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Nike Adapt BB | Detailed Look and Review

Nike Basketball’s recent Nike Adapt BB release brings what we thought was the future into the present.

Whether you feel this is pure gimmick or pure innovation — maybe a little bit of both — it’s still crazy to think that we have an auto-lacing basketball shoe that was designed and engineered for actual on-court gameplay.

I did my best to give you a bit of information regarding the tech specs and what to expect if you happen to have not grabbed a pair upon it’s initial launch. However once I put them on, I was swept up by the holy crap-ness of it all as I never thought I’d see something like this make its way to market in my lifetime. I come from the 80’s, a time when we thought we’d have flying cars, hover boards, personal jetpacks and auto-lacing shoes sometime in the future. None of those things are here… except the shoes.

I will be playing in the Nike Adapt BB and giving them a performance review so give me a few weeks to take care of that. I’ve still got a handful of shoes to finish before the Adapt BB but I’ll get it all done.

Thanks for watching and be sure to leave your thoughts/experiences in the Nike Adapt BB if you have any.

  1. let me just say that I’m not one of those who talk sheep and change their tune from their initial bias of the shoe just because you said that you are quite digging the shoe. like I initially mentioned on the reveal of this shoe, I like the shoe from an aesthetic standpoint and that the self-lacing system only comes as a bonus. although for me, I wouldn’t say that the shoe needs more power but could use a faster way of the mechanism to lace you up. secondly, the sound could use an improvement and make it more discreet as it could really be annoying or downright funny as people could make fun of you and just imagine someone singing or playing in the background to the tune of Styx’s “Mr. Roboto” as you are putting on and operating your shoe. as far as pricing goes, although it is an improvement over the HyperAdapt, the shoe is still “way expensive” and hopefully it comes down once all the hype of self-lacing wears off.

    anyway, so glad the shoe is 16 oz only but I must say that I felt the same about overall weight versus weight distribution. I’m not sure why the snowflake generation felt the need for ultralight shoes or complain a lot about a few ounces as if it’s going to break their feet or legs. I guess those people are just too fragile now that they can’t even wear utility boots. I believe the problem now is instead of focusing on developing leg strength and muscles, that people now rather contend with chicken feet for mobility. point being, it doesn’t require that much strength to lift a few ounces and some people are complaining about weight, how ridiculous.

  2. For the average person this is a total gimmick. With that said I can see how this technology can REALLY help people with special needs. People with disabilities or the elderly. The price just needs to return to planet earth and they need to be easily available.

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