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Best Sneaker Stores in Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila

Sneaker culture is a recent but thriving import to the Philippines, and it has taken root, especially in Manila. People are slowly beginning to put as much care into their footwear as they do in their clothes. Shoes are becoming a way to make a statement and a way of self-expression. 

With the surge of this trend, sneaker shops have been popping up all over Manila. Which begs the question: where to buy basketball shoes in the Philippines? Or just where to buy the best sneakers in Manila? Well look no further. I set out on a sneaker store trip around Metro Manila to find the best ones. Here’s what I found:

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: adidas Brand Center Glorietta 3

Adidas Brand Center Glorietta 3

Adidas Brand Center Glorietta 3 is the best sneaker store in Manila. Period. When you approach, they will first ask you if you have an appointment. If you do, they will prioritize your visit and get you in the store right away. The disadvantage with not having an appointment is when there’s a line you will have to wait. Otherwise, the experience will be the same with or without an advanced booking. The store assigns one customer representative to each group that walks in. And they give you a legitimate tour of the store. First visible is the running section complete with UltraBoosts and 4D sneakers. Right across that is the basketball section complete with the Trae Young 1, D Rose Son of Chi, and DON Issue 3. At first, that’s all seems to be there, but the store has a back section that just absolutely blows every other sneaker store away. The kids section has all the Adidas footwear and apparel and the lifestyle section, Adidas Originals, surprisingly still has some of the limited items you wouldn’t expect, like two colorways of the Yeezy 700s and multiple displayed pairs of Pharrell William’s HU NMD.

Beyond the amazing selection, the store itself has elements of the Philippines and Manila. They put traditional basket weave designs on the walls and made a whole mini hallway out of “ratan.” In the basketball section, the floor has artwork by a local Filipino artist that features endemic animals in the country wearing basketball gear. The three stars and the colors of the Philippines are also featured. The store also has a customization section where you can bring any of your Adidas apparel, including masks, to put some Philippine-themed Adidas logos or even your initials. And the last time I went there, there was still a lot of the Adidas Forum Lows x Quiccs collaboration. Quiccs is a world-renowned Filipino toy designer and artist. Honestly, the sneaker store itself is an experience, and I have never said that about any other. Obviously, the only weakness is variability since it is all Adidas. But, other than that, the sneaker store is damn near perfect. Great customer service. Awesome selection of products. Philippine-themed ambiance. What more can you ask for in a sneaker store in the country’s capital region?

Adidas Brand Center Glorietta 3 Address: Parkway Dr, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: AfterMarket


AfterMarket is basically the GOAT of the Philippines, but maybe even better. They have two physical stores where you can pick up your kicks, an app and a website where you can post your products. The transaction fee is 5% for sellers plus a $6 (Php300) delivery fee, which isn’t terrible in my opinion. As for those who want to buy from them, you can offer a lower price than the one listed, whether in-store or online. You can also bring your kicks to them to sell or trade. 

The other thing that makes it GOAT-like is the fact that you can sell used sneakers through their platform. And declaring the condition of your shoes is much easier because they have guides for what each rating means. The pricing is usually better than GOAT. For example, a brand new Dior x Air Jordan 1 High at AfterMarket in a size 10.5 US is priced at $9,027.77, while the one at GOAT is $9,131. A brand new Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Dark Mocha’ goes for $501.54 at AfterMarket while priced at $514 in GOAT. And the shipping fees are way cheaper. In the Philippines, it would set you back about $40 to get a shoe from GOAT, but only around $6 with AfterMarket. Plus, free shipping nationwide every Sunday. And much like GOAT, all shoes are authenticated before getting shipped to the buyer, and they give a full refund, no questions asked, if the pair doesn’t pass their legit check.

Matthew So, the owner, was kind enough to give me a tour around the shop.I discovered they were just starting out. According to Matthew, they’ll be expanding to collectibles and gadgets in the near future for those of you with those other hobbies. The pricing is right and you can even find some steals if you’re vigilant. Whether you prefer online shopping or have the time to check out the kicks in person, AfterMarket has you covered as the best sneaker resale shop in Manila.

AfterMarket Address: 2F, S-2017 Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: YOLO MNL


YOLO MNL is located in the heart of Makati City, the Philippines’ version of New York City. It’s quite a small shop in the basement floor of a business building, but they have some serious heat. When one first walks into the store, it really feels like they need to expand their place. And Austin, the store’s owner, says that that’s the plan. 

