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Nike GT Cut 3: Zoom X In A Basketball Shoe

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Nike GT Cut 3

The Nike Cut 3 is the first basketball shoe to feature Nike’s Zoom X foam and has the potential to be a very solid basketball shoe.

Release Date: 2023

Price: $190

Total Score

The Nike’s GT Cut line has been very consistent, and very good all things considered. The Nike GT Cut 1 was a banger and a favorite among NBA players, the GT Cut 2 was more polarizing but still had some interesting performance features.

The Nike GT Cut 3 looks like it might be the best Cut model to date. It’s the first Nike Basketball shoe to feature Zoom X, one of Nike’s most popular running cushioning systems. That’s enticing, but there isn’t much else. These bad boys are also $190, which is steep. But they might just be worth the price.

In this review we will be featuring a full tech breakdown and the performance review of Weartester’s own Stanley Tse.

Nike GT Cut 3 Review

Nike GT Cut 3 Tech Specs

Nike GT Cut 3 Traction

Nike GT Cut 3 Traction

Traction on the GT Cut 3 will almost certainly perform very well indoors. There are two sections to the GT Cut 3’s traction (in this colorway one red and one white) but both are built with translucent rubber and feature an aggressive herringbone traction pattern. The rubber Nike has used on this model is super tacky which bites the court very well, but does tend to pick up dust on not-so-clean playing surfaces.

The good news is that there is plenty of space between the different lines of the traction pattern so debris does not cake up too much as you play, but you will have to wipe from time to time.

As far as outdoor use goes, the GT Cut 3 should stay on the hardwood. The rubber is on the softer side, and the traction pattern is not deeply set so it will grind down quickly on abrasive surfaces.

Stanley: The GT Series is what we Hoopers have been psyched about ever since its fruition.

The GT Cut 1, in particular, was literally the best of the best a few years back, to the point where you couldn’t even get the shoe because it was THAT GOOD. With all the hype that came with the CUT 1, the Cut 2 came out and was an extreme disappointment. The performance itself as well as the overall lockdown of the shoe was an afterthought. 

Now we have the brand new latest and greatest – G.T. Cut 3. A complete overhaul after its tumultuous disappointment of the 2. With a brand new cushion implementation of Zoomx and a brand new overall build, Let’s see if the hype and the price tag go along with its performance.

Multi-directional herringbone. Tried and true and it’s the obvious choice and way to go. Can’t say much about it other than this thing BITES. Of course, you’ll need the occasional wiping on dusty floors but it’s solid. I would steer away from outdoors because you’ll burn through the rubber quickly on the blacktop.

Nike GT Cut 3 Cushion

Nike GT Cut 3 cushioning

The cushioning system of the GT Cut 3 is the most interesting aspect of the shoe. How does Zoom X perform in a basketball shoe? Pretty darn well. For lack of a better term, it is just a “fun” cushioning system. It’s bouncy and squishy and it just makes you want to go out and play basketball as soon as you lace up the shoe. The dense phylon housing helps keep the Zoom X foam stable and reactive.

Now, the one thing to take into account is that the heel of the shoe is on the narrower side. This, combined with the the superb compression of the Zoom X can create some instability, but you have to seek it out. Basketball is played mostly on the balls of your feet and the back half of your feet don’t get in the mix much. It isn’t an issue at all, but it is something you should keep in mind.

All in all, yes, Zoom X works well in a basketball shoe, and it is one of the springier and more agile feeling cushioning systems out there.

Stanley: First-time iteration of ZoomX Foam inside a basketball shoe and Oh boy did I…not feel much. That’s because it’s encased in a Cushlon carrier. Below the ZoomX in the forefoot to the middle is the TPU plate designed with minimal weight but also maximum propulsion. The forefoot plate hole cutouts are there to allow the ZoomX to expand and return the energy.

It may have been a missed mark but if they “strategically” implemented very minimal line cutouts around the outsole and TPU holes, you’d feel more of the cushion. The feeling is quite firm but steady – only for the fact that ZoomX can be a little bit much based upon experience with ZoomX in running shoes. The shoe is responsive but not super bouncy. I didn’t feel any leg/ knee pain after playing so that’s a plus, but I do miss that full-length zoom feeling.

Again, this is the first iteration so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but I expect Swoosh to be in the LAB ASAP to figure out a way for ZoomX to work a little better without bottoming out after a certain amount of miles – mainly about its running shoe counterparts. Overall nice setup, but needs work.

