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Yeezy Slide Review

Yeezy Slide

The Yeezy Slide is comfortable, which is its most significant selling point. Getting them for retail is difficult to say the least.

Colorway: Pure

Release Date: April 2021

Price: $100

Total Score
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The Yeezy Slide is Kanye West’s interpretation of an important part of any athlete’s shoe rotation, the sandal-like slide. Part-Croc, part Yeezy, the Yeezy Slide is highly sought after and the subject of a ton of reader questions. Are they comfortable? How do they fit? The list goes on. You can also check out our list of the best slides of 2024 if you are so inclined.

Lucky for you, our WearTesters Discord community member, Josiah Brewster, recently picked up a pair and volunteered to contribute his honest assessment. Josiah is an Engineer by trade, but a sneakerhead at heart. He’s a longtime supporter of WearTesters due to their technical analysis of sneakers. He’s always eager to learn more and provide that information to others along the way.

Hi WearTesters fam, this is a slide after all, so I’ll try and keep my review short and to the point. The Yeezy Slide is SUPER comfy! And the looks, well, they’re up for discussion.

Yeezy Slide Fit


I wear a 10.5-11 in most sneakers and these (Size 10) fit good lengthwise, but the width is pretty narrow. I would say go true to size for most normal size feet. Wide footers (like myself) should probably size up (the Yeezy Slide comes in full sizes only), or “enjoy” the break-in period the croc-like foam requires. If you’re in between sizes (like a true to size 10.5), I would probably go with 10 unless you’ve got a fatter foot. In that case, you’d go with an 11.

Yeezy Slide Cushion


The midsole is pretty thick and brings you off the ground more than most sneakers. The exaggerated tread on the bottom adds to the comfort (slightly) by allowing more compression as you walk.

Yeezy Slide Materials


The unnamed foam used is obviously comparable to Crocs brand foam. I would say it’s slightly denser than Crocs foam. The mold of the slide is thicker all around compared to an average Croc. The foam has a very tiny amount of an adidas Bounce feeling to it.

Yeezy Slide Traction


Don’t be fooled, it’s all looks. You’d probably be able to walk over small puddles or wet surfaces slightly better than with other foam slides, because there’s less surface in contact with water, but let’s be real… it’s foam, not rubber.


If you can get the Yeezy Slide for retail price, I would say they’re worth a shot. I don’t think they’re special enough to pay resell prices, unless, you’re interested in the looks. If you love the looks, then go for it.

I give the Yeezy Slide a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. They lose some points because of the narrowish fit and the polarizing looks.

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  1. They are very comfortable however, you can moisturize with a vat of Vaseline and your feet will be ASHY!!!

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