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Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Performance Review

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature

One of the main reasons I wanted to start reviewing golf shoes was to help identify quality products for people regardless of the amount of money they are looking to spend. There’s a reason why people look at reviews before buying a product, they want to make sure that they’re getting the best value for their hard-earned money. It’s the main reason that I would check in with WearTesters before I made any purchases over the past couple of years!

Why am I saying this today? Because I think pound for pound, or dollar for dollar, the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature is one of the best golf shoes on the market as of this writing. This shoe has an MSRP of $110 but you can routinely get one of the colorways on sale, which only adds to the value.

I think one of the best ways to frame this shoe is to compare it to another Nike offering, the Nike Air Max 1 OG G, which I recently reviewed.  

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature

Price: $110

Sizing: True to size, even for wide footers

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  • Rundown: The Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature is an under-the-radar stylish, wallet-friendly, and high-performing spikeless golf shoe.


While it’s hard to compare anything to something as iconic as an Air Max, the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature is no slouch in the style department. While these follow the pattern of most spikeless shoes and borrow a lot from running shoes, the simplicity of the design offers a really clean look. I loved the pop of neon in the colorway that I tested but there are a couple of other really cool options being offered!

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Outsole


According to the description on the website, the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature offers “data-driven rubber traction” which doesn’t offer a lot of information, but the traction here is surprisingly efficient. During my testing on the range and the golf course I didn’t have one noticeable slip, which is more than what I could say about the Air Max. One thing I should mention is that the rubber being used is softer (more on that later) than what you would find on something like the Curry Spikeless and for that reason, I would have some concerns about the long-term durability of the tread pattern.

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Cushion


While the softer rubber on the outsole might cause some durability issues with the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature it certainly contributes to a smooth ride while wearing them. The nameless Nike cushion is soft and responsive and has been perfect for long practice sessions on the driving range. While this shoe probably isn’t Tour certified, I think this might be the perfect shoe for someone who plays in a league after they get off of work. These are easy to get on, feel great, and have only gotten more comfortable as I have worn them more.

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Lacing


When I took the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature out of the box for the first time I could already feel my ankle twist. But as with many aspects of life, looks can be deceiving! The lockdown of this shoe is impressive and the lightweight, breathable upper offers a great mix of flexibility without sacrificing stability.

Sustainability (Bonus Category!)

One of Nike’s main initiatives is a commitment to sustainability and that’s a big part of the story with the Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature. This shoe was created with a minimum of 20% recycled materials and is a step in Nike’s “Move to Zero” journey where they are working towards zero carbon and zero waste in all their manufacturing methods.

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Upper

Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Summary

The Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature is an example of why I wanted to review golf shoes and why I love what WearTesters does. If not for WearTesters and this incredible opportunity I probably would have never even tried these on and that would have been a true shame. The comfort and performance more than justify the $110 sticker price but when you factor in that these are routinely on sale for $65-$80, I don’t think you’ll find anything on the market that performs as good or better at that price.

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