Performance Deals: adidas is Offering 30% Off Sitewide

adidas is offering 30% off sitewide with coupon code DEALMOON. Plus, this discount code can be used with items already on sale! This code will also work for customs you create on miadidas…

To head on over to adidas and pickup something at a nice discount, click here.



      1. It’s saying it can’t be used again so I guess it associates with the account. Just a heads up. Im not sure what would happen if I set up a new account but it’s probably easier to put everything you want in the cart at the same time. It’s all good. I’ll save some for Brand Black.

          1. I tried to go back and buy something else using the code and got “Promo code “DEALMOON” has already been used.”
            So I logged out of my Adidas account and added it to the cart and then added the promo code without being logged in. It showed the discount but then when I went to checkout, it removed it again and said that it has already been used. I’m guessing it means that it associates my account to already using that code so it won’t let me do it again.

  1. The DEALMOON code has expired as of 11/11/2016. (I tried it ~5pm ET with no luck.) The good news for those looking to double up on some pairs is that a new promo thru Nov 20 is available. Use BMSMNOV to get diff $ amount off depending on $ purchased. The best percent is $100 off $300. It looks like it will work for the Mi Crazylight. So, you can get 2 pair for $200!

  2. Thanks Mr. Goldowitz for posting. I copped the CE black flyknits yesterday morning. Excited to try them out!

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