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TYR Valkyrie Speedworks Runner Performance Review

Arune Singh
TYR Valkyrie Speedworks

After our fantastic experience with the TYR Valkyrie Elite Carbon Runner, it was exciting to know a new TYR running shoe was on the way. The TYR Valkyrie Speedworks Runner promises a similar geometry to the Valkyrie Elite but with an upper and midsole that are tuned for daily running and speed work. So if the Valkyrie Elite is your race day shoe, the Valkyrie Speedworks is for everything else.

That’s a promise a lot of shoe brands make when trying to create complementary offerings. In the past, it was a rare achievement. It’s become more common recently with great complementary pairs like Saucony’s Endorphin Speed 4 and Pro 4 but it’s still difficult to achieve synergy between two separate shoes. Can TYR, so early in its running shoe journey, find that kind of success? That’s exactly what Arune and I aim to find out.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks Runner

Release Date: February 2024

Price: $170

Weight: Unisex 8.1 oz.

Drop: 6mm

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: The TYR Valkyrie Speedworks is a very good speed day and daily running shoe with a couple small drawbacks.
TYR Valkyrie Speedworks lateral view


Drew: Let’s start with the feel on foot. The TYR Valkyrie Speedworks upper feels similar to the Valkyrie Elite in the heel and midfoot but the forefoot isn’t quite as accommodating or flexible. The Alphaweave upper used on the Valkyrie Speedworks just isn’t as comfortable or flexible as the Hyperweave upper used on the Valkyrie Elite. Likewise, the fuse used for support isn’t as pliable. It’s still a good experience but not as enjoyable as the Elite version.

The tongue is thicker for more daily running type comfort but still gusseted. It does a great job at locking the midfoot in place and just like in the Valkyrie Elite, the Valkyrie Speedworks didn’t have any heel slip.

Along with the locked-in feeling at the midfoot and heel, the stability on the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks is top tier. That comes with some extra weight (just like it’s big brother) but I think many runners will find it worth it. No corner is too sharp for the Valkyrie Speedworks and you’ll be confident even in wet conditions.

Underfoot, I found the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks to be very similar to the Saucony Endorphin Speed series. Bouncy beaded Pebax called LaunchPX with a nylon plate bisecting the two layers provides some extra bounce while still feeling flexible enough to let the foot move naturally. I found this to be a great setup for speed sessions whether it was marathon pace on the local greenway or intervals on the track. Keeping consistent fast paces felt smooth and natural.

And the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks is built well for larger runners. Think those that also do CrossFit, lift upper body regularly, do triathlons, or otherwise involve a bunch of cross training (basketball, pickleball, etc.) in their workout routine. That subset of runners will appreciate the attention to detail and the stability that doesn’t infringe on natural motion. 

There’s also a more secure fit (here and in the Valkyrie Elite) that’s reminiscent of shoes used in sports that involve more side to side motion. Those athletes will get a feeling of familiarity when they slip on the Valkyrie Speedworks. Now let’s find out Arune’s experience. Him and I often come at speed-targeted shoes from different viewpoints so I’m curious about his experience.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks on the track

Arune: The moment I put the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks on foot, I really felt like I was wearing a new version of the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 and I mean that in the best way possible.

As Drew noted, there are a lot of similarities to the Valkyrie Elite but…the differences are immediately apparent. The fit just feels a bit off from the Elite and that means, for a kinda wide footer like me, it doesn’t accommodate the foot swell when I pass eight miles on a run and you always feel your foot threatening to push through the otherwise comfortable upper.

However, this is a fantastic trainer for heavier runners – as someone who’s currently 215 pounds, the midsole provided incredible responsiveness and never felt like it bottomed out (unlike the aforementioned Endorphin Speed 3). I wish there was a bit more cushion in the forefoot but otherwise the ride is incredibly smooth.

I also have to agree with Drew – this shoe really allows you to pick up the speed in a very natural way and really is a “do it all” shoe that can be your one daily trainer. There’s a true joy running in these shoes that I haven’t felt since the Valkyrie Elite and…with very few other shoes.

Honestly, I wish the fit was like the Valkyrie Elite but otherwise this is a pretty damn fantastic shoe. I cannot believe how much TYR is nailing it with their expansion into the running world.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks outsole traction


  • Versatile for speed and daily use
  • Stable but bouncy midsole
  • Smooth rocker geometry
  • Reliable outsole/traction
  • Secure fit
TYR Valkyrie Speedworks upper close up


  • Sloppy forefoot
  • Weight
TYR Valkyrie Speedworks cushion midsole close up

Is the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks wide food friendly?

Drew: I’m on the fence about this one and lean towards no. The TYR Valkyrie Speedworks’ forefoot swoops in just a little too much near the pinky toe for me to have confidence it’ll work for all wide footers. TYR’s return policy seems pretty good (though it does make you cover return shipping), so you could order, try on, and then return if it doesn’t work. We may get a clearer answer from our hobbit-footed friend, Arune.

Arune: Look, you definitely don’t want to carry the One Ring up Mount Doom in the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks and you don’t want to fit truly wide feet in them either. 

The fit is pretty great but I don’t think I could justify holding onto these when there are so many more accommodating shoes at this price point.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks overhead

Is the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks worth $170?

Drew: Yes, the value proposition of the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks is just right at $170 as that price point puts it on equal footing with other speed-focused shoes packing Pebax and a nylon plate. The basic elements are all there and it’s not missing anything a running shoe should have at the $170 price point.

Arune: If your foot fits the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks, it will quickly become a favorite and one that can do everything from a 5K to a speed session to a half marathon. Honestly, right now TYR is delivering some of the best value in the game across all shoe categories.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks final verdict

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks Summary

Drew: The TYR Valkyrie Speedworks is a very good speed day and daily running shoe with a few small things holding it back from being special. I’m impressed with how quickly TYR has managed to churn out enjoyable, fun, and well built running shoes. The Valkyrie Elite and Valkyrie Speedworks are the company’s first (real) running shoes! It takes most companies far longer to put out a product this good. I’m extremely excited for TYR’s future as I think they’ll clean up some of the small stuff and continue delivering stellar running experiences.

Arune: Never bet against TYR. Like Drew said, they’ve come out of the gate with absolute winners and the Valkyrie Speedworks is no exception. If they can just make the fit a bit more accommodating, they’ll have one of the best running shoes around. And they might just find themselves on the feet of some marathon winners too. Heavier runners can rejoice – TYR is making running shoes for us and that’s something I’m thrilled to experience.

These shoes also look GREAT and pass the Los Angeles test of working everywhere from the gym to a casual lunch too (Editor’s Note: you had to sneak that unnecessary LA reference in didn’t you?).

How do the Authors Run?

Drew Whitcomb (age 42, 6’6″ 195lbs): Runs daily with a once a week rest day. Runs a lot of miles due to testing needs and a growing affinity for long-distance races. Regularly competes in marathons, half-marathons, 10k, and 5k races.

Arune Singh (age 42, 5’11”, 220lbs): Trains daily with functional fitness programming from Deadboys Fitness, founded by Colby “Seth Rollins” Lopez and Josh Gallegos, along with logging 30-40 miles of running per week. He also has a medical history of Sleep Apnea and Myasthenia Gravis, meaning Arune’s focus is on lean muscle mass.


While TYR did send pairs of the TYR Valkyrie Speeworks to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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