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New Balance 574 Greens v2 Performance Review

New Balance 574 Greens v2

The world of golf apparel is changing, and at the forefront of this wave of change is the shoes. I’ve had the recent opportunity to test the New Balance 574 Greens v2 Golf Shoes.

The New Balance 574 Greens v2 exceeded my expectations, and then some. While the 574 Greens v2 gives off the appearance of a traditional and trendy New Balance shoe thanks to using the classic 574 silhouette, they’re MUCH more than that. I tested the New Balance 574 Greens v2 on 5 different courses and in multiple types of weather.

New Balance 574 Greens v2

Price: $100

Sizing: Runs small, go up a 1/2 size from your typical golf shoe size

New Balance 574 Greens v2 outsole traciton

The Upsides


I’ve been able to test the New Balance 574 Greens v2 in every type of weather to start this golf season. Whether it was the snow, rain, hail, or a typical dry day, the traction-control did not take a hit. It didn’t matter where my ball ended up on the course, I had the same traction everywhere.

The 574 Greens v2 performed especially well when it was wet outside making them perfect for golfers that live in wetter climates.

I shot a 93 in the 574 Greens v2 while it was pouring rain. I was worried about the cold, the rain on my clothes, and how frozen my hands were, but I can’t recall a single incident where I slipped during my round. Although they’re spikeless, the grooves on the bottom of the 574 Greens v2 are no joke!


At $99 before tax, the New Balance 574 Greens v2 is an absolute steal when it comes to the golf shoe market. With the current prices for golf shoes continuing to climb, I feel like New Balance could have easily charged $125+ for the 574 Greens v2. I would have bought them at $125 strictly for the looks. Now that I’ve played in them I definitely would’ve spent $125. I believe you’re saving at least $25 on these shoes versus what they’re worth (and possibly more).

If you need an affordable, good-looking golf shoe, this is a great candidate.

New Balance 574 Greens v2 lateral view and cushion


The cushion will fall in both the “Upside” and “Downside” categories.

During my round, my feet felt great. Afterwards, they felt a bit more sore than some of the other shoes I’ve golfed in. The bottom of my feet and my ankles were the most sore, but it didn’t last longer than an hour or so. The lack of cushion for the arches of my feet led to soreness in my feet and ankles. If you’re mainly looking for extra comfort DURING your round, these will do the job.


While the New Balance 574 Green v2 fits true to size, I recommend sizing up a half size for a more spacious fit. I prefer my toes barely touching the end of the shoe. 

The 574 Greens v2 had my toes pressed up against the shoe more than I prefer. They are extremely comfortable while they are on foot, but my feet felt like they’d been more squished than I prefer when I finally took them off after my rounds.

If you have wide feet, you also need to size up a half size.

New Balance 574 Greens v2 heel wear

The Downsides

Wear & Tear

I’ve noticed that the color and design of these shoes have faded to a more muted version of themselves since golfing in them. They faded a lot quicker than many of the other pairs of shoes I’ve worn. 

Specifically, the blue coloring faded fast. They came as a beautiful baby blue, then faded to a more muted blue. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy showing off the work you’re putting in or you enjoy the aesthetic of worn shoes, but it’s worth noting if you like keeping your shoes colorful and vibrant. For me, the aesthetic of the shoe changed when they became more muted.

To make a long story short, if you prefer vibrant and colorful shoes, you’ll want to clean them well after every single use.


As mentioned above, they fit well…BUT the arches of your feet and your ankles may feel a bit sore after. I’m fairly confident this soreness primarily came from not sizing up a half size, and extra arch support versus the regular New Balance 574. 

In my opinion, it’s a minor thing and shouldn’t deter anyone from buying the New Balance 574 Greens v2 (sizing up a half size would be the only fix needed).

New Balance 574 Greens v2 summary

The Wrap on the New Balance 574 Greens v2

My overall score for the New Balance 574 Greens v2 is 9/10.

If you’re still stuck on the New Balance “Dad Shoe” stigma, don’t be. The retro style New Balance is going for is just getting started. In fact, the shoe industry is eating up retro themed shoes. They’re in style and will stay in style for the foreseeable future. Jump on this trend in the beginning, and you’ll be a happy camper.

They look good, feel good, and I know they’ve helped knock off a few strokes because of their traction control. If you’re like me and play golf in all types of weather, your traction will stay consistent in the New Balance 574 Greens v2. This shoe is just about the perfect spikeless shoe for the all-weather golfer.

The New Balance 574 Greens v2 is for golfers hoping to look good and improve their traction from all different types of lies on the golf course.

Total Score
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How the Author Golfs

Tyler Allred (19 handicap): Golfs 2-3 times a week spending the bulk of his time playing actual rounds. Mostly pushes himself to improve every part of his game, but also enjoys a casual round of golf every now and then.


While New Balance did send a pair of the New Balance 574 Greens v2 to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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