They allow for in-store pick-ups and they post the product on their website as well. There’s a used section, heavily discounted section, the Yeezy wall, and the “grail” wall where you can find both the Travis Scott Air Jordan and the Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home.” Pricing here is pretty fair and some steals can be found, like the first generation Nike Adapt BB that goes for $200 and its second version for $300. 

The best part of the whole experience was the service. Austin was very kind to me and all the other people visiting the shop. He’d be more than happy to assist you and even sit down and have a talk. All the other personnel there were very friendly with everyone else as well. Austin said that this started as a venture of a group of friends and it still feels that way. It’s a very chill vibe and I really felt like they weren’t just doing it for the money, but for the culture as well. When I asked why YOLO was their name, Austin said that it was because they wanted to inspire people to do what they love now and not live with any regrets, and they think sneakers are a way to do that. If you want to enhance your sneakers with good conversations and a good time, this is definitely the place to go.

YOLO MNL Address: Lower Ground Floor LG10 , Cityland 3, Legazpi Village, Makati

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Rock N' Sole

Rock N’ Sole

Rock N Sole is another awesome sneaker resell store in Manila. It’s located in a very popular place in Pasig City called Capitol Commons. It’s easily accessible and recognizable because it literally is the only place there that sells well-known sneakers. Their first shop opened in Diliman, Quezon City in 2014 and the one in Pasig opened in 2019. They started with online selling, opening booths at bazaars, and then eventually getting their own places. The selection includes Kobe’s, like the Hall of Fame, Jordan’s, such as the Travis Scott 6’s, and a few LeBron’s. Nike Dunks are also quite prominent in their lineup, including Ben and Jerry’s. And if you’re looking for hype brands, such as Bape, they have you covered as well.

They also sell some apparel like Supreme. The best part of their shop would easily be the service. They are very kind and would be more than happy to answer any and all questions from people who visit. Although they don’t have raffles because they’re not a retail store, you can be assured that their pre-order procedure is safe, smooth, and 100% legit. I hesitate to say that there are steals in their stores, but the prices definitely aren’t over the top. Their Yeezy Slides go for around $250, Sacai’s for about $885, and a pair of Jordan 1 “Dark Mocha” for $500. Sure, there are other stores and individual people where you can get these for cheaper, especially on Facebook Marketplace, but if you’re willing to pay a bit extra for an assurance of legitimacy, peace of mind, and nice in-store service, then Rock N Sole should be just right for you.

Rock N Sole Address: H3G7+H8M, Pasig, Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Nike Factory Outlet Paso de Blas

Nike Factory Outlet Paso de Blas

The Nike Factory Outlet at Paso De Blas is the best outlet. Period. The only not-so-good thing to be said about this store is its location. It’s located at Paso De Blas, Valenzuela City, the north end of Metro Manila. If you kept going down the road a few kilometers you’d find yourself in a different region of the country. You will also have to pay toll fees just to get to this store because it is along an expressway. But, I promise the trip is worth it. It is, in size, the biggest Nike factory outlet in the Philippines. Their selection is great and the hash wall is basically half the store. And you can find some great sneakers there, too. Surprise finds there last time I went were a pair of Air Jordan 9’s “Dream It Do It,” the Air Jordan 5 “Apple Green/Oregon,” and even some Air Jordan 4’s and 13’s with sizes. It was honestly insane to see those sitting in an outlet, though most of them weren’t discounted.

I also surprisingly found a ton of pairs of Nike Kobe NXT FF in there as well. The “used” section that Nike is using as part of their “Move to Zero” campaign hasn’t reached this outlet, or the country, as of yet. The prices were okay. Nothing really to write home about. The Air Jordan 9’s I mentioned went for around $150. The staff and sales people there were also very kind and accommodating and not too aggressive, which a lot of these retail and resell places tend to make the mistake of. Overall, it was a great experience and I don’t think I’d be visiting any more outlets in Manila when this one is clearly the best.

