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Get Your First Look at Klay Thompson’s First Signature Model With ANTA

Here is an early look at Klay Thompson’s first signature model with ANTA.

Reeling in Klay Thompson was huge for ANTA. Not only is he an NBA All-Star, but a Champion in one of the NBA’s biggest markets; Golden State. Hard work pays off as ANTA rewarded him with a signature sneaker, the life long dream of any basketball player. While it is hard to determine tech and materials in the photo provided, a little speculation never hurt anyone.

The upper has a futuristic grid like design that is carried by a external heel overlay that should keep your foot from shifting side to side. Perhaps what is most interesting is the traction which looks like the Kobe 9 and Under Amour Speedform Apollo had a baby. Take everything with a grain of salt as this is just our first look at the ANTA KT 1.

Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for any upcoming information on the ANTA KT 1, as well as any of your performance needs.

Get Your First Look at Klay Thompson's First Signature Model With ANTA-1


  1. I think these look pretty nice for a performance model. Unique to say the least. I am curious as to how that outsole pattern will perform, but I can say I like it from an aesthetic POV.

  2. Wow they look nice for his first signature. The KG pair I saw look nice as well. Interesting to see how the traction will hold up.

    1. you can’t just tell how traction is going to work out by looks. Although pattern of the traction helps, there are so many other components that can affect how well the traction works. The rubber compound (kobe 9 and kobe 10 all had very sketchy traction patterns that even chris doubted, but stuck to the ground like glue), the shape/anatomy of the traction, which as you can see it has a anatomic footbed/traction setup, and how flat the surface is. Even the cushion get affect the traction, as it is the only thing dividing the foot and the traction itself. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  3. It reminds me of Kobe’s shoe with adidas, since the sole looks like a foot when you look at it,

    The shoe looks nice, but it looks like a little surface area only hits the floor when you drive to the basket, just based on how the sole looks on design.

    1. More like the Nike Kobe IX sole, FYW is actually quite a complex barefoot-system(that wraps around the foot), where this is more of a footprint-sole, the side-view is flat.

  4. I really like the look of this shoe, maybe not quite as barefoot as I’d like, but still a footprint, especially the uppers intrigue me, they seem very natural in feel.

  5. Don’t think this is his actual sig shoe. Anta is TERRIBLE at communicating what are the athletes signature shoes versus a “team” shoe. This is just one they are having him promote that they tied to him with GSW colors. Rondo also promoted a shoe on his trip the other week, which isn’t his sig.

  6. He wore the KT Fire last season and alternated with the Hyperdunk 2015 when he felt uncomfortable with his Antas.

  7. Ewwww them joints ugly look like an one of those toed trainers with a basketball upper disgusting ugh makes me sick I’m gonna go throw up now

  8. It really kind of chips my hide when BS sneaker places like Complex and SneakerNews make articles covering this talking about how Klay must be disappointed in how his sig turned out, yada yada. No quote or anything from Klay mind you. Just a couple of pics of Klay at the presser and boom, lets judge how he must be feeling. Maybe Klay really doesn’t like the sig. Maybe Klay is jet lagged from traveling half way around the world to attend the presser. Who knows. But this speculating that Klay is hating on his own shoe followed by what passes for reporting by lame azz sites who want to look good to swoosh fiends just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  9. These have already dropped here in The Philippines, maybe in other asian countries, too. Looks like they’ll be good performers, and I hope they do perform well.

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