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Nike Sabrina 2: A Significant Improvement on the Sabrina 1

Nike Sabrina 2 English Review

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Nike Sabrina 2

The Nike Sabrina 2 is very similar to the Sabrina 1 in the best way possible and features some key upgrades as well.

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Nike officially released its second signature shoe with Sabrina Ionescu. With the massive success and performance that surrounded the Nike Sabrina 1, does the sequel live up to the performance standards? Well, we’re about to find out.

Nike Sabrina 2 Review and Specs

Nike Sabrina 2 Traction


Traction on the Sabrina 1 was fantastic, and the Sabrina 2 feels like it will be equally as great. The traction of the Nike Sabrina 2 features a new “S”-inspired herringbone pattern, multi-directional patterns for immediate stop-and-go motion, and quick cuts. The shoe was super grippy which allowed me to move without hesitation. On super dusty floors, you’ll have to do the occasional wipe, but that’s normal.

On clean courts, there wasn’t even a need to backhand wipe even though I still did it by force of habit (real ballers know). For those looking to play outdoors…the durability won’t be very good. But if you go with a colorway that features solid rubber you’ll get the best longevity possible.

Nike Sabrina 2 Cushion

For the first time in a basketball shoe, the Sabrina 2 features a plush Cushlon 3.0 foam midsole contained within a firmer Cushlon foam carrier. A Zoom Air unit is placed along the forefoot to provide energy return and responsiveness. This setup is very similar to what we had in the Sabrina 1 which instead of Cushlon, was equipped with React.

The Sabrina 1 was zippy and reactive and better suited for smaller shifter players. The same goes for the Sabrina 2, but this newly updated combo for cushion sets the tone for an amazing basketball shoe. The Cushlon 3.0, one broken in, offers better impact protection than react, but still keeps the Sabrina 2 very agile on the court. Even after long hoop sessions, my knees didn’t ache.

Nike Sabrina 2 Materials

If you enjoyed the material setup in the previous Sabrina model, you will love the materials in this one. In the Sabrina 2 we again have a fully mesh upper with Vynil-style overlays for added containment and durability. The Sabrina 2 also uses an updated “S” frame that wraps around the upper along with internal midfoot containment fit bands (complete with stitched-in cables) to allow a proper wrap around the midfoot and achieve proper lockdown.

This kept my foot on top of and attached to the updated Cushlon 3.0 midsole. The Sabrina 2 comes at a decent price, and nowadays, you really can’t ask for much more out of your hoop shoes, but it would have been nice to see some premium details on this model. Don’t expect anything spectacular as it’s mostly screen mesh but there’s essentially no break in time, and it is a very lightweight and well-ventilated shoe so, there is that.

Nike Sabrina 2 Support

Support comes directly from the correct fit and sizing of your shoe. The shoe is built very structurally sound, especially for very shifty on-the-go types of players. The Cushlon 3.0 midsole combined with the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot provides ample responsiveness while the “S” traction mitigated any slippage I thought I was going to have.

The midfoot shank plate provided nice torsional rigidity along with a smooth ride. The one thing I did appreciate was the slightly extended outriggers. Something that simple goes a long way to maintain stability for those who do a lot of lateral movements.

All of this, in conjunction with the steady, low-profile midsole will provide a very secure fluid ride on court.

Nike Sabrina 2 Fit

The Sabrina 2 is made in women’s sizes but extended so that males with larger feet and join in on the party. And this time around there’s even kids sizing. Nike provided me with my true size and the shoe would fit nicely. I knew Cushlon itself breaks in nicely (as felt on the Kobe 5/6 Protro) so the new Cushlon 3.0 immediately felt nice on foot.

Be advised while the Cushlon midsole does break in well – you may need to re-lace due to the compression of the midsole for better lockdown once the break-in process is complete.

Stay true to size if you plan on hooping in the Sabrina 2. If you’re just going to rock them casually, have a wide foot, or use ankle braces, you can consider going a half-size up. Overall, the lockdown was beyond admirable and is what makes the fit so good.

Nike Sabrina 2 Overall

It’s always hard to know whether a second signature shoe will be able to top its first model, but Nike did it here (just barely). Not only did Nike cut weight on the shoe (it’s 28 grams lighter), but the product team didn’t sacrifice any support, stability, or comfort. The design is a mix of the Sabrina 1 and Kobe 5, but that’s not particularly a bad thing unless you’re tired of unoriginal designs.

In my Sabrina 1 review, I mentioned wanting it to have a more plush midsole. I spoke it into fruition as the Swoosh came in clutch with the Cushlon 3.0 on the Sabrina 2. It’s hard to nitpick a shoe that does almost everything efficiently, but I wish Nike used a Nike Torch honeycomb tongue, similar to Kobe 6. It would have provided a little bit more breathability and even more weight reduction and amplified what the shoe was already doing. Also, the Sabrina 2 should come with different colored laces…but that may just be my preference.

How does one follow such a popular first shoe? Nike’s formula was to maintain most of what worked and add a few tweaks here and there alongside a snazzier design. Nike leveled up with the Sabrina 2.

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