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Kyrie Irving Shoes

Kyrie Shoe Reviews

Latest Kyrie Model

Nike Kyrie 8

  • Perfect blend of cushioning and low-profile performance
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Great tarction
  • Stiff materials
  • Price: $150

Latest Kyrie Model You Can Purchase

Nike Kyrie Infinity

  • Perfect blend of cushioning and low-profile performance
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Great premium materials along the upper
  • Traction requires some break-in time
  • Price: $130

The Nike Kyrie 8 / Nike Kyrie Infinity shares a lot of design  elements with the last two Kyrie models as well as more recent Nike basketball releases have been included to make for one potential bad boy performer.

The Kyrie 8 features a similar traction pattern to the Nike Kyrie 6 and the overseas release comes with XDR rubber. The shoe’s cushion set up combines a Phylon midsole with a standard heel Zoom Air unit and a forefoot Zoom Strobel unit, similar to the Nike Zoom GT Run.

The Kyrie 8 has a textile forefoot section as well as a rear section that features some premium materials. The shoe will retail for $110. 

Latest Kyrie Reviews

Nike Kyrie Low 5

Nike Kyrie Low 5 Performance Review

English review Spanish review The Nike Kyrie Low 5 nearly has the same tech specs as the previous Low release. You get most of the same performance with a change of materials. Colorway: White/Game Royal/Medium Ash/Citron Tint Release Date: 2022 Price: $120 Athlete: Kyrie Irving
Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5

Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5 is Kyrie Irving’s fifth edition of his cheapest basketball sneaker. This is not to be confused with the Nike Kyrie Low 4 or any other Nike Kyrie Low shoes. Please note that I played in the EP version, which offers a wider last for the usually wider Asian foot. With that being said, this sneaker
Nike Kyrie Infinity

Nike Kyrie Infinity / Kyrie 8 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie Infinity is one of the most well-cushioned Kyrie shoes to this point. Some good elements from previous models return as well. Colorway: Black/Multi-Color-White Release Date: 2021 Price: $140 $70 Score Breakdown Traction 9.3/10 Cushion 9.1/10 Materials 9.3/10 Fit 8.7/10 Support 8.5/10 Weight and Sizing Long Short Wide Narrow Heavy Light The Nike Kyrie Infinity is Kyrie Irving‘s
Nike Kyrie Low 4 Performance Review

Nike Kyrie Low 4 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie Low 4 has many of the same features as the flagship model. The cushion isn’t the same, though, so be warned. Colorway: Black/White Release Date: August 2021 Price: $120 The Nike Kyrie Low 4 is the most recent silhouette released from Nike and Kyrie Irving in this part of 2021. The fourth iteration of the low-cut but middle-tier Kyrie
nike kyrie 7 sisterhood

Nike Kyrie 7

The Nike Kyrie 7 follows two great models in Kyrie Irving’s signature line, the Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. Both were extremely popular on court from grade school to the NBA. Can the Kyrie 7 keep a good thing going? Can it improve on its predecessors? Watch Chris’ first impression video to find out.
Nike Kybrid S2

Nike Kybrid S2

Now that the second trilogy of Kyrie Irving shoes is complete, Nike used the Kyrie 4, 5, and 6 to create the new Nike Kybrid S2.

Nike Kyrie 8 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 8 may be the last signature for Kyrie Irving from Nike. His shoe line was one of the most consistent and beloved signature series we’ve had in a while. The upper is composed of pure plastic that will take a brutal break-in period. The midsole is lightweight Phylon with a forefoot Zoom Air strobel unit. The Infinity Lockdown system has been updated as well to bring that strap-like feel without the strap. Dynamic Flywire likewise makes a comeback. Overall, it has potential to do good, but that upper may be too much to overcome.  Read full review.

Nike Kyrie Infinity Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 8 (Infinity) is one of the best basketball shoes of 2022. The midsole comprises a full-length Phylon midsole with a forefoot Zoom Air Strobel unit and a standard heel Zoom Air unit. That’s the most cushion Kyrie Irving’s line has ever gotten. It’s still low to the ground, and you’ll be able to feel nimble in these shoes. Add to that more impact protection, and we have an excellent performance sneaker.

