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Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD

nike lebron nxxt gen ampd

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD

The Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD is the 2nd iteration of the shoe, It packs packs a lot of the performance goodies of the LeBron 21 but retails for less.

Colorway: First Game

Release Date: 2023

Price: $170

Total Score

LeBron has had a bunch of secondary signature lines over the years, most of which can be characterized as takedown lines. Of all of these secondary lines, the youngest is the NXXT Gen which, to date, only has 2 models. Last year’s version set the bar pretty high for the NXXT Gen line. That shoe packed most of the performance features of that year’s flagship model, the LeBron 20, and offered similar on-court performance.

This year’s version of the NXXT Gen is very similar to last year’s which bodes well for the AMPD, however, some key differences could affect the shoe’s performance greatly. Shoutout to Bouncewear for providing this pair for testing. And with all that being said, let’s get into it.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Review

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Tech Specs:

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Traction

Traction on the Nike LeBron NXXT Gen is identical to what we saw on last year’s version of the shoe. Depending on the colorway of the shoe you pick up it will either feature solid or translucent rubber, and the traction pattern will be this road map of the city of Akron. If there is any difference between last year’s setup and this year, it’s that there seem to be more colorways of the AMPD that feature solid rubber, which is a good thing.

A LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD with a solid rubber outsole, as far as traction goes, is one of the few indoor hoop shoes that offer decent outdoor durability. The sole is wide and flat, the rubber is above average in toughness, and the traction pattern is deeply set. All of this will help the outsole to wear down more slowly and more evenly. The rubber is also grippy and offers great multidirectional coverage thanks to the road map pattern, so the shoes stopping power is no issue.

As far as indoor use goes, you can expect the same level of performance. If anything, the traction pattern does take a bit to break in and it tends to accumulate dust, but with a little patience and a occasional quick wipe-down, you should be good to go.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Cushion

This is another aspect of the shoe that is identical to last year’s version, and also very similar to what we see in the main LeBron flagship shoe. The NXXT Gen AMPD comes equipped with a cushlon midsole that houses a large volume Zoom Air unit in the heel and a Zoom Turbo unit that covers the entire forefoot. As you might have guessed, this setup is awesome, and is another reason why the NXXT Gen AMPD is a solid option for outdoor play.

The combination of cushlon and those Zoom Air units makes for a super comfortable and fluid ride on court with an almost perfect blend of reactiveness and impact protection. It’s also a very versatile setup, serving almost every position and playing style well. As with the Nike LeBron 21, in terms of cushioning, this is a super safe bet.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Materials

Here we see the biggest difference in regards to last year’s NXXT Gen. That shoe featured a primarily textile build with some synthetic leather overlays. In this year’s version, the proportions of materials have changed drastically. We gave a primarily synthetic leather upper with some textile portions, which means that the on-court experience in this version is quite different. To start, containment in the AMPD is amazing. The synthetic leather keeps your foot securely locked down and right where it is supposed to be, no matter what move you make.

It also is a much more premium feeling shoe in hand and way less plastic-y than last year’s version. On the other hand synthetic leather does take more time to break in and ventilation is not its strong point, but in my personal opinion, I’m more than happy to make that trade.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Support

Support is also a strong point of the Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD. The sole of the shoe is very wide and flat offering a lot of contact area with the playing surface which provides a very stable base to the shoe. It’s also equipped with a top-loaded TPU torsional plate, a substantial heel counter, and, as I mentioned, the upper provides all the lockdown and containment you could ever need. If that weren’t enough, the AMPD is also fitted with Nike’s Sphere foam in the interior of the shoe.

Sphere is a foam material with holes in it (like Swiss cheese) that, the more you play in it, the more it conforms to your foot, which enhances lockdown and the overall fit. Lastly, if you are looking for a shoe that provides that placebo effect of ankle support, the AMPD will give you just that. It’s a mid-cut basketball shoe with tons of padding in the ankle area and robust materials everywhere you look. To be clear, basketball shoes do nothing in terms of ankle support, but if you like that secure feeling around your ankle, these have it.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Fit

The Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use in your Nike shoes. Remember, the synthetic leather needs time to break in, and the Sphere will get better and better as time goes on, so, if you’re patient, this shoe will end up fitting like a glove.

Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD Overall

The Nike LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD is a solid and well-rounded basketball shoe. For $170 you’re getting almost everything the Nike LeBron 21 has to offer, and that shoe is currently our top pick for the best overall basketball shoe of the year. It is also a basketball shoe that almost any type of player will enjoy, and a more than decent option for outdoor play. Material quality could be better, they do take time to conform to your foot and break-in, and $170 is still a hefty price tag.

But, all in all, the LeBron NXXT Gen AMPD is an excellent hoop shoe. If you are looking for a more inexpensive version of the flagship LeBron, this is the shoe you are looking for, and even if you aren’t, this might be one of the safest bets out there in terms of on court performance.

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