Nike Factory Outlet Paso de Blas Address: Barrio, NLEX Drive and Dine KM 17 Southbound, E1, Valenzuela, 1443 Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Sole Republiq Uptown Mall Bonifacio Global City

Sole Republiq Uptown Mall Bonifacio Global City

Sole Republiq has gained popularity really quickly. Most recently, they helped Big Boy Cheng, viewed as the biggest sneaker collector in the Philippines and possibly in Asia, get all 50 Off-white Nike Dunks. Yes. All of them. They used to have a store right along Katipunan near Ateneo de Manila University, but the pandemic has forced them to relocate to a more populated area. Their current location is in Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global Center (BGC) in Taguig City. It’s on the south side of Manila, where most of the expensive and luxurious stores are located. The mall is also quite popular so getting there, even just by asking around from the locals, shouldn’t be any trouble. They have two main, specific walls: the Yeezy wall and the Air Jordan 1 wall. The former has all the Yeezy’s you’d want to own and see, including the Foam Runners. The Slides are there, too, but not on the wall. They have the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Ice present as well, a rare find in person in the country. The Air Jordan 1 wall consists mostly of Air Jordan 1s, with just two Off-white Air Jordan 5’s being different. They have older releases, such as the Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3, and newer ones like the Hyper Royal colorway.

There is a third wall which most would call a “grail wall.” And there’s no exaggeration here. They have both the high and low versions of the Air Jordan 1 Dior, all the Union collaborations as well as the Fragment ones, and the Ben and Jerry Nike Dunks with the special tub. And one cannot have a serious hypebeast sneaker store without an encased Air Jordan 4 Manila, which goes for around $10,000. Other than extremely hyped pairs, they also have some more subtle sneakers like Kobes, LeBrons, adidas Ultraboosts, and a few New Balances and Bapes. There are also two racks of apparel and two platforms with Kaws and Bearbricks. If you’re looking for nice acrylic, magnetic shoe boxes, this is also the place to get them. The pricing for the items here can be confusing because not all of the shoes have the prices attached to them because sizes have an effect on the price. Their Nike Kobe 6 Protro White Del Sol and All-Star colorways go for about $400 a piece. This is right in line with the rest of the resale market. Same goes for just about everything. The staff weren’t too engaged with me, but they were friendly once you got talking with them. Overall, I would recommend this store for serious hypebeasts who aren’t looking for steals.

Sole Republiq Address: 36th Street, 9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Titan


Titan is hands down the best store for basketball performance sneakers and it’s not even close. Anyone and everyone who knows about basketball shoes knows that Titan is the place to go for authentic and top-of-the-line basketball shoes. They currently have six locations in Metro Manila and one outlet in Nuvali, an hour or so from the capital region. Their biggest and considered flagship store is found in the Fort, Bonifacio Global City. Besides the array of basketball sneakers available, they also got you covered with Nike and Jordan Brand apparel. Titan also has its own line of clothes which are considerable in design. In their flagship store, you can customize your shirts so you can feel fresh and personalized. If you’re lucky enough, you may just stumble upon something that has sold out online but is still available in store. Besides the selection, they also have great displays in store. My favorite one has to be a yellow Nike Kobe 6 with Kobe Bryant’s signature. That is a piece of basketball history worth displaying. You can also take cool pictures with the graphics and paintings they have there, a lot of which are Philippine-themed.

If you prefer going online and purchasing from them, no worries. They have two options for you: the website and a Viber group called Titan On-demand. Both are fairly easy to use, but the Viber group gets you the advantage of getting news of drops and sales first. They also do tons of raffles for hyped up and limited pairs. Plus, they ship nationwide. The mantra of Titan is “For Love of the Game” and anything and everything they have in store and online reflects just that. There truly is no competition when it comes to buying basketball sneakers. Titan is the place. Period.

Titan Flagship Address: Upper Ground Floor, One Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, 1634

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Nike Flagship Store Glorietta 3

Nike Flagship Store Glorietta 3

The Nike Flagship Store at Glorietta 3 is the best Nike store in Manila. It has absolutely the best selection of footwear and apparel. When you walk in, you will immediately notice their shoe wall, which puts the womens’ and kids’ section first and then the men’s at the back of the store. They have all the Nike and Jordan shoes that you could need. I was surprised to still find the Air Jordan 12 Royalty, Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue, and Air Jordan 11 Low IE still sitting there with a lot of sizes available. They also have all of the top tier Nike basketball sneakers like the KDs, LeBrons, and Kyries. Surprisingly, they had some ACG footwear as well, which is a rare sighting anywhere. The apparel, though, really makes you want to look at everything. They have everything well-sectioned and organized as well so finding what you’re looking for shouldn’t be that difficult. One collection of apparel that I was surprised to find was the Penny Hardaway collection. They had the shirts, hoodies, sweats, and everything else.