The Nike Kyrie 8 (Infinity) still has that rounded tooling for which Kyrie’s shoes have become popular. If you’re not used to it, it will take some time and wear to familiarize yourself. But once you are, you’ll enjoy it.

Nike Kyrie 7 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 7 didn’t get much love but it was a more than decent performance model. They feature a data-driven traction pattern, a phylon midsole and forefoot zoom turbo for cushioning, and a synthetic and breathable upper. The fit rather narrow, so you might want to go up half a size.   Read full performance review.

The 2020-21 season was practically identical for Kyrie, statistic-wise. Kyrie averaged 27 ppg, 6 apg, and 5 rbpg, and was again selected to that years All-Star team and was selected to the All-NBA 3rs team. The Nets made the play off’s and almost made it to the Eastern Conference finals, but fell to the eventual champs, Milwaukee Bucks, led by that years MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo.  

nike kyrie 7 sisterhood

Nike Kyrie 7

The Nike Kyrie 7 follows two great models in Kyrie Irving’s signature line, the Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. Both were extremely popular on court from grade school to the NBA. Can the Kyrie 7 keep a good thing going? Can it improve on its predecessors? Watch Chris’ first impression video to find out.

Nike Kyrie 6 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 6 was a great on court performer and felt like the natural evolution of the Kyrie 5. It’s not a shoe that is leaps and bounds better than the previous model, but the minor tweaks are noticeable enough on foot.

As you might expect from a shoe designed for a player like Kyrie Irving, the traction was its best feature. Everything else on the shoe worked perfectly, complementing the great traction. Read full performance review.

During the 2019-20 season Kyrie was bale to improve upon his already impressive numbers. Kyrie averaged 27 ppg, 6 apg, and 5 rbpg, was again selected to that years All-Star team and was selected to the All-NBA 2nd team. 

The Kyrie 6, for some reason wasn’t as popular as previous models, though they were the best Kyrie model to date. 

Nike Kyrie 6 Featured Image

Stanley Tse Weighs in on the Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

The Illuminati has its ways, just like the way Kyrie controls the ball like a yo-yo. With Zoom Turbo making a return, will the Kyrie 6 make its predecessors proud? Let’s find out. Click to read the Kyrie 6 performance review by Chris Chase (Nightwing2303). Traction on the Kyrie 5 was good, however the traction on the Kyrie 6 is
kyrie 6 performance review

Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review is now complete. We hope it helps anyone out there interested in purchasing a pair.
Nike Kyrie 6 Detailed Look Featured Image

Nike Kyrie 6 | Detailed Look and Review

Is Kyrie Irving’s Nike Kyrie 6 his best shoe yet? We hope to find out soon. If you enjoyed the Nike Kyrie 5 then you may end up loving the upcoming Nike Kyrie 6.
Nike Kyrie 6 featured image

Nike Kyrie 6: Stan Tse First Impression

Here’s my Nike Kyrie 6 first impression coming up as soon as I finish watching Kyrie’s ridiculous one-legged stepback 200 times… After the official unveiling of the Kyrie 6 today, Nike invited a small group of media members to the Barclay’s Center to try out the new Kyrie 6. We were able to play full court pickup games and try

Official Nike Kyrie 6 Release Date and Price

We have confirmation of the Nike Kyrie 6 release date and price. The Nike Kyrie 6 has already been the subject of a fair amount of leaks. Because of those leaks, the design of the shoe is well known and shouldn’t be a surprise to any of our loyal readers. We covered it here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Nike Kyrie 5 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 4 was tied for best shoe of 2017. The Kyrie 5 is not far behind.

They’re an extremely fun shoe and they cover you from all angles. The shoe’s worst quality was the cushioning, but the Nike Kyrie 5 caters to those looking for a shoe that moves smoothly on court, offering plenty of court feel, great lockdown, and aggressive traction wrapped up in a lightweight package. Read full performance review.

