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361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro

The 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro is one of the most surprising performance basketball shoes of 2024 offering excellent all-around on court performance in an ultra-lightweight package.

Release Date: 2024

Price: $150

Total Score
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The 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro has been a delightful surprise on court. Not only does the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro excel in almost every performance aspect we analyze here at Weartesters, but it can also pack all that performance into a very lightweight package.

A shoe’s weight is not a performance aspect per se, but it is a characteristic of a shoe many modern hoopers appreciate in their kicks. A lot of times, lightweight shoes skimp out on certain performance features, precisely to cut down on the shoe’s weight, so you end up sacrificing performance to keep things airy. That isn’t the case with the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro. Let’s see why.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Performance Review

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Traction

Traction on the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro sneaker is surprisingly effective, especially for indoor play. The outsole design is reminiscent of older KD models, like the KD 5 and KD 6. At a first glance, it doesn’t look like the best or most effective pattern, especially if we’re talking about dusty indoor surfaces, but the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro had zero issues (aside from an occasional wipe here or there).

The level of grip or traction in a basketball shoe depends on the traction pattern and the rubber compound. If either of these factors is wonky, you’re in for a slippery ride. However, one can also compensate for the shortcomings of the other. In this case, 361 nailed both rubber compounds featured on the sole, which solves any potential issues that the pattern might have had.

The sneaker features two different rubber compounds: translucent and solid. Both performed admirably indoors, however, the tread pattern is thin and likely to wear down quickly on outdoor courts. So, use the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro outdoors at your own risk. It will provide great traction, but not for very long.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Cushioning

The cushioning system in the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro sneaker utilizes the brand’s Quick Foam technology. This cushioning is comparable to an ETPU blend and feels akin to both Peebax and supercritical foams underfoot. The midsole is primarily caged on the lateral side from the forefoot to the rear, while the medial side remains mostly exposed.

There is a portion of the forefoot on the medial side that’s caged, but this rubber piece provides an appreciated boost in traction. All the caging subtracts some compression and tactile cushioning feeling, but that doesn’t mean that the midsole isn’t doing its job.

This setup offers a balance between responsiveness and stability, providing a slight spring without feeling overly bouncy. The caging of the midsole enhances traction but also the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro’s stability, especially for shifty players. Despite the lightweight construction, this cushioning setup will provide adequate impact protection and court feel.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Materials

The 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro’s upper features a special woven knit technique, which balances durability and breathability. This weaving method supposedly allows the shoe to have targetted portions of the upper where some are tighter and others looser to provide containment or comfort where you need it (similar to how Nike’s Flywire was touted).

As far as the in hand sensation is concerned, this construction is similar to ripstop and, as advertised, the material is super breathable. The design ensures airflow, keeping the feet cool even during intense play. Ventilation (similar to weight) is not a crucial performance aspect in a basketball shoe, but when it’s as good as it is in the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro, it’s worth mentioning, especially with the summer ahead of us.

The upper is reinforced with TPU panels in high-stress areas such as the eyelets, collar, rear, and toe. These panels enhance durability and support, particularly in areas prone to wear and tear. The tongue of the sneaker is also designed for ventilation, with padding in the midfoot area to alleviate lace pressure.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Support

Support, when we are talking about lightweight basketball shoes, is the aspect of the shoe that usually suffers the most. It’s a critical aspect where lightweight shoes often fall short, but the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro actually excels as far as support goes. The base of the shoe is sufficiently wide to ensure stability (it’s somewhat similar to the design seen in some Kyrie models).

The TPU paneling around the midsole prevents over-stretching on hard stops thus enhancing lateral support. Additionally, the shoe is equipped with a carbon fiber shank at the midfoot that prevents excessive twisting and providing torsional support.

Now, the heel counter, while functional, could benefit from being more substantial. But, overall, the support features work well together to create a stable and secure ride on court.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Fit

The 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro sneaker fits true to size. Wide footers might consider going up half a size for a more comfortable fit. The sculpted and padded collar ensures a snug fit around the heel, reducing the risk of slippage. Players with very narrow feet might prefer a different model for ultimate lockdown.

361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro Overall

The 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro delivers exceptional performance on court. We weren’t expecting this level of performance from this model, especially with it labeled as an “ultra-lightweight” basketball shoe. Its lightweight build does not compromise support or stability in any way. Traction is excellent, and the cushioning setup provides a good balance of responsiveness and impact protection.

The materials used in the upper keep everything as light and breathable as possible while still providing great lockdown and durability.

The main drawbacks of this model are the limited availability of sizes (the sneaker does not seem to go past size 11) and the thin traction pattern of the outsole which may not hold up well on outdoor courts. That being said, the 361 BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro is a very solid performance basketball shoe and offers excellent value for its price.

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