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Topo Pursuit 2 Performance Review

Topo Pursuit 2

In previous reviews, we’ve lauded Topo’s anatomical fit and even enjoyed their zero drop road shoe, the Magnifly 5. This time we get a chance to test the Topo Pursuit 2, a hearty zero drop shoe built for trail adventures. Let’s find out how it performs.

Topo Pursuit 2

Release Date: June 2024

Price: $145

Weight: Men’s 10.5 oz., Women’s 8.7 oz.

Drop: 0mm

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: The Topo Pursuit 2 sticks to Topo’s commitment to functional and technical trail shoes, offering zero-drop enthusiasts a nimble, everyday shoe.
Topo Pursuit 2 lateral view


Topo added a new Zipfoam midsole to the Pursuit 2, giving the shoe a bouncy and responsive ride. In order to compete these days, most companies are adding a lighter, more responsive midsole while grappling with softness underfoot for the complete ride.

I enjoyed the Topo Pursuit 2 midsole and felt it did a nice job balancing the two ends of the midsole spectrum. It took a handful of runs to work in, but the foam starts to get a little softer while remaining snappy. Similar to the Mtn Racer 3, the Pursuit 2 is a nice ultra-distance shoe. Coupled with the midsole is an ‘FKT’ insole, developed by Topo, that adds some additional cushion and support.

After racking up some miles in the Topo Pursuit 2, I can attest that Topo just makes solid runners. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s a midsole you’ll feel confident and solid in. Light enough to feel fast, but soft enough for long days. This midsole is zero drop, but for some reason it doesn’t feel as flat as Altras do on my foot. I’m admittedly a zero drop skeptic, but I will say the added value with the Pursuit 2 is high stability. These shoes keep your foot low and secure on the ground, making them a nice option for technical trails.

Addressing the zero drop: if you have never run in zero drop, consider reading up and making sure it’s the right solution for you. If you’ve historically run in bigger drop shoes, a switch to zero can definitely put a strain on both the muscles and tendons in your legs. It’s something you’ll want to ease into.

Topo Pursuit 2 upper close up


Most of Topo’s new trail uppers follow a similar mesh weave, made with recycled materials and secure fitting. I am a fan – both Topo models I’ve tested this year remain consistently comfortable in terms of the upper. I’ve probably said this before in prior reviews, but I believe that the continual push for a lighter and lighter upper will result in less comfortable and secure shoes.

It’s always nice to find a shoe, like the Topo Pursuit 2, that has a nice balance. Although a bit on the thicker side, the weave is breathable and drains liquid pretty well. The tongue is soft and cushy, so no worries about lace strain over the top of the foot. Great heel lock in makes for a nice cherry on top.

Topo Pursuit 2 Vibram outsole traction


If you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll also know I love a Vibram outsole, and that’s exactly what Topo has chosen for the Pursuit 2. A megragrip outsole with lugs in the 4-5mm deep range. Topo makes good trail running shoes, and they make them with rugged trails in mind. Their outsole selection is a confirmation of that; sticky, durable rubber that can handle any condition. Good on ups, downs, and everything in-between. Topo, keep doing what you do with these outsoles.

Topo Pursuit 2 upper from above

Is the Topo Pursuit 2 wide foot friendly?

Yes. Topo intentionally designs its shoes to fit the natural, wide shape of the foot. The Topo Pursuit 2, like all Topo models, has plenty of space in the forefoot.

Topo Pursuit 2 medial view

Is the Topo Pursuit 2 worth $145?

If you want a zero drop runner, $145 is a great price for the Topo Pursuit 2.

Topo Pursuit 2 heel drop


The obvious ‘could be’ con for this shoe is the zero drop. I use ‘could be’ as it’s really dependent on what you like to run in. I don’t use zero drop shoes, so running in the Pursuit 2 added some strain to my calves. There’s much debate as to what’s the best solution, but it really comes down to what’s best (and most comfortable) for your body. 

Topo Pursuit 2 summary

Topo Pursuit 2 Summary

I was skeptical due to the zero drop on the Topo Pursuit 2, but, after my legs adjusted, I found that it was a reliable trail runner.

The Pursuit 2 feels very similar performance-wise to the Topo Mtn Racer 3 we reviewed in 2023. This is a shoe made for trail runners who want a durable, technical, ultra-distance option. It’s not flashy or boasting, but it’s a nice shoe to have in the quiver for the honest work you put in day-in and day-out. If you like zero drop, the Topo Pursuit 2 is an affordable, bang for your buck shoe.

How does the Author Run?

Sam Lohse (age 28, 6’0″, 170 lbs): Runs daily, sometimes morning/night doubles, with one rest day a week (typically). Hangs right around 40-50 miles a week in general unless in race-specific training. Races distances from 50K to 100 miles, almost always on the trails. 


While Topo did send a pair of the Topo Pursuit 2 to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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