Nike GT Cut 3 Materials

Nike GT Cut 3 Materials

Materials on the Nike GT Cut 3 are nothing special. The shoe is built with a combination of textiles, heat-welded materials, and synthetics. Par for the course when it comes to modern basketball shoes. They are light, well-ventilated, and should offer enough containment, but none of them are premium in any way. Especially considering the GT Cut 3 retails for $190, the material selection feels a bit disappointing.

The toe and the tongue area are constructed with a synthetic Nubuck, which does add a dash of faux premium feel, but that’s about it. Another odd choice is the rubber of the shank plate.

The GT Cut 3 features a bottom-loaded shank plate, but the rubber Nike chose to use is very soft, and should offer little in terms of torsional rigidity. It doesn’t seem like it will be an issue in terms of performance, but if you are looking for elite torsional support, this may not be the shoe for you.

Stanley: The materials are comprised of different aspects which include strategic flywire lockdown cables as well as a large lateral TPU caging wrap for heavy lateral movement. You also have a lightweight microsuede toe plus tonal top for reduced weight as well as a perforated heel counter for additional support. Last but not least the minimal use of outsole rubber as well as TPu plating, ZoomX cushion encased in a Cushlon carrier comprise of the whole shoe.

Nike GT Cut 3 Support

Nike GT Cut 3 Support

All the individual support features on the Nike GT Cut 3 are rather basic, but they all work together to offer a secure and speedy experience on court. We have a wide and stable base, the Zoom X is properly caged to keep it stable and reactive, the shank plate is on the softer side but it does expand into the forefoot of the shoe, we have multiple lace cables in the forefoot of the shoe for enhanced lockdown, and the fit and build also aid in this aspect.

None of these details is anything elite or groundbreaking, but this setup will work well for the vast majority of hoopers out there. They will feel especially great if you are looking for an agile, bouncy, and fun shoe to zip around the court with. On the other hand, if you need a beefy basketball shoe designed for a more powerful and forceful style of play, this is probably not the shoe for you.

Stanley: Support comes directly from the correct fit and sizing of your shoe, as well as the support pieces such as the embroidery cables combined with a TPU wrap. The ZoomX + Cushlon carrier combo provides ample support without giving too much bounce and instability which balances each other out well with thehp of the TPU plate encased beneath the carrier and foam.

Lastly, the multi-directional aggressive herringbone really gives you the stop-and-go you need with ease. The one caveat I have is the lockdown after play is that I do find myself re-lacing more frequently because of the constant play, it doesn’t seem like my foot is allowing the ZoomX to recover from the constant compression therefore my foot sinks in just a tad which makes my foot feel a little loose. But nothing a re-lacing can’t help, but it’s more of an annoyance. Something to look out for for sure.

Nike GT Cut 3 Fit

Nike GT Cut 3 Fit

The Nike GT Cut 3 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use with Nike. It’s a slightly narrow shoe, and it does fit snugly (not super snug), so if you anticipate this being an issue for you, the best thing would be to go into a store and try these on. But, if you are ordering online, your safest bet is going true to size.

Stanley: I went with the model I purchased overseas and they are a generally an EP model (or in this case somewhat wide-foot friendly). I went with my natural size and it does fit True to size. If you wanted a more snug fit, then you can potentially go 1/2 size down, but it is recommended to try it on in-store – especially for those that require additional 3rd party support such as an ankle brace to get your proper sizing and fit.

Nike GT Cut 3 Overall

Nike GT Cut 3 overall

The Nike GT Cut 3 is a fun shoe. It’s bouncy, it’s agile, and it’s just one of those models that, as soon as you lace it up, makes you want to sprint up and down the court. The Zoom X does not disappoint, and Nike has done a very good job of implementing it into a basketball shoe. It’s soft and squishy, but by no means feels unstable or slow on court.

Materials could have been of higher quality, especially considering the price tag, and it’s somewhat of a niche performance model but all in all the GT Cut 3 is a very solid basketball shoe, and it might just be the best GT Cut model to date.

Stanley: After my G.T Cut 2 fiasco, I’m glad Swoosh went to the drawing board and came up with something GREATER. Will it top the CUT 1? At this point, I don’t think so because that shoe has legendary status written all over it. But the G.T. Cut 3 does breathe a sign of fresh air into the Nike Basketball line. Does the shoe complement its given price? If it was $30 less then yes, as $190 is a little steep.

While it has a lot of bells and whistles, those things need to work more in unison like the G.T Cut 1 did. Did the Cut 3 miss the mark? I wouldn’t necessarily say so. Nike has something to build on here especially trying ZoomX in a basketball shoe for the first time, but what they’ve done so far provides a pivotal point of super excitement for the next iteration of the CUT line.

Will Swoosh be able to match the hype and performance to follow suit and make everything flow? We shall see… In the meantime, Nike…Just Do it.

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