Air Jordan 1 ‘Homage to Home’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan 1 ‘Homage to Home’ is of the stranger things to come from Jordan Brand in quite some time.

The leather is beautiful, but the split personality may not be for everyone. While the ‘Homage to Home’ Air Jordan 1 started off as a super limited release — just 2,300 pairs — we’re seeing the shoe re-release as a wider nationwide launch, in true Jordan Brand fashion.

This version of the shoe does not feature the individual numbers or the laser etched heel tabs, but it is exactly the same otherwise. Sporting a wonderfully thick cut of leather throughout that feels similar to that of the Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1, and more recent Bred Toe Air Jordan 1, this shoe should make those lucky enough to grab a pair happy.

Craftsmanship plays a large role in this model because it appears more handcrafted than the previous Air Jordan 1 releases due to the seam running down the middle of the shoe. This is where some may end up finding room for error as the execution isn’t flawless, but people aren’t perfect.

Enjoy our detailed look and review of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Homage to Home’. The shoe will be available at on May 19 for $160.


  1. Nice to hear they actually made an effort on the materials (Every release is different and Nike is horribly inconsistent). It would be interesting if Nike did a protro type retro 1 that actually offered some cushion. Might be cool to actually be able to hoop in these. Not worth a dislocated hip though.

    1. they did do that with the alphas before, it’s just that nobody really remembers them and they weren’t cool

      on another note i think these are probably the worst aj1s of all time, seriously

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