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Way of Wade 11: The Best Way of Wade Basketball Shoe to Date

Way of Wade 11

Way of Wade’s new flagship model, the Way of Wade 11, is packed with performance features and boasts an odd, innovative design.

Release Date: 2024

Price: $225

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Way of Wade continues their hot streak with the Way of Wade 11. Last year’s flagship model, the Way of Wade 10, was one of the best basketball shoes overall last year and the Way of Wade 11 feels like an improvement on that model.

One issue Way of Wade shoes have had in recent years has been their materials. Not so much their on court performance but the brand has been using textile builds almost exclusively, but this is not the case with the Way of Wade 11. So, let’s jump into the review and see why this just might be the best Way of Wade shoe to date.

Way of Wade 11 Review

Way of Wade 11 Tech Specs

Way of Wade 11 Traction

The traction on the Way of Wade 11 doesn’t appear particularly aggressive or grippy at first glance. The shoe lacks any type of traditional patterns like herringbone or radial traction. Instead, it features a unique design inspired by Dwyane Wade’s story, reminiscent of the storytelling seen on the Air Jordan 20.

As for the rubber of the outsole, the shoe features Way of Wade’s Ground Control Unit (GCU) rubber, which is specifically formulated to be durable and tacky. Way of Wade specifically claims that it will work well on dusty surfaces, which would make it a great option for indoor play.

This set-up feels like it should perform exceptionally well and provide reliable grip on various court surfaces. The rubber compound is very well formulated and should compensate for the less aggressive traction pattern, ensuring a safe and reactive ride on court.

Way of Wade 11 Cushion

Cushioning is a standout feature of the Way of Wade 11. The shoe incorporates a full-length EVA midsole that acts as a carrier for the main cushioning system. Inside this EVA carrier lies a full-length Boom midsole. Boom is Way of Wade’s best cushioning system and it offers a excellent blend of elasticity and impact protection underfoot. This setup offers exceptional stability and bounciness, making the shoe feel supportive and comfortable underfoot.

While the Boom midsole in the Way of Wade 11 is slightly thinner than in the Way of Wade 10, it still delivers a significant amount of of compression. The midsole is further enhanced by a strategically placed carbon fiber plate, offering torsional rigidity and a responsive snapback feel that adds to the shoe’s overall propulsion. It’s very similar to what we see in high end plated running shoes.

Way of Wade 11 Materials

Here we see a major change, and upgrade in our opinion, in relation to most Way of Wade shoes we have seen in recent years. The materials used in the Way of Wade 11 are a blend of textiles and leathers, providing a balance between durability and comfort. The upper features a thin, yet high-quality, leather that adds a touch of luxury without significantly compromising breathability or mobility.

This material choice boosts the in hand feeling of quality and offers a snug 1 to 1 fit once broken in. The design also includes heat-molded elements reminiscent of Nike’s older Vac-Tech process, giving the shoe a modern yet classic aesthetic. This combination of materials is exactly what we like to see here at WearTesters and not only does it enhance the shoe’s durability but also contributes to its stylish and sleek appearance.

Way of Wade 11 Support

Support in the Way of Wade 11 is excellent, mainly thanks to the full foot frame carrier made of EVA. Not only does it add stability to the Boom midsole, it fully encases your foot, adding tons of containment. Along with the wide base of the shoe, the Way of Wade 11 provides exceptional lateral stability, crucial for preventing ankle rolls.

The midsole is also equipped with an improved full length carbon fiber shank plate. The carbon fiber plate adds to the stability by improving the torsional rigidity. This combo shank/spring plate is thicker in the midfoot and thinner towards the forefoot and heel for added mobility and promoting natural foot movements without sacrificing support. Additionally, the internal lacing system ensures a secure fit, keeping the foot locked in place during play.

Way of Wade 11 Fit

The Way of Wade 11 fits true to size, providing a secure and comfortable fit right out of the box. The internal lacing system and padded collar work together to ensure the shoe wraps snugly around the foot. The leather upper, although slightly stiff initially, molds well to the foot over time, enhancing the overall fit.

For those with wider feet, going up half a size might be advisable to achieve a comfortable fit. However, trying these on in store, at least in the US, will be an issue .

Way of Wade 11 Overall

Overall, the Way of Wade 11 is another impressive flagship model from Way of Wade and an improvement on an already great model in the Way of Wade 10. With the Way of Wade 11 you’ll be getting reliable grip with a unique, story-driven outsole design that promises to excel indoors. You’ll also get exceptional responsiveness and stability from the full-length Boom midsole and EVA foot frame carrier and a much improved material setup.

Stability and lockdown should also be great and that “customized” carbon fiber shank plate will be elite. This is the best looking and feeling Way of Wade model to date. Being the best Way of Wade basketball shoe is no easy task given WoW’s current lineup, but the Way of Wade 11 achieves this goal.

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