XI (11) Elite. It has a dynamic cushion setup, solid support system, and comfortable upper. Where does the Kobe 11 rank amongst the best in the signature line? Only one way to find out… The Nike Kobe XI Elite is available at these retailers: Foot Locker | Champs | Eastbay | Nike

Nike Kobe 11 Performance Review | Zak Kerr

Man oh man… One aspect of the shoe can ruin the entire experience. Traction I had problems just about everywhere. I took the Kobe 11 to about 6 or 7 gyms and was slipping in almost all of them. There was only one instance where I didn’t have any issues and that was on a perfectly clean floor. They actually performed

Nike Kobe 10 Shoes

The Nike Kobe X was a solid shoe. The traction was awesome, the cushion was solid, they fit like a glove for the most part and stability was on point. The worst feature of the Kobe X was the materials. 

The Kobe X aren’t the best Kobe model in the line by any means, but they are a good all-around performer. 

Nike Kobe X ‘Flight’ On-Foot Look

The Nike Kobe X ‘Flight’ is part of the Nike Basketball Flight Pack which included the LeBron 12 & KD 7. Like the aforementioned sneakers, the Nike Kobe X ‘Flight’ features similar colors with the dark teal upper and orange accents. While we were initially told that only 5 colorways of the Kobe X would release, Nike clearly has plans

Nike Kobe X EXT

The Nike Kobe X is going into EXT mode… whether you like it or not. I have to admit, the simple look of the Kobe X doesn’t translate well with their EXT model. They look more like the Nike Trash Talk from a few years back, but with the Nike Kobe X tooling. This White/ Gum colorway looks like it’ll

Nike Kobe X – Tech Breakdown

 Here we breakdown the tech featured on the tenth signature model for the Black Mamba, the Nike Kobe X. Full length Lunarlon, Zoom, textile mesh upper, and a plethora of stability features; these are just some of the things the Nike Kobe X has to offer performance wise. WearTesters details it all for you in this latest Tech Breakdown. Check out

Nike Kobe X Deconstructed

Long7 is back with another sneaker deconstruction, this time around the Nike Kobe X is deconstructed. Way back when the Kobe X was being leaked online, there was an image of a dismantled Kobe X which showed exactly what the shoe was made of. I do think that those images were all that was needed, so Long7 could have skipped

Nike Kobe X (10) ‘Findlay Prep’ PE – First Look

Reminiscent of last year’s Kobe 9 Elite Low ‘University Red,’ the new Kobe 10 is now seen in a red ‘Findlay Prep’ Player Exclusive. This shoe is one that I wish was releasing in stores, because the flat navy midsole against the red textile mesh upper looks just amazing. The shoe represents the Findlay Prep colors, and will most likely

Nike Kobe 9 Shoes

The Kobe 9 is one of the all-time great Kobe shoes. In particular, the traction on the Kobe 9 was some of the best traction ever featured on a basketball shoe. The Kobe 9 also offered excellent cushion, a variety of different material setups one could choose from, and good support.  

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Performance Review with Randy Booker

From on-court training to on-court performance reviews, Randy Booker is the man. If you wanted another opinion on the Nike Kobe 9 Elite’s performance then you’ll definitely will want to check this video out. Seems like everyone that wears them has slight differences in terms of the fit but overall we seem to all agree that the traction is beast.

Nike Kobe 9 EM Performance Review

Not much has changed between the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and the Kobe 9 EM but there were a few minor changes made that made for a fun ride.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Performance Review

UPDATE: If you are looking for a sneaker with similar performance features in 2021, check out the PUMA Clyde All-Pro. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The Nike Kobe 9 Elite Performance Review:

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Performance Review with MrFoamerSimpson

We have a performance review of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and its from the main man, MrFoamerSimpson. Foamie goes into detail on his experience with the Nike Kobe 9 along with his personal likes and dislikes which is always a helpful look. Check out his performance review below and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already.

My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The Kobe 9 Elite

The list of things that most of us aren’t looking forward to with the upcoming Kobe 9 Elite is short and sweet. The 2 month wait until they release and that $225 price tag. This is the Elite version, not sure why they’ve decided to start with the Elite, and there will be a non-Elite model eventually which will be

Nike Kobe 8 Shoes

The Kobe 8 was an excellent shoe, especially for guards. The Kobe 8 offered great traction (some of the best ever until the arrival of the Kobe 9), top-notch, customizable cushion, and supportive, lightweight materials. 

The Kobe 8 was a very technologically advanced model that Nike Basketball would use as a blueprint and tweak from year to year. 

Nike Kobe 7 Shoes

The Kobe 7 was a very disappointing model, especially considering that it followed two amazing models in the Kobe 6 and Kobe 5. There were some elements of the Kobe 7 that were decent, primarily the traction and the materials. Everything else was a swing and a miss for Nike. 

Nike Kobe 6 Shoes

The Kobe 6 is another all-time great performer from the Kobe signature line.  The Kobe 6 did everything well, after a break-in period. The traction started off inconsistent, but as they broke in, they became extremely grippy. The cushioning was performance-driven and superb. Also great were the lockdown and support.  

These are shoes that need some love at the beginning, but once they mold to your foot and get some wear time, they blossom into an all-time great performer on court. 

Nike Kobe AD Shoes

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Nike Venomenon Shoes

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