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Nike Zoom Soldier 7 (VII) Game Royal/ Blue Glow

Here is another look at the upcoming Nike Zoom Solider 7. I will admit… I like the way this pair looks. However, I think I’m being fooled by the cool colorway. No matter what they look like… I still want to test them out on-court.















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9 Comments on Nike Zoom Soldier 7 (VII) Game Royal/ Blue Glow

  1. Stephane attara // January 29, 2013 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    Hey nightwing whats ur name on nike plus basketball…. I want to add u

  2. This shoe looks intriguing. Definitely a good colorway and hopefully a good performer.

  3. This could work! Looks like the Soldier 4’s and I loved those but looks like this won’t be as ventilated as the Soldier 6’s but I’m going to love that fit and hopefully they have a inner shank plate!

  4. Looks like the Kobe VII and the Soldier VI had sex. At least their love child looks better and might be lighter. BBall shoes with straps are better. (Performance wise…not look wise). I’d like to see these in black with a splash of color. Traction looks interesting as well.

  5. Those are clean, I just hope they aren’t made super narrow.

  6. I like the final product than the ugly prototypes. these could work. strap looks better than the 6. looks to have a sleeve booty on which is nice. traction is still a mystery although I’m optimistic.

  7. I’m pretty sure that the lateral traction (straight lines portion of the traction)will be a problem of this shoe. It must be vertical not horizontal in order to cover lateral movements. I’m expecting a lot of slipping on this one.

  8. the 6’s look better but all i care about is how they play

  9. I like the ways these look, however, they look like they will have less ventilation than the 6’s as it seems the upper is made of synthetics like the KD V’s. Is the cushioning setup the same as the Soldier 6’s?

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