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Atoms Model 001 Performance Review

Atoms Model 001

The Atoms Model 000 is a straightforward and comfortable casual shoe that’s available in quarter sizes. But Atoms is now releasing a follow up model (not counting their MKBHD collab). The new Atoms Model 001 promises upgrades all around to improve the Atoms footwear experience. Did Atoms succeed?

Atoms Model 001

Release Date: Late 2023

Price: $179

Weight: 18 oz.

Sizing: True to size

Atoms Model 001 upper


The biggest change on the Atoms Model 001 is the Eternal sole unit (which is a great marketing name because of the implied longevity). It’s basically a rubber-ish cupsole that encapsulates the cushioning. The foam seems to be the same soft EVA and is still comfortable under foot. But now the sidewalls and edges of the outsole use recyclable TPV and are built to last. The Atoms Model 001 is designed for durability and will handle asphalt and pavement better than the Model 000. Wet traction is also improved and will increase confidence in bad weather.

Comfort is enhanced with achilles pillows on both sides of the heel. It makes the rear of the shoe more comfortable and improves lockdown. It’s now easier to loosen the laces and have the foot stay inside the shoe.

The other listed performance improvement is “3x more odor resistance” which seems cool but is hard to test or quantify in any reliable way, especially during winter. Just like the Model 000, the Model 001 doesn’t stink after hours of housing stinky feet and sweaty socks. So while I can’t say for certain the claim is accurate, it seems to be.

Just like the Model 000, the Model 001 is 100% vegan and recyclable. It’s also machine washable. You’ll want to air dry it as dryer sequences aren’t good for sneakers, but a good washing should get your shoes back to almost new.

Overall, the Atoms Model 001 is a good package of high performing attributes for a casual shoe. Extra points for Atoms’ devotion to the tie once and never again ethos. Arguably a lot more than you need. But, that’s kind of a nice change of pace versus some of the larger, less consumer friendly sneaker brands.

Atoms Model 001 outsole


  • Eternal sole comfort and durability
  • All around comfort & achilles pillows
  • Atoms Stretch laces (and the included extra pair)
  • Sustainability
Atoms Model 001 heel and lateral


  • Price
  • Width
Atoms Model 001 leaning on wall

Is the Atoms Model 001 wide foot friendly?

No the Atoms Model 001 is not wide foot friendly. Atoms says the following on its website: “Atoms are designed for regular-sized feet; for wide-sized feet, check out our future offerings.”

Is the Atoms Model 001 worth $179?

This the most difficult question with the Model 001. $179 is a lot. It’s even a lot in the sneaker market even when you factor in the premium build quality and recyclable materials. A typical casual or lifestyle shoe like this will retail in the $100-$120 range and may even include some recyclable materials. That’s a huge difference in price.

Even the Model 000, which used to be $129 (now $145) is expensive for what it is. I’m not sure what’s behind the $179 price point, but people that aren’t already Atoms fans are going to have trouble hitting the buy button. It’s just too expensive.

Atoms Model 001 on foot close up

Atoms Model 001 Summary

The Atoms Model 001 is a comfortable, simple, well-built casual shoe that’s wearable all day. The price is steep, but the Model 001 brings durability, is machine washable, and built sustainably. If you’re already a fan of what Atoms is doing, you’ll love this shoe.

If you’re not price sensitive and looking for a super comfy casual shoe to wear to the office, the Atoms Model 001 may be exactly what you’re looking for. The nice thing is you can give the Model 001 a try easily because Atoms’ 30-day exchange/return policy makes it a no risk proposition.

How to Buy the Atoms Model 001

The Atoms Model 001 is currently available in multiple colorways at Atoms.

Buy at Atoms

While Atoms did send a pair of the 001 to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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