If you’re looking for Nike basketballs, they have you covered as well. The running sneakers are also sectioned according to the distance you’re looking to run, from short to marathon. For lifestyle, they have all the new ones as well, including the Nike Air Max 2021. What’s great is that persons who are fully vaccinated and bring their vaccination cards are eligible for a 20% discount on selected items. The kids section is complete with apparel and a few footwear. The only thing missing are their football/soccer and tennis collections. Other than that, they have all bases covered from clothes to shoes. The customer service people were also kind and courteous when approached. If you’re looking for all of the mainstream Nike products, there’s nowhere else to be than here.

Nike Flagship Store Glorietta 3 Address: Parkway Dr, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Jordan Manila

Jordan Manila

The first Jordan flagship store in Southeast Asia is in Manila, Philippines. This is the birthplace of the Air Jordan 4 Manila, which is now reselling for upwards of $10,000. If you wish to view the 23rd pair out of 150, you can come to the Jordan Manila store. The strength of the store is surprisingly not in the retros and hyped category. A lot of the stores mentioned here outclass this one. However, what it does best is the lifestyle portion of the brand. They have all the casual sneakers Jordan Brand is known for: the MA2, Delta, and NFH. Plus, they have the best and most numerous collection of Jordan Brand apparel I have seen. There were a few retros like the Air Jordan 1 Goretex, Air Jordan 3 Pine Green, and Air Jordan 12 Royalty, but nothing that really surprises me. The women’s section was, again, mostly lifestyle sneakers. The Zion 1, One Take II, and Why.Not Zer0.4 were also present. If you wish to customize your gear or sneakers, that option is also available. They have a lot of Filipino-inspired designs that are for sure a great take away if you’re from another country visiting or just want to rep the Philippines anywhere you go.

I think what makes a trip to this store worth it is the wall of Jordans from the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Jordan 30. It isn’t the most complete and hyped wall, that title belongs to the Titan store at Ayala Malls Vertis North, but it’s still cool to see all-white Air Jordans with some gold ones in the mix. They at least have that portion of history in them. Accessibility is tricky because it is in between buildings, but it is located in a well-known place, Bonifacio Global City. Overall, I wasn’t overly impressed with my visit, but the strengths of the store aren’t negligible and if you’re looking for anything Jordan Brand lifestyle, there isn’t really a better place.

Jordan Manila Address: Block 18 Lot, 4 26th St, Taguig, 1635 Kalakhang Maynila

Best Sneaker Stores in Manila: Sports Central

Sports Central

If you don’t mind getting perceived outdated shoes, then Sports Central is the one for you. They have crazy steals that can be up to 70% off, both online and in store. The biggest weakness I can see with this chain of stores is the brand selection online. They currently don’t have their Nike line up on their website, though they have some in store. Besides that, you should have fun shopping for budget and takedown models, as well as heavily discounted signature sneakers. Accessibility isn’t an issue since they have 45 branches nationwide, 22 of which are in Metro Manila. You simply cannot miss them if you do enough mall hopping. Their greatest chunk of shoes come from Adidas, and you will even find Adidas locations on their website. New Balance and Under Armour sneakers and apparel are also available, though not as prevalent as the top two brands.

Budget is a big deal when it comes to buying sneakers and apparel, and Sports Central gives you affordable options that won’t make your wallet or spouse cry. Their service is also great in all branches, with staff accommodating your every question. And don’t be shy to ask if they have an upcoming or ongoing sale as you might just hit a jackpot. I would recommend Sports Central for those who are looking for quality sneakers from the biggest brands, but aren’t looking to spend anywhere near $180 on a single pair.

Sports Central SM Aura Address: Level 4 SM Aura Premier 26th St, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

Have any suggestions for stores we should add to this list? Comment below.

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    Your article would’ve been good if you didn’t include those two.
    Clearly you’ve never lined-up in these stores and denied service.

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