Kyrie’s 2nd season with the Celtics was a bit more of the same, which means he continued to be one of the premier guards in the league. He averaged 24 ppg, 7 apg and 5 rbpg, and was again selected as an All-Star. The season ended weirdly when Kyrie left the promising Celtics to Join the Brooklyn Nets.

The Kyrie 5’s got the same marketing treatment as the Kyrie 4’s and saw a similar amount of different colorways. They were again one of the most popular models among NBA players. 

Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

The Nike Kyrie 5 performance review is ready, just in time for the upcoming Best Basketball Shoes of 2018 list. Stay tuned. Colorway: TBD Release Date: 2018 Style Code: TBD Price: $100

Nike Kyrie 4 Shoes

Overall, the Nike Kyrie 4 was Nike’s best performer for 2017.

It’s very well-rounded on all fronts. There’s just enough cushion for most types of hoopers, solid traction, great fit, and decent support. Read full performance review.

After the 2016-17 season, the Cavs imploded. Kyrie would sign with the Boston Celtics during that off-season, turning the C’s into immediate contenders. Kyrie had another great season at the helm of the Celtics averaging 24 ppg, 5 apg, and 3 rbpg. He was selected to the All-Star team and was consitently one of the best guards in the league. 

Again, the Kyrie 4 received a ton of different colorways, and was, again, one of the most popular models in the NBA. Nike launched a series of colorways inspired by Kyrie’s favorite breakfast cereals. They were all amazing. 

Nike Kyrie 3 Shoes

The Kyrie 3 improved on several aspects of the Kyrie 2, which made them a decent performer on the court and an all-around enjoyable shoe. 

The Kyrie 3 followed the tradition of the Kyrie line by offering little to no cushion, but court feel and traction were a real stand out. It is a polarizing shoe, well suited for light, agile guards, but little else. See full performance review.

The 2016-17 season turned out to be Kyrie’s best year statistically up to that point. Kyrie boosted his numbers to 26 ppg, 6apg, and 3 boards. He was chosen to the All-Star team and more importantly, the Cavs made it all the way back to the finals. This time however, they would face one of the best teams in the history of the NBA, the Steph-KD-Draymond-Klay Golden State Warriors, and go home empty handed. 

Easily the best colorway of the Kyrie to drop was the Bruce Lee colorway, period. 

Nike Kyrie 2 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 2 is a really great shoe… if you are looking for traction, fit, and lockdown. If you are in the market for cushion, however, steer clear. 

There really isn’t any cushion, except a small zoom unit in the heel, which may sound like a misstep by the Nike design team, but is exactly what they were aiming for with the Kyrie 2. They chose to sacrifice cushion for court feel and reactiveness, and in that sense, they did a hell of a job. See full performance review.

Kyrie kept up his spectacular play during the 2015-16 season. Now with LeBron and K-Love on the Cavs, the team was rolling. Kyrie averaged 20 ppg, 5 apg and 3 rbpg, on route to his second consecutive NBA Finals. This time it would be the Cavs who would prevail after 6 games and Kyrie brought home his first championship. Not bad fir just his 5th pro season. 

The Kyrie 2 was again one of the best looking shoes of the year and was a very popular shoe among NBA players. There were a ton of different colorways released, but the Duke colorway was probably the best of the bunch. 

Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes

The Nike Kyrie 1 dropped during Kyries 4th year in the league. Kyrie Irving’s first signature shoe is okay. Not bad, not good…definitely not great…just okay.

If they have one great feature, it’s the traction, but everything else was a huge hit or miss. Read full performance review

At this point in his career, Kyrie was already one of the best and most electrifying point guards in the league. Kyrie put on a show that season averaging 22 ppg, 5 apg and 3 boards. He was chosen to the All-Star team and was named to the All-NBA 3rd team. He also was joined in Cleveland that season by a player by the name of LeBron James and Kevin Love. With the adidtion of the two superstars, the Cavs made it all the way to that years finals, but would lose to Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors in 6 games.

The Kyrie 1 may not have been the best performance model, but it was definitely one of the better looking shoes to drop that season. The Kyrie 1 dropped in a bunch of different colorways, but the “Deceptive Red” colorway was probably the most emblematic version of the shoe. 

Kyrie Low Shoes

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