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adidas MC Z-Traxion Spikeless Performance Review

adidas MC Z-Traxion

I want to start this review with a disclaimer that adidas has in NO WAY attempted to persuade or influence my reviews of their golf shoes. I think it’s important to start this review with that reminder because I am once again going to speak glowingly about an adidas golf shoe. Much like the previously reviewed MC80 Spikeless, the adidas MC Z-Traxion Spikeless is about as good as any golf shoe currently on the market.

And also like the MC80 Spikeless, the adidas MC Z-Traxion is a sneaker I would highly recommend.

adidas MC-Z Traxion

Price: $180

Sizing: True to size

adidas MC Z-Traxion close up


If someone had asked me to close my eyes and imagine an adidas golf shoe, the adidas MC Z-Traxion is the exact image that I would have seen in my mind’s eye.

The adidas MC Z-Traxion is a throwback to the silhouette that Dustin Johnson made famous in the 2010s, but packs a whole lot more comfort than those models did. To that point, I don’t think there’s a more stylish saddle-style golf shoe on the market right now. By using their three-stripe logo in the saddle portion of the shoe, adidas was able to create something that blends traditional styling with a more modern approach.

adidas MC Z-Traxion outsole traction and torsion bar


If you’ve read my review of the MC80 Spikeless, then the outsole portion of the review might sound a little “copy and paste”. Based on what I thought about the MC80 Spikeless’ traction, that’s a good thing!

I think that adidas found something really spectacular with this outsole setup. It’s so good that’s it’s not a surprise to find it on the adidas MC Z-Traxion. The courses in Michigan at this time of the year are extremely soggy and so I’ve only used these shoes in wet conditions. They’ve consistently kept me connected to the ground with no instances of slippage.

adidas MC Z-Traxion upper


Like some of the other shoes in the adidas golf stable, the adidas MC Z-Traxion is more comfortable than it appears to be. Whenever I see a shoe with this type of styling, I have flashbacks to the golf shoes that I grew up wearing – stiff and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t the case here.

One thing I’ve noticed about wearing adidas golf shoes is that my feet are never sore after playing golf in them, which is a testament to the Boost and Lightstrike cushioning technology in each of their shoes. Like many of you, I’m someone with a family that packs a ton into their calendar. The fact that I have golf shoes that can alleviate, or even outright eliminate the fatigue in my feet and lower back is invaluable to me.

adidas MC Z-Traxion heel view


Considering that the adidas MC Z-Traxion Spikeless has essentially the same support structure as the MC 80 Spikeless I’m going to take this time to go into more detail about something I only briefly mentioned in that review, the Torsion bar in the outsole. Adidas developed the Torsion system for their running shoes to give them more flexibility while maintaining support through the midfoot. During a golf swing there’s some roll in the foot and the Torsion bar acts as a bridge between the heel and forefoot that gives stability that I haven’t been able to find in many other golf shoes.

There was one area related to support that’s going to keep this shoe from a perfect score though. During my rounds with this shoe I noticed that my heels would sometimes slide up during my steps and didn’t give me the 100% locked in feeling that the MC80 did. It was a minor thing, and might not happen to you, but it bears mentioning.

adidas MC Z-Traxion side view

adidas MC Z-Traxion Summary

Adidas has truly set the bar for golf shoes with their 2024 lineup and the adidas MC Z-Traxion is at the forefront of that. Combining the classic styling of traditional golf shoes with the comfort and technology of running shoes, these shoes are worth every penny.

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