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adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Review

adidas dame 8 extply REVIEW

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY

The adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY is an updated version of the Dame 8, which was a solid performance basketball shoe, which begs the question, are the updates for the better?

Release Date: 2023

Price: $130

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adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Spanish Review
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There hasn’t been a new Damian Lillard signature shoe since January of 2022. The Dame 8 EXTPLY is the closest thing we’ve got. This version of the Dame 8 re-purposes many elements of the original and sprinkles in a bunch of new features that tweak several performance features of the shoe. These changes weren’t significant enough, however, for adidas to anoint these as the Dame 9 (the real Dame 9 is slated to release in late 2024.

Let’s jump into the review and see exactly what has changed in this version of the shoe and if the changes are for better or for worse. Spoiler alert! The adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY made our list of the best adidas basketball shoes, best for outdoors, best for wide feet, best high tops, and best for small forwards.

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Performance Review

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Traction

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Traction

This is one of the aspects of the Dame 8 EXTPLY that’s exactly the same as the Dame 8, which, in this case, was an excellent choice. What we have is a very tough solid rubber outsole with a wavebone traction pattern. Surrounding the wavebone traction, and partially wrapping the midsole, is a lightning bolt pattern which will add grip during those more exaggerated on court moves.

On indoor surfaces, this traction setup works great. The wavy herringbone traction pattern provides excellent multidirectional coverage and the rubber is very tacky and sticks well to the court. The traction pattern is also widely set, so the shoe functions well, even on dirty surfaces. The traction performs equally as well outdoors, and the rubber is tough enough to withstand more abrasive playing surfaces. In my opinion, this is an enormous added bonus.

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Cushion

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY cushion

This is another feature of the shoe that was inherited from its predecessor. The Dame 8 EXTPLY features a full-length slab of adidas’ Bounce Pro Foam. This is a dual-density version of Bounce and it’s implemented so that certain portions of the shoe are more firm and reactive, and others more plush and pliable. In the forefoot, you have the more reactive portion, and in the heel the more plush.

I personally really enjoyed the ride the Dame 8 EXTPLY provided on court. Bounce Pro is, well, bouncy and reactive and keeps you nimble on the court, while providing a significant amount of impact protection. It’s also a very outdoor-friendly cushioning setup which, in addition to the sturdy traction, makes this one of the best outdoor basketball shoes in 2024.

One drawback of this setup is that it’s on the bulkier side of things. Court feel isn’t a highlight of the shoe, and I’ve read complaints regarding the weight of the shoe, but I wouldn’t say that either of these things affected me and my on-court experience in the slightest.

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Materials

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY materials

Materials are nothing to write home about, but they get the job done. Depending on the colorway of the shoe, materials vary slightly, but the majority of colorways feature the same setup. The upper is built with a combination of mesh and felt with several fuse overlays for added containment. One major change regarding the original Dame 8 is the giant strap in the forefoot.

This strap is functional and allows you to adjust the fit in this area of the shoe. The heel and the interior are well-padded, which, in conjunction with the textile upper, helps the shoe to conform well to your foot and requires no break-in time.

In terms of on-court performance, everything works great. Even though this shoe features a textile build, it’s in no way flimsy or lacking in containment. It’s quite the contrary. Containment was a highlight of the Dame 8 EXTPLY in my experience. The fuse overlays, the strap, the lacing system, the interior padding, … Everything works together to offer a very comfortable and secure ride on court.

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Support

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY support

Support was also excellent in the Dame 8 EXTPLY. The shoe features a very wide base, a very stable cushioning system, it’s equipped with a remarkably substantial top-loaded TPU shank plate, and includes a robust heel counter. Add all of this to the excellent containment provided by the build of the upper and you have a tank of a shoe. Your foot isn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard you stop or cut.

I’m 6’3″ and I weigh 220 pounds so when a basketball shoe is lacking in support or containment, I notice it immediately. The Dame 8 EXTPLY was more than enough to keep up with my playing style and is one of the more “secure feeling” shoes Ive tested all year.   

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Fit

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY fit

Here is where we find the most significant upgrade in the shoe. Adidas is infamous for its inconsistent sizing. The original Dame 8 fit long, and we suggested going down half a size in that model. I went with my usual size 12 when ordering my pair of Dame 8 EXTPLY and I’m glad I did. There’s a little extra space lengthwise, but if I had gone down half a size, they would have fit too snugly.

But, also, thanks to the forefoot strap, and the updated lacing system, the fit can be adjusted and modified to compensate for the additional room. This is why I think that these are a good widefoot-friendly hoop shoe.

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY Overall

adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY overall

Solid. The Dame 8 EXTPLY is a solid hoop shoe. I wouldn’t say that there is anything groundbreaking or flashy about it, but it’s a very well-rounded performance model that’s built tough. I love the fact that they can handle playing on the blacktop with no issues as well as the level of containment and support they provide. Now, are they significantly better than the “normal” Dame 8?

Not really. I think they are slightly better, but we can chalk that up to my personal preferences. Which brings me to the one issue I actually have with this shoe. If this is just another version of the Dame 8, and there really isn’t anything new in this version, why the $10 price increase?

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