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CapSole: The Best Shoe Protector (How To Preserve Your Kicks)

Capsole The Best Shoe Protector

A big part of being a sneakerhead is pining over and hunting for so-called “grails”. A “grail” is one of those shoes that, for whatever reason, you just have to have. It could be your favorite player’s coolest signature, a shoe you hooped in that left such a lasting impression that you need it back, or, for a collector, that one elusive colorway that’s almost impossible to find. Every sneakerhead and most (if not all) basketball players have a grail.

Now the good news is that with perseverance and a little bit of luck, there’s a good chance nowadays that, with all the countless re-releases and the advent of things like StockX and GOAT, you’ll be able to track down your own personal grails. But of course, once you’ve got ’em, what do you do with ’em? Even if you plan on playing in your grail sneakers, once you’re done, do you just toss them out? Of course not. So, what is the best way to protect and preserve your kicks?

I can’t be the only person (in fact I know I’m not) who put his old Jordans in a box, and years later went back to pull them out for another run just to find a crumbly hardened mess. It SUCKS.

There is a laundry list of products on the market meant to help maintain a shoe’s materials in good condition (mainly sprays), but if you’re looking for the best way to preserve and/or store your shoes long-term, avoiding decay and yellowing, those sprays will be of little or no use.

Why do sneakers turn yellow, and how to avoid it

Oxygen and water vapor cause oxidation and hydrolysis which in turn cause a loss in color and structural integrity. If you want to avoid yellowing and decay, you have to store your shoes in such a way that protects them from oxygen and moisture.

So, basically, what you want is to seal your shoes in an oxygen-deprived, moistureless environment. No spray can do that. Drop front containers may limit the dust build-up but they can’t block oxygen or moisture. And vacuum-sealed bags require a vacuum process which wrinkles and compresses against the shape of the shoes and can cause odors, yellowing, and crumbling.

The best solution to avoid all of this is a new system called CapSole.

CapSole is a storage/preservation system that consists of a pouch (aka CapSole pod) and an inflator, but this isn’t any old pouch or any old inflator. The pouch is constructed in such a way that, when combined with the inflator and cartridge, helps remove oxygen and moisture from within by injecting a pressurized anti-aging preservative through an inlet valve. This causes the oxygen, moisture, and dust inside to be pushed out through the outlet valve. As a result, the preservative is left inside the pod.  

The CapSole pod is made with a polyester Oxford fabric laminated with a TPU layer. Polyester Oxford fabric is a type of woven material that is known for its durability and strength and is commonly used in outdoor gear and clothing. When laminated with TPU, this creates a protective layer to help prevent oxygen from passing through the fabric. So, once in the CapSole, your shoes are stored and can be put away basically anywhere.

The CapSole pods come in three sizes and are designed in such a way that they’re able to fit back in most shoe boxes. CapSole was designed by a chemical engineer with a Ph.D. in polymers and nanocomposites and testing for this first-generation pod was done under extreme conditions and xenon arc exposure to test the maximum limits of the product to protect against environmental conditions.

One Nike Air Force 1 was placed in a CapSole and the other was left out. The experiment showed that the CapSole prevented discoloration by at least half (2x) of the magnitude of change compared to the shoe that was fully exposed and not preserved by CapSole.

  • CapSole-Front-specs
  • CapSole-Back-Specs

How much does CapSole cost?

CapSole’s Collectors Kit, which comes with 4 pouches and 5 preservative cartridges, comes out to $189, which is, admittedly, pricey. It is, however, the most bang for your buck by allowing you to preserve 4 pairs of shoes for about $47, which is less expensive than restoring your beloved sneakers or replacing them. And, when we’re talking about “grails” there is a sentimental value attached that is impossible to quantify.

If you prefer to dip your toe into the CapSole pool, they also offer a starter pack that comes with one pouch and one cartridge. This pack comes in at $69 and, if you like how it works, you can always pick up refill cartridges or extra pouches in the future. If you want to save the most money, then take a look at the CapSole Club. You can get the same Starter Kit for 42% off at $39 or the Collectors Kit for $50 off at $139.  

How often does the CapSole have to be refilled?

The CapSole pod should be refilled every time shoes are placed in the pod for storage. For example, if you wear a pair of sneakers and then place them in the CapSole pod, then a cartridge should be used to refill. No refill is necessary until the shoes are ready to be worn again. 

This is great for long-term storage. If you plan on using your sneakers with some regularity, keep in mind that 4 cartridges will run you $39. But each cartridge comes with 2-3 fills each, so in a pack of 4 you should be able to fill the pod 8-12 times.  

CapSole Summary: The #1 Shoe Protector

CapSole is currently the best shoe protector on the market and the best way to preserve your sneakers long-term. There really isn’t any other product out there quite like it. If you’re planning on sealing away your sneaker collection to avoid it withering away or just want to better protect and extend the life of your shoes when you aren’t wearing them, CapSole is your best bet.

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