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Brooks Anthem 6 Performance Review

Annie Keris
Brooks Anthem 6

With the unbelievable variety of shoes available today – and with a range of price points to match – there should be, in theory, something for everybody. One runner’s priority may be the latest and greatest tech, price be damned. Another may be perfectly content to wear every version of the same model year-after-year with the singular hope that the company never changes even an aglet.

And yet another may be hoping to find a modest introductory shoe through which they can test the running waters and prudently avoid breaking the bank. 

Enter: the Brooks Anthem 6.

Shoes like the Brooks Anthem 6 help to remove barriers, and their more affordable prices can be a great catalyst for people to be able to experiment with running. Some may look upon an $85 shoe with a certain degree of skepticism or even pretension. But the question when it comes to any “budget” shoe (which in our vocabulary is not a bad word) is a simple matter of whether or not you can comfortably and safely run in it.

So let’s find out how the Brooks Anthem 6 might treat your feet.

Brooks Anthem 6

Release Date: January 1, 2024

Price: $85

Weight: Men’s 9.8 oz., Women’s 8,9 oz.

Drop: 10mm

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: The Brooks Anthem 6 is Brooks’ tech-less budget model that offers comfort and versatility.
Brooks Anthem 6 lateral view


The Brooks Anthem 6 is an absolutely no-frills kind of gal. The shoe sports Brooks’ most basic DNA cushioning and a simple, engineered air mesh upper. The materials themselves are perhaps nothing to write home about. But the Anthem 6 also in no way feels thoughtlessly put together. It instead just seems old-school and practical. The fit is unfussy and well-executed.

The ride kept me content enough on runs hovering around the one-hour mark. If a run crept much above that duration, however, I wished for more substantial cushioning – particularly under the forefoot. But that still gives a new runner a decent amount of runway as they build their mileage.

That modest and flexible midsole also meant a wholly unobtrusive ride. The Anthem 6 was content to follow my lead as far as my mechanics went, and that provides a different type of value to someone just figuring out how they naturally run or what their preferences might be.

The low stack’s inherent lack of wobble could also give the Brooks Anthem 6 some crossover appeal. So those occasional gym-goers or folks participating in other, non-running activities will find an affordable, but reliable shoe that won’t disintegrate before their eyes.

Brooks Anthem 6 outsole traction


  • Price
  • Fit
  • Crossover appeal
Brooks Anthem 6 medial view


  • Modest impact protection for those with a higher general need or who may want more range
Brooks Anthem 6 upper

Is the Brooks Anthem 6 wide foot friendly?

Brooks offers a huge variety of its models in multiple widths, but the Anthem 6 doesn’t happen to be one of them. The fit here is on the slimmer side (by Brooks’ usual standards, anyway). And while it still fits my average-to-slightly-wide forefoot comfortably, true wide footers will do better in a shoe with more room.

Brooks Anthem 6 on foot

Brooks Anthem 6 Summary

If you are looking to buy a current model at a budget price, the Brooks Anthem 6 respects the consumer and offers enough comfort and versatility for casual and/or beginner runners and folks looking to get or stay active in general.

If, however, you crave more tech (or even just stack) and are willing to be a little patient and resourceful, there is always the path of keeping an eye out for deals on previous years’ models. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to find a slightly older, but perhaps more tech-laden $140 daily trainer at, or at least near, that $85 price.

Regardless, I have to applaud Brooks for making a perfectly runnable $85 shoe that doesn’t feel slapped together without care or thought. The company is still applying its usual principles of fit and quality. It’s just using its most affordable versions of its materials to work within that philosophy.

So the great news is that there’s no wrong way to go about it. And the best option for you is the one that best fits your life. May your unique needs and priorities be your guide, and happy running to all.

How does the Author Run?

Annie Keris (age 39, 5’0” 117lbs): Typically follows a “two days on, one day off” running routine. “On” days include daily miles, speed work, and long runs. An “off” day usually involves yoga and mobility/recovery work. Enjoys occasional racing but perhaps enjoys the training process even more. Gravitates most toward the half marathon distance, but ventures into the 10k and 5k as well. The marathon is thus far uncharted territory…


While Brooks did send a pair of the Anthem 6 to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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